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Probiotic Company Plans to Attend Major Expo

Milford, PA. – A staggering one out of four people in the U.S. do not properly digest lactose, the natural sugar found in milk and milk products. This digestive issue causes gas, bloating, abdominal cramps and diarrhea after consuming lactose.

One solution lies in probiotics. A probiotic is a natural living bacteria that provides a health benefit when consumed. The newest product from Manzo Pharmaceuticals LLC, Lacto-Freedom Probiotic, is designed to help people digest lactose more efficiently. The patented formula is designed to be a long-lasting solution that provides relief for up to 30 days after a seven day regimen of Lacto-Freedom.

Lacto-Freedom entered the research and development stage in 2004 and finally became a product on the market in 2016. Recently some improvements were made to its formula – increasing the strength of the probiotic as well as encapsulating it in a more desirable vegetable-based capsule. Additionally, the label and logo were updated to express this fresh and updated changes in the formula.

Already doing well on Amazon with a majority of five-star reviews, owner Kenny Manzo is taking his product to an upcoming major natural products expo in Baltimore, Md., the Natural Products Expo East, where he, along with other natural product producers, will showcase his unique patented probiotic.

“The goal of the event is to showcase new products that promote health through natural products. The expo is entering its 34th year, and we are really excited to be a part of this event. It is a strong hope we will be able to reach out to standard brick and mortar businesses for new customers looking to resolve their issues with lactose,” said Manzo.

For more information about Lacto-Freedom and Manzo Pharmaceutical, visit

Media Contact:
Ken Manzo, President
Manzo Pharmaceuticals

Black Show Hair Talks About Her Brand

Black Show Hair, a China based hair manufacture factory has given some information regarding her brand. The company’s Hair factory is located at Xuchang, China. They claim to be one of the leading virgin human hair suppliers, and they offer the best mink Brazilian hair products in the market.

Black Show Hair focuses on America virgin hair market. In the Past 11 years, their marketing team traveled to US many times to service their clients. They have also worked with many small businesses to do hair business together.

“If you are looking for a reliable hair vendor, no matter you are a hair stylist, hair store owner or you are doing virgin hair online business, Black Show Hair will be available for you”, the company said.

Black Show hair promises to offer the best weave hair; also, they would offer the drop shipping hair services, customized labels and bags, customer photo to match your hair business.

The company also gave the following reasons as why black show hair is the best:

  • their hair factory over 11 years old and they love the hair technology
  • china hair factory sales directly
  • black show hair guarantee that only offers cuticles aligned hair products.
  • fast shipping services: take 2-4 days to USA. Order process time: less than 12 hours
  • 10 days return or exchange policy
  • customer services team: your inquires will be replied within 12 hours’

Black Show Hair is a professional drop shipping Hair Company. The company, in the past few years have serviced many small businesses, which include hair salon, hair store, College Student. Black Show Hair would also love to guarantee to ship the hair bundles directly to their client and without Black Show Hair Information.

Drop shipping, the company says, is a retail fulfillment method where a hair store or (hair stylist) doesn’t keep the hair products it sells in stock. Instead, when a store sells a hair product, it purchases the hair products from a third party and has it shipped directly to the client. As a result, the merchant never sees or handles the hair products.

The different between drop shipping and standard retail model is that the merchant doesn’t stock or own inventory. Instead, the merchant purchases inventory as needed from a third party – usually a wholesaler or manufacturer – to fulfill orders. Black show hair is a hair factor based in China which deals on Virgin hair wholesales.

Black Show Hair is a China based hair manufacture factory. The company is one of leading virgin human hair suppliers, and they claim to offer the best mink Brazilian hair products in the market today. Their hair factory is located at Xuchang, China.

Company Name: Black Show Hair
Tel/WhatsApp: +8619937025593
Address: Unit 1, Building 5,Hongjingyuan,
Dongchengqu, Xuchang,
China 461000

Self-Employment Tax – How to File in 2019, 2020

Traverse City, MI – There are so many benefits to being self-employed – making money on your own terms, being your own boss and living the life that you dream of. But when it comes to filing your taxes, there is just one little disadvantage to being self-employed and that is if you are already used to filing the regular W-2 forms, there won’t be a need for it any longer. You will need to file self-employment tax forms. So what is the self-employment tax and what are the rates for 2019. A tax information blog, National Tax report has just published a new guide to help self-employed people easily figure out what the self-employed tax is, what the rates are for the tax year 2019, as well as the deductions that can be taken from the self-employment tax.

For the tax year 2019, the self-employment tax rate is set at 15.3% on the first $132,900 of net income. And should the net income exceed $132,900, there will be a charge of 2.9% on the excess. The self-employed tax rate is broken into two parts: Social Security tax and Medicare. Social security takes a majority part of the self-employed tax and is set at 12.4% while Medicare balances it up at 2.9%.

Self-employed taxpayers are expected to pay both the employee and employer parts of these taxes. But they will be able to claim back half of their self-employment tax contributions. One other deduction self-employed taxpayers will find useful is the Self-employed insurance. This offers full deductions on the cost of premiums on medical, dental, and long-term care insurance and can cover the taxpayer’s spouse, dependents including adult children up to the age of 27. Other deductions available to self-employed taxpayers are home office, phone bills, Internet bills, business mileage, and meals.

To file the self-employment tax, taxpayers will need to use the Schedule SE, which is a part of Form 1040. To help determine how much you need to pay in self-employment taxes and how much you’ll be able to claim in credits and deductions, it is best advised to use a self-employed tax calculator from TurboTax. This will ensure you get the most of your tax credit and deductions.

For more information, please read the full post from National Tax Report here,

About Frank Ellis
Frank Ellis is a Traverse City Tax Preparation Planner and published author. He has written tax and finance related articles for eight years and has published over 900 articles on leading financial websites.

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All about the Six Schedules of the New Form 1040 for 2019, 2020

Traverse City MI – In a bid to simplify the tax filing process for many Americans who have quite a very simple tax affair, the Internal Revenue Service introduced a new and smaller Form 1040. This change saw many of the lines of the previous form moved to six new schedules. What are these new schedules and who are they for? Tax blog, American Tax Service provides answers to all these questions in its latest post.

The first schedule, the Additional Taxes and Adjustments to Income is used to report certain types of additional income or adjustments. This could include, capital gains, wins from gambling, unemployment compensations, etc. Student loan deductions must also be entered into this schedule.

The second schedule is seldom used as it pertains to only a few sets of people who pay the alternative minimum tax (AMT).

Schedule 3 is for Nonrefundable Credits and it applies to all nonrefundable credits apart from the child tax credit, or any other dependency-based tax credits.

Other federal taxes like the self-employment tax, household employment taxes and any additional taxes on your retirement plans can be reported using Schedule 4.

Should you decide to claim certain refundable credits or report any withheld payments, then Schedule 5 will come in handy.

The sixth and last schedule is used only if you have a foreign address. It is mostly used by Americans living and working abroad. This schedule allows a third-party file taxes on your behalf.

The American Tax Service sums up its post by recommending that taxpayers file their taxes online with the H&R Block. The H&R Block is up to date with the latest IRS tax forms and schedules and it helps taxpayers find their w2 form and file their taxes online.

To find out more about the IRS 1040 Form and the six new schedules plus how to get a 35% discount for filing your taxes online with the H&R Block, please visit,

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Frank Ellis is a Traverse City Tax Preparation Planner and published author. He has written tax and finance related articles for eight years and has published over 900 articles on leading financial websites.

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Moose Canoe Hire – New Canoes to Rent on the River Thames

Moose Canoe Hire launches this month renting Canadian Canoes on the River Thames.

Moose Canoe Hire has a riverside base at Bisham Abbey, Marlow as well as offering clients the option of a canoe drop at various locations along the Thames.

The Bisham Abbey site benefits from free onsite parking for their customers in a tranquil and iconic setting at the 13th Century Abbey grounds.

“This environmentally friendly way to have an adventure on the water, is a perfect complement to my Stand Up Paddle Board rental business,” says owner Guy Fisher.

Moose Canoe Hire has a selection of American made Mackinaw 156 boats which hold up to three adults and some camping kit or a picnic. The boats are known for their stability and comfort with moulded seats and built in buoyancy chambers.

Children over the age of five are welcome when accompanied by adults.

The canoes can carry up to three adults and two adults and two children.

Contact 01491 520002 for more information or book online. Day rates from £60 per canoe.

About us:
Moose Canoe Hire is a brand of Ody Boat Hire – renting quality human powered boats on the River Thames at Marlow and all along the river.

Company: Moose Canoe Hire
Contact: Vanessa fisher
Contact No.: 01491 520002
Email Address:

How Capital Gains Can Affect Your Tax Bracket (2019, 2020)

Traverse City, MI – Capital gain tax is paid on the profit made from selling your own assets. This tax levy is only due after a sale is made or completed. That is, if the value of your asset most likely a property increases, you are not required to pay the capital gain tax but as soon as you sell your asset then you will need to report it in your tax return.

Depending on a number of factors such as your income, other profit gains, and the number of deductions and credits that are available to you, the capital gain tax can affect your tax bracket. Efile Tax Advisor, a tax advisory blog explains in a recent post how capital gains can affect your tax brackets and clears any confusion taxpayers might have about the capital gain tax.

According to the tax blog, taxpayers who are not in the higher income brackets should not expect their capital gains from home sale to push them into a higher tax bracket if they are selling their house below the threshold of $250,000 for single filers or $500,000 for couples. Also, as long as the profit margin is not above the limit, taxpayers really do not need to file with the government.

The blog also offers scenarios where a taxpayer can avoid paying the capital gains tax or reduce it to the barest minimum. Taxpayers can pay little or nothing at all if their property increases in value every year since it was purchased or if their property has not been sold or exchanged in the last 5 years. This implies that there are higher tax rates for short-term capital gains as compared to long-term capital gains. Homeowners who reinvest their capital gains will get no deductions or credit but the gains can be used to fund other income avenues that are taxed at a rate much lower than most personal incomes.

For more information about the capital gain tax, please visit

About Frank Ellis
Frank Ellis is a Traverse City Tax Preparation Planner and published author. He has written tax and finance related articles for eight years and has published over 900 articles on leading financial websites.

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How Possible is it to Claim the Deduct Mortgage Interest?

Traverse City, MI – In a new post, the American Tax Service, a tax blog dedicated to educating Americans about the US tax system has revealed all there is to know about the mortgage interest tax breaks. Recent changes to the US tax system by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) has left so many Americans puzzled as to what they are entitled to or which credits and deductions are still available for them.

One popular deduction which is still very much available to taxpayers is the mortgage interest tax deduction. The post sheds light into this once popular mortgage tax deduction, what has changed about it, and if it is still worth claiming.

Starting from 2018, the TCJA has reduced the principal limit in which interest can be deducted from $1,000,000 to $750,000. For married taxpayers who are filing a separate return, the limit has been scaled down from $500,000 to $375,000. These new changes are to last till the 2025 tax year but the limits do not apply to loans from 2017 or before.

The tax blog did put to rest the belief by most Americans that they will not be able to deduct any home equity loan interest with the new tax reforms. As long as the loan is used to improve the home and not used for other personal expenses, taxpayers will be able to deduct the interest. The mortgage deductions will only apply to a taxpayer’s primary residence or second home and will not apply to an investment property. Furthermore, the loan value and the interest deducted can’t be worth more than the initial cost of the home.

Mortgage interest deduction still remains an itemized deduction. So in order to claim it, taxpayers will need to make sure that their standard deduction isn’t worth more than their itemized deductions. But with the TCJA doubling the standard deduction, it is no longer a tough choice to make. This leaves only 30% of American taxpayers itemizing their deductions. And this is expected to drop even further to 5% in the coming years.

To read the original post, please visit

About Frank Ellis
Frank Ellis is a Traverse City Tax Preparation Planner and published author. He has written tax and finance related articles for eight years and has published over 900 articles on leading financial websites.

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LeoList Announces A Change In Ownership

The Largest Classified Site In Canada Plans It’s Expansion

Vancouver, CA: Things are changing at LeoList – the largest adult classified site in Canada. The company has been sold, and a new leadership team assembled. With this change, LeoList will continue to build out their service, improve the experience for all of LeoList’s users and members, and strive to be the #1 classified site across Canada.

Following a series of difficulties with their payment processor, LeoList announced a change of ownership on a blog post and a series of community-focused initiatives.

According to LeoList’s announcement, the new initiatives will take many forms, including —

  • A new blog to improve communication between the executive team and LeoList’s users
  • Substantial quarterly donations to organizations
  • A further-refined and improved customer service process
  • A Community Board comprised of advertisers
  • A relaunch and rebrand of LeoList
  • New features, including an LeoGallery, improved private chat and ad statistics
  • Focus on third-party service providers that recognize the importance of privacy in today’s world
  • Providers such as ProtonMail
  • New partnerships with payment providers

Since the announcement was made, LeoList has re-established its credit card processor and enabled cryptocurrency and Flexepin payments on its platform.

You can read more about LeoList on their website, keep up with the LeoList chatter on Twitter, or read a blog post, which further explains the service here.

About LeoList
LeoList is a classified advertisement service where advertisers across Canada promote their local businesses. According to, LeoList is one of the top 200 largest websites in Canada.

Media Contact
+1 (888) 255 5651

EastShore Mining Devices Revolutionizing Cryptocurrency Mining

As a leader in providing the best Bitcoin mining devices, EastShore is making mining accessible to everyone

EastShore Mining Devices is a longstanding provider of reasonably priced cryptocurrency miners. Over the years, their reputation has grown along with the selection of top-tier mining brands on offer such as Bitmain’s AntMiner, Pangolin WhatsMiner, and the Fusion Silicon range.

While EastShore has many goals as a company, none ranks higher or is more important than their mission to provide easy access to quality mining devices for the most amount of people. Bitcoin mining opened the door to a form of wealth accumulation and redistribution. After Bitcoin, the birth of Ethereum paved the way for what is now a stacked cryptocurrency field filled with thousands of projects.

As such, the opportunities for cryptocurrency mining are seemingly limitless, with the only barrier to entry being the purchase and operation of a high-quality mining rig. That is where EastShore Mining Devices comes in and makes a game-changing difference. By providing the best mining devices in production at affordable prices, Eastshore is doing their part in making crypto’s financial benefits accessible to all.

Another massive benefit to keeping EastShore Mining Devices in your bookmarks is that often, devices like the Bitmain Antminer T17 are sold out everywhere except on EastShore. That’s because the team monitors and regulates inventory levels well in advance to ensure that stock levels remain optimum and that Eastshore customers always have a way to get the mining rig of their choice.

EastShore doesn’t only provide the best Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrency miners available today – they also offer an education. The dedicated team at EastShore has put in rigorous labor to create a fundamental collection of mining tutorials and educational materials. Owing to that hard work, you’ll be able to get yourself up to speed crypto mining from A to Z. After reading through EastShore’s range of tutorials, you’ll not only know what Bitcoin mining is, but you’ll also understand how to install the crypto miner you’ve purchased as well.

Additionally, EastShore Mining Devices boasts an excellent support staff that is always on hand to answer your questions and respond to your needs. Regardless of whether email or WhatsApp suits you best, EastShore provides you with an open communication line so that you can get your miner and start turning over the block rewards.

EastShore knows that it can be hard to discern who provides the best and most legitimate bitcoin miners out there – and that’s why the team has gone to great lengths to provide amazing service at every turn. That dedication has paid dividends as first-time customers become return customers who leave reviews online. Reddit, Bitcointalk, Litecointalk, Steemit, and the community forums are filled with happy clients who have left testaments to their great experiences with EastShore Mining Devices.

Check out EastShore’s full range of premium cryptocurrency mining devices at To stay up to date with their latest offerings, follow EastShore on Facebook, Twitter, or by email at

About EastShore Mining Devices

EastShore is an experienced supplier that is dedicated to providing the best possible, latest cryptocurrency-making machines and devices and top-notch customer service. The company’s goal is to ensure that anyone and everyone can mine as many as possible digital currencies without having to break the bank.

Media Contact
EastShore Mining Devices
Contact: Vanessa Chang
Address: 4F. No.501 Yingbin Road, Yuhang District , Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, PRC
Phone: +86 15821390929

SES Mining Co. Rejects Takeover Attempt due to Gross Undervaluation of its Current and Potential Assets.

Junior gold developer SES Mining Co has rejected an unsolicited takeover offer from a consortium comprising of multiple medium and senior miners in the region.

The China-based company – which operates the Yuangguang gold project in South-Western Tibet’s Sichuan region – received a non-binding and incomplete letter of intent from the bidding partners outlining a proposal to acquire 7.9% of SES Mining’s issued share capital.

After discussions with its advisors and following consultation with some of its largest shareholders, SES has rejected the bid on the basis that it undervalues the company and its assets.

The company has advised the consortium it is open to considering an alternative proposal.

In the meantime, SES Mining’s board of directors have committed to introducing a formal process to seek expressions of interest from other potential buyers of the company and its projects, or parties wishing to form a joint venture to develop the Yuangguang project under its current structure.

“The board is focusing on getting the company’s efficiency and extraction rates into an optimum state before running a proper process in the coming months to revisit past failed transactions and to seek other potential suitors.” the company said.

Yuangguang mine exploration update: June 2019

The company said exploration, which kicked off during April 2017 at the wholly-owned project, will focus on extending the mineral resource past the current 101 million ounces of contained gold.

Activities will also aim to generate the next round of laser drilling targets at Yuangguang.

In August 2018, SES secured a 120-room accommodation village and related mining infrastructure for the Yuangguang development for US$1.2 million.

At the time, SES Mining’s founding chairman Wang Jianlin said the continued investor support represented a strong vote of confidence in the company’s strategy to become a substantial new mid-tier gold producer through the successful development of Yuangguang.

SES Mining are based at No. 8, Jianguomenbei Avenue, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China 100005. Call us on +86 10 58 11 18 45 or email us at

Media Contact
SES Mining Co
Mr Wang Jianlin
+86 10 58 11 18 45