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Robb Vices’s CEO Dan Curtis Picks Top Champagne MOD for Lux Box Collection

One thing is certain, all champagne is definitely NOT created equal. One company who understands this perhaps more than anyone is Robb Vices, a monthly box focused on premium luxury items, that found its start from the same team of authorities responsible tor came the acclaimed Robb Report. In exciting news, the latest box edition is focused on a singular, remarkable item, sure to make champagne enthusiasts smile: Mod Sèlection Rèserve Champagne. Newly available from a historic house that traditionally caters to French heads of state, this is a unique opportunity to discover one of the most exclusive champagnes on the market. To say the excitement surrounding the announcement is high would be an understatement.

“We spend our lives in search for the unique and authentic products that bring joy and a feeling of luxury, and a reason to celebrate to the lives of the adventurous,” commented Daniel Curtis CEO of Robb Vices. “ With most of our editions, there will be a collection of items that come together to create a theme. With our most recent release, we found something so spectacular that we made it the singular focus of our monthly box. The first time I tasted Mod Selection Reserve it was nothing short of fireworks on the palette. The stunningly beautiful design of the bottle makes it a gift that is fit for royalty (like our members) and the liquid inside delivers the epitome of balance. When we first taste tested this, a hush fell on the table—silently we knew that something momentous had happened. This Champagne is no sideshow… it is the main event. And like a great play or novel… its vivid presence is deeply felt upon the final pour. Long after the last drop you’ll find yourself thinking about how you’ve been changed from the experience… It’s just that damn good.”

Robb Vices delivers an eye-opening discovery experience to the discerning and adventurous. Members choose to receive a curated box of storied treasures on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Just some highlights of the products included range from fine wines, foods, spirits, toys, tools, tech and accessories.

Every box even comes with a special limited-edition magazine that tells the story of the products that are included, and each collection is curated around a theme designed to introduce subscribers to products and experiences that are certain to expand their vision and become new favorite vices.

Robb Vices membership details are quite generous with features like the option to receive a box monthly or every other month; a price range from $99/month for annual prepayment to $159 a month for those who prefer to pay as they go; the Robb Vices team of luxury product experts make sure the Boxes are always a (great) surprise; and in all cases the Box value greatly exceeds the cost of membership (for example the current Mod Selection Champagne box has a suggested retail price of $300).

For those who appreciate the finer things in life, Robb Vices deliver just what they are looking for and much more.

For more information visit or contact for a quick answer to any questions.

About Robb Vices
Born out of the Robb Report Magazine, Robb Vices are hand-curated luxury items delivered directly to your door.

Media Contact
Dan Curtis

Kostyantyn Kulyk. Being a prosecutor in Ukraine pays better when you use your family to hide money

Kostyantyn Kulyk is the former prosecutor of Ukraine’s Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) and currently, the deputy head of the Department of International Legal Cooperation of the Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO). The Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (SATO) of Ukraine has been trying a case against him for illicit enrichment since July 2016. Yet the latest hearing hasn’t shown much progress, as the court rejected the prosecutors’ petition to set bail for the defendant, as well as to set penalty for the defendant’s repeated absence in court for no valid reason; a decision that has no logical explanation.

While the trial is still on, reporter Iryna Salii writes about the interesting story of Kulyk’s apartment for the Sudovyi reporter [Judicial Reporter]

In September of last year, Kulyk filed a lawsuit for the recognition of a mortgage contract on his apartment as suspended.

Legend has it that in September of 2014 some Igor Butanov, known as the founder of the participant companies in the Ukrzaliznitsya (Urkanian Railways) tenders, borrowed 1 million hryvnias from Iryna Nimets, the mother of Kulyk’s children, which Kulyk not only didn’t object to, but he even vouched for Butanov with his own apartment.

The apartment with an area of 249 sq. m. in the elite building in Kiev was gifted to Kulyk by his mother, who incidentally also owns the 153 sq. m. apartment next door. Although Kulyk’s senior citizen mother purchased both of these apartments on September 15th of 2011, she prefers to live in a village in Kharkiv region which is around 500km from Kiev.

However, it happened so that the apartment gifted to Kulyk by his mother was used to vouch for LLC Veltorg 2013, together with two other guarantors – two companies owned by Evhen Zhylin. Thanks to its influential guarantors, the newly formed and little-known company took out a 15 million hryvnias loan from PJSC FinBank. The company was liquidated in summer of 2014 due to loss making.

During that same summer unidentified persons enlisted some Borys Kovalenko (previously convicted or theft and document forging) to impersonate a PJSC FinBank representative with a fake power of attorney and suspend the mortgages at the state registrar’s office. Thus, freeing the property of Kulyk’s mother and Zhylin. Kovalenko was sentenced to 5 years and 1 months of imprisonment with confiscation of property in April of 2017. Other participants of the transaction remained unidentified and in September of 2017 the court withdrew any encumbrance off the Kulyk’s apartment and Zhylin’s properties.

Even though the shell-company Veltorg 2013 owed 18.7 million hryvnias, it did not face any consequences. Neither did the guarantors of the loan – Kulyk’s mother and Zhylin’s companies. The only lawsuit filed by the bank was a civil one, against Kovalenko (which they lost with no reasoning from the court).

Almost 19 million hryvnias disappeared into thin air. The prosecutor Kulyk came out clean. Even more so, a few months after the Kovalenko’s sentencing, Kulyk received the Order of Merit from the President.

Another interesting fact, at the end of 2004, Kulyk’s mothers company Construction Center Ayudar participated in the tender held by Ukrzaliznychpostach for the supply of anthracite coal, which is extracted in the occupied territories. Price of the matter – 100 million hryvnias. Her son was ATO prosecutor of Ukraine at the time.

Kulyk’s father was the military prosecutor in Kharkiv in the ‘90s. Therefore, the origin of the family’s wealth remains unclear.

Yet there is so much we still don’t know. For instance, how did Kulyk’s mother have $700 thousand to lend to some Nadiya Tysovska in May of 2014? The story ended two years later, when the court ruled in favor of Kulyk’s mother and recovered her money with an interest, coming up to the amount of $923 thousand.

Going back to why did Kulyk vouch with his apartment for an unknown man’s loan from the mother of his children. Iryna Nimets can no longer be called Kulyk’s civil wife as in 2016 Iryna proved in court that they have no family relations (although she did give birth to another Kulyk’s child after that). This might have something to do with the fact that Kulyk is being prosecuted for illicit enrichment (which could include Iryna’s property as well).

Butanov borrowed money from Nimets for 3 months until 17 December 2014. I’d be interesting to learn whether he paid off his loan and why is it now that Kulyk initiated the suspension of mortgage agreement?

In any case, it is obvious that Kulyk’s seeking to rehabilitate himself. National Agency on Corruption Prevention, without waiting for the verdict, has already looked at Kulyk’s declaration and concluded that his action did not show signs of illicit enrichment. Somehow, the origin of his mother’s fortune does not seem to be an issue. Kulyk’s ambition of becoming a true anti-corruption prosecutor is obvious, but will his shady past stand in his way? Or will corruption, once again, win?

Unfortunately, weirder things have happened in Ukraine. So for now, lets wait and see how Kulyk’s story will unfold.

Clear Commercial Solutions Releases Innovative Data and Software Products Designed to Accelerate Sales for the Leisure Marine Industry

LONDON, England — Clear Commercial Solutions, a London-based provider of global data sets, software tools, and commercial support to manufacturers, distributors, and commercial lenders across the globe, has announced the launch of a new data service and software package. The firm’s Marine Data Project will provide crucial market data for the leisure marine market to ensure that companies in the industry have the information they need to successfully grow their businesses worldwide.

In an effort true to its mission to support and increase the growth of its commercial partners, Clear Commercial Solutions identified a unique opportunity to make an impact for partners within the marine industry, leading to the creation of the Marine Data Project. Through providing comprehensive market data and combining unique data libraries with the sales data mapping platform eSpatial, Clear Commercial Solutions will allow boat manufacturers with global connections to increase the number of dealerships they have, expand into new territories, and increase sales through their Marine Data Project.

The Marine Data Project pulls information for over 50,000 global boat and marine sales outlets and includes valuable information for marine companies to easily access the location of, contact information for, and product types offered at each dealership. Additional information in the data library includes a comprehensive review of global leisure marine manufacturers, competitor analysis of marine product brands, global credit information, and more, which will help manufacturers make informed decisions about new market opportunities.

“Our goal with the Marine Data Project is to give boat manufacturers and other suppliers in the marine market accessible and usable data they can leverage to simplify their strategies with the goal of increasing overall sales,” said David Hardy, CEO and founder of Clear Commercial Solutions. “Our comprehensive data package, when paired with the powerful mapping capabilities offered by eSpatial, will be a gamechanger for our marine market partners, allowing them to easily see where their sales strategies should be focused.”

To learn more about Clear Commercial Solutions and the Marine Data Project, visit

About Clear Commercial Solutions: Clear Commercial Solutions develops and deploys global data sets, software tools, and commercial support that assists their partners in increasing global market share and boosting sales. Through innovative services and products, Clear Commercial Solutions allows businesses to operate more efficiently and maximize profits through effective sales and marketing strategies. To learn more about Clear Solutions and its suite of data and software products, visit

CONTACT: David Hardy
PHONE: +44 203 105 1318

exodraft with 2 stands and 4 new product introductions at ISH, Frankfurt

exodraft, known primarily as a long-time market leader of mechanical chimney draught systems, comes to the ISH 2019 trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany with a slew of new innovative products. Its two primary focuses this year are the recovery of waste heat in the processing industries and the reduction of particles from wood-burning stoves and fireplaces, with a stand dedicated to each.

At Stand F13 in Hall 9.2, exodraft will, in addition to showcasing the latest developments in mechanical chimney draught, unveil for the first time its new electrostatic precipitator (ESP) with integrated chimney fan. The electrostatic flue gas particle filter can reduce the amount of fine and ultrafine particles from wood-burning stoves and fireplaces by 90-95% as well as reducing the total particle mass by up to 70-75%. With an automatic cleaning function and catalytic-like technology, there is nothing like it currently on the market. The ESP is easily installed on top of the chimney and uses a high-voltage electrode to charge the particles in the flue gas, causing them to collect inside the filter.

Also at stand F13, exodraft will premiere Xzense – a new wireless smart remote for wood-burning stoves and fireplaces. Working in conjunction with an exodraft chimney fan, the remote gives users full control of their fireplace for easy lighting, refueling and heating adjustment, either through the Xzense itself or through a secondary device such as a phone or tablet, using the dedicated Xzense app for iOS and Android.

Finally, the F13 stand will feature exodraft’s new RHGC concentric fan for gas fireplaces. Developed for LAS chimney systems, the fan is able clear flue gasses from the fireplace while simultaneously feeding it fresh combustion air through a concentric chimney flue extending up to 60 metres in length with up to 15 elbows.

At its second stand – Stand C27 in Hall 11.1 – exodraft will focus on industrial heat recovery systems for recovering waste heat in flue gas, steam and process air and reducing energy costs and CO2 emissions – a hot topic in Europe following the recent climate index.

exodraft will present the most compact heat recovery system on the market in addition to intelligent chimney design with damper and bypass valves, differential pressure controls and a brand-new inline fan series with cylindrical form factor. Heat meters are also used to confirm the projected energy savings calculated in advance by exodraft’s OptiCalcHRTM software. When using an exodraft heat recovery system in conjunction with an EACH21 PLC, energy data can be requested at any time via the Internet.

As a turn-key supplier of heat recovery systems, exodraft Systems takes care of the entire process from first visit to final installation, coordinating everything from energy calculations and subsidy applications to chimney construction, heating systems and electrical installations, ensuring a trouble-free commissioning process with a dedicated contact person at your service. At exodraft, service is paramount. Once the heat recovery system is up and running, it will be monitored and optimised remotely in order to ensure optimum performance and to document recovery levels.
Stop by exodraft at ISH 2019 and let them advise you on how to quickly and effectively reduce your energy costs and CO2 emissions.

For more information, please visit

About us:
exodraft is a Danish company that manufactures and develops heat recovery & chimney draught systems for various industries and private users worldwide.

We develop and sell heat recovery systems and mechanical exhaust systems of the highest quality possible.

Our systems recover otherwise wasted energy effectively, thereby helping to protect the environment.

Contact info:
Morten V. Bech
Marketing Manager

exodraft a/s
C.F. Tietgens Boulevard 41
DK-5220 Odense SOE
Tel: +45 7010 2234
Fax: +45 7010 2235

Cole Projects launches with the aim to open up the contemporary art world and put artists first.

New start-up company creates flexible and sustainable business model for unrepresented artists to thrive

March 6, 2019; London, UK – Curator/dealer Cole Projects has officially launched with the aim of opening up the contemporary art world, putting artists first with an innovative new model. The start-up reverses the traditional model of producing exhibitions at galleries to sell an artist’s work. Instead, Cole Projects selects artworks to sell online which in turn funds curated exhibitions. The company creates a more flexible and sustainable business model allowing artists to thrive in the current socio-economic environment. It also allows the best unrepresented artists the potential to reach international audiences.

Cole Projects offer artists a unique platform to sell their works. According to the start-up company, artists receive 80 percent of their artwork sales. Artists typically receive just 50 percent when working with a traditional gallery, but due to Cole Projects’ lack of overheads and itinerant exhibition locations, it is able to pay artists more for their work. In addition, the company’s strict selection process means it upholds a high standard for the artwork sold through its website.

“We have over 10 years of experience in the art industry covering a broad expanse of areas” Camila Cole, founder, said. “We want artists to receive more for their hard work and our 20/80 split – opposed to the traditional 50/50 – is far more supportive of artists than any other online art platform.”

In terms of galleries and exhibitions, the art industry is one area that has traditionally stayed the same while the rest of the world has evolved. Cole Projects plans to advance the artworld giving artists support and advice. The start-up bases its work on a transparent model that gives artists the best possible way to reach new clients. Cole Projects works with artists to set market value prices and those price tags won’t vary from buyer to buyer. Cole’s belief is transparency is key for all sides to thrive.

“Emerging artists don’t always get the best career advice and they have to learn on the go,” Cole explained. “Thanks to our years of experience organising contemporary art exhibitions for commercial galleries and advising private collections, we can give them invaluable advice to develop their careers.”

With successful group exhibitions in off-site spaces and galleries in London and Vienna, Cole Projects supports emerging and mid-career artists through a combination of mentorship and industry experience in the primary market. In 2019, Cole Projects plans to present ambitious new work in a group exhibition in London “We Sing the Body Electric” as well as solo presentations of exciting artists in the UK and Europe, and eventually in LA and New York USA.

About Cole Projects
Cole Projects is an art curator/dealer hybrid that financially supports artists while also providing new exhibition platforms for their work. Often these exhibition platforms are outside of a traditional gallery context. Cole Projects has developed three pillars to success for itself and the artists it works with: artist profits, curatorial projects, and consultancy. Cole Projects employees have over a decade of experience in the art industry. Experience includes organising contemporary art exhibitions for commercial galleries and advising private collections along with academic knowledge gained from having studied History of Art at UCL and Curation at Goldsmiths.

Contact details
Company: Cole Art Projects Ltd
Telephone: +44 (0) 7855 001 697
Image: Nemo Nonnenmacher 59,909,820 bytes, 12992 x 19496 px @ 8bit,, 2016 Giclée print in steel frame 151.2 x 111.2 cmo

Dynamic Experienced Global Brand Builder Faisal Mumtaz Launches Yotaza Offering eSports & Next-Gen Media Solutions

More companies are looking to have a presence in the rapidly growing eSports and Next-Gen Media spaces every day. Yotaza is answering the call with the company’s recent launch under the leadership of global brand builder and eSports authority Faisal Mumtaz.

March 7, 2019 – It’s hard truth but businesses that want to stay on the cutting-edge of growth need to stay on the cutting-edge of both technology and of emerging trends online. Next-Gen Media and eSports certainly qualify in these categories but finding an expert team to help a company develop a presence or strategy in these areas can be quite difficult, to put it mildly. That has all changed with the recent announcement of the experienced global brand builder and deeply respected eSports expert Faisal Mumtaz has launched Yotaza.

Yotaza is aimed at helping brands and companies develop disruptive efforts to help carry them to the next level of success utilizing his knowledge and experience in Next-Gen Media, eSports, and global brand building which he has won praise for in a number of high-profile roles working and managing campaigns for some of the biggest names in business. The excitements surrounding Yotaza and what they can bring to the table is high.

“We were born to adapt, disrupt, and deliver on the latest innovations at a pace that can’t be matched” commented the passionate and driven Mumtaz. “My deep ties and understanding of the eSports world allows Yotaza to help set up win-win solutions for brands, players, and leagues; while the rest of our next-gen media knowledge breaks down doors in other areas as well.”

Mumtaz’s past successes are quite impressive, adding to the positive energy surrounding the announcement of Yotaza’s launch. Some highlights include his previously being the senior manager responsible for leading the global digital transformation at Unilever where he was overseeing the Beauty and Personal Care division valued at over $22 billion; having key roles at both Nestle and Mondelez International where he led their global growth into the European market; and, importantly, repeatedly acting as a bridge builder between brands and eSports, work that has won him the honest respect of the eSports and Gaming communities, something that will be very valuable for Yotaza’s clients in the present and future.

Working under the slogan of “Evolve or Die Trying”, Yotaza is certainly poised to make a positive impact for forward-thinking brands worldwide.

For more information, be sure to visit

Name: Sara Miles
Tel. +44 844 357 9057

Delusion Gaming Releases New App Featuring a Fun and Challenging Word Game

Miami, Florida — Delusion Gaming, an interactive gaming, and entertainment company with a focus on creating fun and challenging games for the mobile sphere, has announced the launch of its new app-based game, Candy Words. The game is available for download from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and the Amazon Apps store for Kindle Fire.

Candy Words is an exciting puzzle game that tests players’ word knowledge and teases the brain by prompting them to match letters horizontally and vertically to make words. There are over 900 levels of puzzles in this colorful and exciting new match game.

The word game is suitable for players 4 years of age and up and provides fun for the entire family. Candy Words provides three levels of difficulty ranging from easy to extremely challenging to customize the gaming experience for players of all levels. Younger players can build literacy and word recognition in a bright and vibrant gaming environment they will find fun and exciting while older players will enjoy the more challenging settings of the match game, which will test their word knowledge.

Currently, Candy Words is available in a single-player format in English, but the app’s developers have plans to upgrade the gaming experience in the near future with multi-player challenge modes and with a variety of language offerings, including Spanish and Portuguese.

“We’re excited about the launch of Candy Words and know that players of all ages will love the bright look, functionality, and fun the game delivers,” Said Andrew Baronick, founder and developer of Candy Words. “We’re especially excited at the possibility the game provides for younger players to be able to able to engage with the game and help them build word recognition and literacy skills. It truly is a game designed to provide fun for the entire family.”

To download the Candy Words puzzle game on iOS, visit the Apple App Store at

To download on Android, visit the Google Play store at

CONTACT: Andrew Baronick
PHONE: 786-350-3137

A revolutionary artist ‘Delicassie’ announced the release of her latest single “Chosen”

Charlotte, NC. (March 4, 2019) – Sherika Watkins also known as “Delicassie” announced her latest independent single “Chosen” bringing about an exclusive soulful song mix of Contemporary Christian/ soul and gospel music releasing on April 1st, 2019. The independent single will be released on major online media platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Google Music, etc. Having started singing at the age of 5, Delicassie fell in love for divine holiness church children’s choir. From her early childhood, Delicassie was passionate about songwriting and has been writing music since the early age of 8 or 9 and followed her Southern Pentecostal background until her early 20s. Through years of practice and dedication towards her, craft Delicassie has delivered a soulful song that would strike the right chords with the listeners.  Delicassie is a multitalented recording artist, Model, Actress, artist and loves to write music in multiple genres such as RnB, Soul, Country, Hip Hop etc., but her goal is to push and release Contemporary Christian and Gospel music in the industry. True to her name, ‘Delicassie’ s’ singing and writing style is sweet, soft and unique filled with an amalgamation of fragile emotions inspired by the sensitive circumstances that she had to overcome in her past.  In her childhood, she has suffered from sexual abuse and to get rid of the built-up negative energies, she started expressing the abuse by writing in her diary which was later destroyed by the abuser. As solidarity to her awful past experiences, Delicassie used the gift of expressing her pain through music and turned all the negative things in life to positive. After being abused for many years, Delicassie found solace in Christ and released her debut single in the year 2012 called ‘Janedoeflow’ that was themed around her experiences of child abuse and sexual abuse. As a kid, Delicassie grew up in the church and got noticed for her sensational singing talent at various church events. For some years, she wandered away from God until the time she sang again for US navy carriers gospel choir to pass her time. Throughout her career, she has collaborated with artist like Chris Tomlin, Kirk Franklin, Tasha Cobbs and Tye Tribbett in creating positive praise and worship music in the name of Almighty. In the year 2017, she was born again Christian and now wants to spread positive messages through her music and write songs about the love of God, joy, grace, praise and positive inspiration. “For many are called, but few are chosen” Matthew 22:14 KJV “All things work together for good, to those who love God and those who are called according to his purpose” Roman 8:28 The song “Chosen” is a delightful mix of upbeat music with catchy lyrics that make people of all ages want to sing along, filling the crowd with high energy with a feel-good vibe that eventually lets people cherish the present and immerse themselves in lots of cheerful experience. For more details about the Album and collaboration or booking information: YouTube: Instagram: Stay up to date with Delicassie’ s work at Media Contact: Sherika “Delicassie” Watkins

Photographer adds work to Limited Edition series

Carmel, Ind. – Local photographer Jim Wyant is one of Indiana’s better photographers and has the pedigree to support this fact with several state, regional and national awards for his nature photography. The pair recently were featured on television following the reopening of the National Park Service. They were out west looking for shots to add to their growing gallery and happened to be stopped by a camera crew.

“It was exciting,” said Jim Wyant of the experience.

The Wyants real goal was to capture the raw beauty and essence of the National Park System. They visited several and took some breathtaking photographs.

One such photograph, entitled Soul Mates, the Wyants felt captured the wildness of the west while simultaneously capturing what it means to have a mate in a single moment. The snapshot is one of Jim’s top award winners, used in merit, loan collection and grand imaging.

The piece is a special finish, metallic paper. The piece is mounted between acrylic and designed for framing or hung directly as is. The sizes will range from 20×20 to 40×40. An AR, augmented reality, tool is available on the website for customers to see how the image would lie on the wall for the best size decision. Pull up the print on a camera phone, and tap the link next to the image. The AR will show the user how the piece will lie on the wall.

The Wyants have made the decision to put Soul Mates into their Limited Edition portion of the gallery. This means only 30 total prints will be made. No further prints will be produced after the 30 are sold. All prints will be numbered.

Another feature available on the website is the ability to magnify Soul Mates, this provides the visitor with a glimpse into the fine details of the print, including the eyes and individual snow flakes.

“This is certainly one of my most cherished pieces I have been fortunate enough to capture. I love wildlife, natural and still image work. I feel this piece would make an excellent addition to any professional office, personal office or home,” said Wyant.

View Soul Mates at the image gallery. Visit the main homepage at

Wyant Photography
Jim Wyant

The #1 voice activated personal safety app is now available on both Android and iOS.

Indianapolis, Indiana – Covert Alert is the first hands-free, voice activated safety application on the market today and is now available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Not only does Covert Alert send an instant message to your designated contacts, it also provides a GPS link to track the user in real time. While the user is in emergency mode, the app is covertly recording everything happening during the event, even in lock screen mode. We took it into our hands to save you time in a real-life emergency, only having to use your voice to state your three key words and instantly have that piece of mind that Covert Alert has your back.

Covert Alert is not a tracking device, nor is it designed to violate the user’s privacy, however, when the user activates the app, Covert Alert may add needed seconds to assist in any situation.

“People shouldn’t have to be afraid in any situation,” explains Covert Alert’s CEO, Craig Bracken. “That’s why it’s so important to us that our app does what it says. We have been working day and night to make the most cohesive, cutting-edge user experience, while at the same time revitalizing our brand and getting ready to make Covert Alert a house hold name. We still have so much up our sleeve with this product and new products like the C3VLAR360 for business, schools, home, and offices that are getting ready to be released, and they do not include the need for third party call centers.” Bracken continues, “there is no limit to what can be accomplished in immediately assisting first responders, especially with voice activation. Our new mapping system about to be released is one of a kind and will give first responders the upper hand on predators of all types. Our upcoming roll out of the new products will eclipse all innovations on the market today. Covert Alert will continue to expand and leverage the most cutting edge, innovative technology to protect our friends and our family, keeping America and soon the world, connected & protected.”

About Covert Alert
Covert Alert is a hands-free mobile application designed to assist its users in all emergency and non-emergency situations. Most times are impractical to have the use of your hands in an emergency situation to manually activate your emergency device. Covert Alert allows you to speak three key words, which the user has preset to activate the most advanced emergency system on the market today without anyone knowing. Preset contacts are notified of the user’s situation, as well as local authorities. Real time GPS tracking is available to your contacts along with MPH in a moving situation. Verbal recording of the entire incident taking place is saved for future use in the app and a secure server. Documented studies show that having additional seconds on your side during an emergency situation means the difference between life and death. Covert Alert provides those additional seconds with the sound of your voice, covertly.

Connected & Protected is a trademark of Lucrative Innovations Inc.
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Lucrative Innovations, Inc. is registered with the Indiana Secretary of State and is D/B/A Covert Alert. Terms of Use and User Privacy Policies are available at

Follow Covert Alert here:

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Aylah Weinstein
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