swarmOS attracts nearly half a million dollars in second round funding

Technological strength and industry-changing impact make the products a strong investment proposition

swarmOS attracts nearly half a million dollars in second round funding

Mülheim a.d.R., 11 January 2018 – The recently-launched startup swarmOS©, a company with a mission to support the process of business transformation, has gained over US $460,000 in second round funding, underlining the strength of the company“s business proposition and boosting its continuing product development capabilities.

A serial tech investor and a key player in HR transformation are among the entrepreneurs who share the company“s vision of the potential impact of Agile business transformation. The Agile approach, already widely used for software development projects, is also an excellent way to execute business transformation in today“s volatile business environment.

„2017 was an excellent start for us, “ said Dieter Weißhaar, CEO of swarmOS. „The power of our proposition enabled us to source initial funding to launch the company and release a first round of cloud products for agile project management. 2018 promises to be even more exciting, as we build up to a second tranche of product announcements as server versions. This second round of funding will help speed us on our way to fulfilling our vision of supporting business transformation through the Agile approach. „

„Stay tuned for further news about forthcoming product launches, “ said Pascale Queva, CTO & co-founder of swarmOS. „Also, since we already see our customers using our products and getting significant business value from them, during 2018 we want to share their stories so that even more business can see the power of what we bring to industries and markets. „

For more information, visit www.swarmos.com

swarmOS is the software solution for Agile business transformation. Its mission is to develop software solutions that enable organizations to manage the Agile transformation of their businesses successfully and smoothly. swarmOS GmbH is funded by private investors from the software and venture capital industries. swarmOS is a registered trademark of swarmOS GmbH.

swarmOS GmbH
Dieter Weisshaar
Aktienstraße 53
45473 Mülheim
Phone: +49-208-6591-700
E-Mail: pr@swarmos.com
Url: https://swarmos.com

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