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LumaSense introduces Bundled Solution for Air-Exchange Analysis with Multipoint Sampler and Doser

Lumasense’s new easy-to-use solution for measuring airflow ventilation and purification efficiency.

LumaSense introduces Bundled Solution for Air-Exchange Analysis with Multipoint Sampler and Doser

Air-Exchange Analysis with Multipoint Sampler and Doser and Photoacoustic Gas Monitor.

SANTA CLARA (CA), Sep 12, 2017 – LumaSense Technologies, Inc., https://www.lumasenseinc.com/ , experts in gas measurement, introduces the Innova 1403 multipoint gas sampler and gas doser for air-exchange and flow analysis.

The bundled system solution includes the Innova 1403, the Innova 1412i Photoacoustic Gas Monitor, and 7650 Application Software. Two variations of the system solution are available: Innova 3750-2 Basic Ventilation System Dual Gas and Innova 3750-5 Basic Ventilation System Multi Gas (for up to 5 different gas compounds).

Does the air diffuser works propper? Do you like to improve the air quality? This ventilation solution is specifically designed to accurately dose tracer gas and quantify its distribution throughout the complex ventilation systems found in modern high energy efficiency buildings, rooms and workplace environments including offices, hospitals, and laboratories.

„Innova products are recognized as the gold standard for indoor air quality measurements. Their unique capabilities measure air exchange and purification efficiency with unparalleled accuracy and allow tracing of minute levels of contaminants,“ explained Gregor Hsiao, LumaSense Gas Product Manager.

Ventilation Monitoring: The Innova 1403 can deliver either SF6 or R124a tracer-gas up to help measure the effectiveness of a ventilation system. The user sets up the sampler and the doser unit by
selecting up to 6 sample channels and 1 out of 3 doser channels.

In an air-exchange analysis system, the doser marks the supply air of the room with a known amount of tracer gas. The sampler system then takes a sample of the return-air from the room and delivers the sample to the 1412i for analysis. While the 1412i performs the analysis, the 1403 takes the next sample from the room. The 7560 software uses the tracer gas concentrations measured by the 1412i to calculate the ventilation system performance based on a few simple user inputs.

Trace gas, ventilation monitoring, photoacoustic analyser and monitoring, gas dosing system – the Innova 1403 is an integral part of a system approach to monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of ventilation systems often found in building materials, passenger cabins, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) solutions, or extraction systems (such as fume hoods). In addition, quantifying air exchange rates and identifying the sources of indoor air pollutants for new green building designs allows for optimizing ventilation for worker health and productivity while maintaining energy efficiency.

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LumaSense Technologies, Inc.® is one of the world“s most trusted providers of innovative temperature and gas sensing devices. By applying LumaSense“s proven systems and software, customers in Global Energy, Industrial Materials, and Advanced Technologies markets are able to reduce waste and inefficiency in their processes.
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