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Insights on High Performance Innovators in Innovation360s latest Book, Sustainable Growth and Profits

(Mynewsdesk) Introducing the worlds best innovation is no guarantee of market success or business continuity. All other business decisions, both strategic and tactical, must take a back seat to the ultimate question: How do you stay profitable long enough to innovate a better future for yourself and your organization? Thats the central theme of Sustainable Growth and Profits, the 5th volume of Innovation360s Complete Guide to Business Innovation, now available on Amazon for the first time.

Specific answers vary for each organization but all roads lead to a culture of innovation that continuously manufactures new relevancies through waves of disruption. This practical workbook just became available today to organizations everywhere in both print and electronic versions.

Building on the case work and interactive results from the other four volumes, this book guides change leaders and executives through best practices such as building a “fertile field” of innovation clusters. A single innovation is little more than a gamble compared to an innovation portfolio built from unique organizational capabilities and aspirations.

The latest book goes into detail on commonalities in innovation management shared by high performing organizations. For example, firms such as IBM, Google, Volvo and 3M excel at understanding what their employees do well and can say precisely what value they offer their customers. Even under the most volatile conditions, companies like Ericsson have withstood successive quarters of losses and found a way to restructure around profitability instead of growth — even as scores of competitors went out of business entirely.

Although change is constant and technological advances are accelerating, organizations can adapt to whatever comes next when they recognize how to innovate continuously. Dive deeper into these issues and real world examples in Sustainable Growth and Profits by Magnus Penker, Sten Jacobson, and Peter Junermark. Look for more volumes in this series as they are published in the months ahead.

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The Innovation360 Group AB develops world-leading technology for innovation development. It was founded in 2014 by Magnus Penker and Martin Hultquist, veterans in the consulting industry who specialized in start-ups, turn-arounds and successful company sales in Sweden and abroad.

The Innovation360 Group guides organizations in sharpening their innovation capabilities and re-imagining their value propositions. It speeds up global go-to-market projects through innovative strategy and organizational development. Their research-intensive innovation assessments and metrics derived from their proprietary innovation database the Innosurvey®. Their methodology includes research in the innovation area, evidence-based analysis and recommendations on concrete execution plans for increased innovation capability, profit and growth. An overview of this proprietary process is published in the five volume Innovation360s Complete Guide to Business Innovation.

The Innovation360 Group primarily works with organizations that espouse high ideals and demonstrate a strong international focus on innovation, positive change, profit & growth. Innovation360s consulting is delivered both through its own service organization and through an extensive network of licensed practitioners in 28 countries all around the planet.

Innovation 360 Group
Magnus Penker
Olof Palmes Gata 13, 5 tr
111 37 Stockholm
+4670-820 02 44

Innovation 360 Group
Magnus Penker
Olof Palmes Gata 13, 5 tr
111 37 Stockholm
+4670-820 02 44


Big hopes and dreams for former ‘runaway street-kid’ turned poetry novelist

January 8th, 2018 — Having written his true-story book ‘Poems From a Runaway’, which is about his own childhood and adolescence often as a runaway street-kid in London, busker turned debut author Ben Westwood is aiming to take his self-published book to greater heights with a £20,000 crowdfunding campaign.

His book, a collection of sixty poems starting from his early childhood right up until his late teens certainly has a lot more content than may expected from a ‘poetry book’ with the A5 colour version spanning 350 pages.

Deemed by some of the books fans as a sort of ‘modern-day Oliver Twist’ Ben tells his true stories and tales from the 1990’s walking the streets alone at night for weeks at a time at 10 years old.

By aged 12, he was living with his third set of foster parents when he ran away and boarded a train to London, where he found himself in Whitechapel taken under the wing of drug addicts, prostitutes and homeless street characters.

By 13 he was sleeping in cardboard-box shelters that he’d made inside doorways in the middle of London. And by 14 he’d already met a vast array of angels, predators, new friends and interesting characters of which many can be read about inside Poems From a Runaway.

In order to raise the £20k+ needed to launch his new career and give away hundreds of free books he’ll be offering a range of exclusive deals through his crowdfunding page including a ‘Poems From a Runaway guided tour of London’ which gives fans of his book a chance to not only see all the iconic Landmarks of the capital city, but to gain a more vivid experience of some of the stories in the book which include many of London’s sights such as Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace.

Ben will be launching his crowdfunder sometime near the end of January and you will be able to find out all the details and more on his blogsite at http://benwestwooduk.blogspot.co.uk

Poems From a Runaway is also available for sale on Amazon at https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1981314350

Bücher/Zeitschriften Freizeit/Hobby Pressemitteilungen Sport/Fitness

Buchtipp zur Tour de France: Das Geheimnis des Radfahrens

Radrennen auf der Alpe d'Huez
© Foto: Cor Vos Fotopersburo

Pünktlich zur Tour de France wurde der Radsport-Bestseller aus den Niederlanden und Belgien auf Englisch und Deutsch übersetzt. „The secret of cycling“ bzw. „Das Geheimnis des Radfahrens“ lüften das Mysterium der kontrollierten Leistungssteigerung im Radsport.

In diesem Buch werden alle Fragen, die sich sowohl professionale Rennradfahrer als auch ambitionierte Hobbyradfahrer zum Thema Leistungssteigerung stellen, beantwortet: Wie viele Power steckt im menschlichen Körper? Wie kann ich mein Training so optimieren, dass ich im Wettkampf auch bei schwierigeren Gegebenheiten gut abschneide? Und wie kann ich meinen Wattmesser oder meine Sportuhr nutzen, um Topleistungen beim Radfahren zu erzielen?

Mehr über das Buch „Das Geheimnis des Radfahrens“:

Mithilfe dieses Buchs kann sich jeder Radfahrer die Trainingsmethoden der „Tour de France-Profis“ aneignen, um die eigene Fahrleistung zu verbessern und so eine neue persönliche Bestzeit aufzustellen. Alle Faktoren, die das Trainings- bzw. Rennergebnis beeinflussen, werden von den drei Fachautoren im Buch Schritt für Schritt erklärt: Dazu gehören unter anderem das Körper- und Fahrradgewicht, die ausgewogene, gesunde Ernährung des Sportlers, Reifen und Rahmen, die natürlichen Gegebenheiten wie der Wind, das Streckenprofil, sowie Power-Meter. Die Auswertung kann gezielt über die moderne Datenerfassung von Wattmessern und Sportuhren erfolgen. Eine gute Ergänzung zum Buch ist der umfassende und kostenlose Online-Performance-Rechner, der von Hans van Dijk programmiert wurde: www.thesecretofrunning.com/calculator. Hier kann jeder Radsportler seine eigenen Trainingsdaten eingeben und eine ausführliche Leistungsübersicht erhalten. So ist eine kontrollierte Leistungssteigerung nicht länger ein Geheimnis der Radprofis.

© Foto: Saskia Berdenis van Berlekom

Über die drei Top-Autoren aus den Niederlanden und Belgien: Ron van Megen, Guido Vroemen und Hans van Dijk

Ron van Megen ist Ingenieur und Manager. Er ist ein ambitionierter Läufer, der quantifizierende Methoden und die neueste Technologie, inklusive Power Metering, nutzt, um seine Trainings- und Rennergebnisse zu analysieren und zu verbessern.

Guido Vroemen ist ehemaliger professioneller Rennradfahrer und einer der führenden Experten weltweit in der angewandten Trainingslehre und dem Training mit Power-Metern. Er arbeitet als Teamarzt und Trainer für den niederländischen Profi-Radrennstall „Roompot Oranje Peloton“.

Hans van Dijk läuft bereits sein Leben lang und schreibt Kolumnen sowie Bücher über jede Art von Ausdauersport. Er studierte die Gesetzmäßigkeiten des Laufens und des Radfahrens und entwickelte neue Trainingsmodelle.

Bibliografische Angaben:

Ab 17. Juli 2017 im Handel erhältlich!

Hans van Dijk | Ron van Megen | Guido Vroemen

Das Geheimnis des Radfahrens

480 Seiten in Farbe, ca. 370 Fotos und Abb.

Paperback 19,6 x 25,4 cm

ISBN 978-3-8403-7525-5, 36,00 € (D)



Seit Mai 2017 im Handel erhältlich.

Hans van Dijk | Ron van Megen | Guido Vroemen

The Secret of Cycling

384 Seiten in Farbe, 336 Fotos und Abb.

Paperback 19,6 x 25,4 cm

ISBN 978-1-78255-108-9, 30,95 €



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Dann kontaktieren Sie mich gerne unter:

Meyer & Meyer Fachverlag und Buchhandel GmbH

Sarah Schmitz

Von-Coels-Straße 390

52080 Aachen

Tel.: 0241 – 9581034

E-Mail: sarah.schmitz@m-m-sports.com



Paperback Book Back To Gold By Kambiz Mostofizadeh Argues For Gold

27, July 2016: Mikazuki Publishing House announced on Thursday the release of the newest book by author Kambiz Mostofizadeh titled “Back To Gold” (ISBN-13978-1942825098). Back To Gold follows the history of Gold from ancient to modern times and how this precious metal has influenced nearly every facet of our lives. The new paperback argues that Gold is valuable because it arrived on earth nearly 4 billion years ago from space meteorites that crashed in to the earth, leaving craters not unlike that on the moon.

Back To Gold views the golden age of Gold, California Gold Rush, Australia and South Africa’s gold history, historical con-artists that claimed to make gold, business tycoons that used Gold to fund their empires, the Gold Standard, placer gold mining, and even includes a gold glossary. Back To Gold makes an argument for Gold, toting its advantages as being high liquidity and uniformity in pricing. Author Kambiz Mostofizadeh quoted from his book Back To Gold and said “Gold’s rarity is because Gold is not a naturally grown commodity like an orange is. Gold was delivered to Earth by space meteorites and it only happened 4 billion years ago. Gold cannot be cloned like plants and even animals can. Gold cannot create more Gold, as the alchemists in the Middle Ages lead potentates to believe. If you gathered all the mined Gold in the world, it would not fill up two Olympic sized swimming pools.

Gold is rare and valuable because it is of use to many industries including electronics, jewelry, engineering, medical, and dental. Throughout the ages, Gold has captivated our minds and hearts because of its rarity and beauty. Gold will continue to be valuable and its value will rise as individuals seek greater security.” Mikazuki Publishing House with Kambiz Mostofizadeh announced that Back To Gold is in paperback format and is in stores now. For more information visit Facebook.com/KambizMostofizadeh


A Constitutional Democracy — Voices and Votes

IN THIS BOOK, AUTHOR EDWARD DELON DISCUSSES fundamental democratic principles by EXPRESSING the purpose and function of government through THE PRISM OF America’s history.

Falls Church, VA, June 11, 2016 — IN THIS BOOK, AUTHOR EDWARD DELON DISCUSSES fundamental democratic principles by EXPRESSING the purpose and function of government through THE PRISM OF America’s history. DELON PROVIDES AN EXPLANATION OF why citizens are ESSENTIAL stakeholders in preserving the „Republic“ of the United States of America.

TO THAT END, THE AUTHOR CITES constitutional articles and amendments, and Supreme Court decisions to explain historical and current events such as economic policy, AS WELL AS THE DEBATE SURROUNDING energy and immigration issues.

Available Wherever Books Are Sold in Print or Ebook

Paperback, 6 x 9 inches (4-color), 240 pages, $19.95

ISBN: 978-0-9790729-4-9

Library of Congress Control No: 2015948890

„Ed Delon provides sound instruction on the basics of citizenship in the United States without taking sides. By informing the reader about domestic and foreign policy issues-past, present and future-he is emphasizing what is perhaps most critical for the contemporary American: inform yourself about the issues and the candidates because your vote is meaningful.“

-A. Ross Johnson, Ph.D., Senior Scholar, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Research Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University

DELON SAID two factors motivated me to write the book: one, it became obvious that many citizens did not understand the difference between electoral and popular votes during the 2000 Presidential Election campaign; and, two, the Intercollegiate Studies Institute administered a civics literacy test in 2008 to more than 2,500 college students. Seventy-one percent of them failed.

Consent to be governed also means that citizens should be engaged in the political process, be informed on the issues, and perform their civic duty by voting. Citizens who do not vote ALLOW other voters to speak for them AND END UP SUPPORTING CANDIDATES WHO MAY OPPOSE THEIR INTEREST. Readers of this book will better understand why they are key stakeholders in the political process, regardless of their ideology or who they vote for, and THE VITAL ROLE THEY PLAN IN preserving this federal republic.

For more information, please contact Edward Delon

Ace Diversified Services, Inc.

703-521-1008, email: info@civgov.com



Unternehmensberater öffnet seine Schatztruhe

Gewinn und Liquidität verbessern, die Kosten senken, davon träumt jeder Unternehmer.
Der Unternehmensbereter Peter Friedrich, der in den letzten 26 Jahren über 900 kleine Unternehmen beraten hat, gibt dazu einfache, schnell umsetzbare Tipps und Tricks.
Er traf in diesen Unternehmen auf fachlich gute Handwerker, die aber oft schon bei trivialen kaufmännischen Fragen scheiterten, und begegnete Kaufleuten, die ihre Branche kennen, aber in ihrer theoretischen Ausbildung wenig gelernt haben, was in einem kleinen Betrieb nötig und umsetzbar ist. Er hat deshalb einige Tipps aus seiner Beratungspraxis, insbesondere jene, die mit einem Minimum an Aufwand umsetzbar sind, in zwei E Book gesammelt.

„Kosten senken, Angebote optimieren, Risiken senken“ ( https://www.xinxii.com/kosten-senken-angebote-optimieren-risiko-vermindern-p-364059.html )
„Liquidität verbessern, Gewinne erhöhen“ ( https://www.xinxii.com/liquiditaet-verbessern-gewinn-erhoehen-p-364058.html )

Die E Books kosten je 7,49 €.

Ziel ist es, in aller Kürze (was den meisten Unternehmern fehlt, ist die Zeit dicke Bücher zu lesen), umsetzbare Tipps für die Praxis im kleinen und mittelständischen Unternehmen zu liefern. Viele Unternehmer scheitern, oder nutzen nicht Ihr volles Potential, weil Sie in Ihrer täglichen Routine gefangen sind, und es versäumen Tipps und Ratschläge zu nutzen und in Ihr Unternehmerleben umzusetzen. Gehen Sie deshalb systematisch und Schritt für Schritt vor: Nehmen Sie sich einen Tipp vor, entscheiden Sie WIE und vor allem BIS WANN Sie das in Ihrem Betrieb umsetzen wollen. Und dann: TUN SIE ES.

Peter Friedrich, geboren 1957 ist Diplomsoziologe und arbeitet seit 26 Jahren als Unternehmensberater. Er ist bei der BAFA als Berater gelistet und hat über 900 Unternehmen aller Branchen (davon ca. 60 Metzger und Bäcker, ca. 40 KFZ Betriebe und Speditionen, etwa 150 metallbearbeitende Betriebe und über 300 Bau- und Baunebengewerksunternehmen) in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz beraten. Mehr Information zu seiner Arbeit und seinen Softwarelösungen finden Sie auf der Webseite: www.peter-schober-consulting.de

Peter Friedrich Consulting
Peter Friedrich Peter Friedrich
Hölderlinstr. 1
72654 Neckartenzlingen
0172-75 74 163


Romantic Thriller is Blowing Away Readers and Reviewers

Dive into the world of Mia and Cole in a Romantic Thriller unlike any other. Fiore will leave you on the edge of your seat desperate for more, while leaving your heart deeply touched by her beautiful words.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, February 09, 2016 — L.A. Fiore, Author of the bestselling novel, Beautifully Damaged, is preparing to take the world by storm with her newest release, His Light in the Dark releasing February 9, 2016 as an independently published title. She is celebrating her release, with a multi company promotional blog tour.

Fiore has written six other novels, including her bestselling titles Beautifully Damaged and Beautifully Forgotten. Her way with words has captivated readers worldwide, and has given her a reader fan base that is not only loyal, but also consistently desperate for more.

Set in Philadelphia, “His Light in the Dark” is a contemporary romantic thriller that follows Cole Campbell as he struggles to face the facts that he may be more like his abusive father than he had previously realized. With the realization of the darkness inside of him, Cole is left with no choice but to attempt to walk away from the love of his life, Mia. However, Mia is unwilling to give up on the light she see’s living within Cole, and refuses to leave him, instead choosing to stand strong by his side. When Cole’s past comes back to haunt him, the realization that he may lose Mia for good, causes him to finally stand up and fight for her. After everything they’ve been through, will he be able to win back her heart?

Lynne from Mama’s Dirty Reads said, “AMAZING! This book truly gives you everything. Definitely a Beautifully Damaged type feel, but much darker than that one. Cole and Mia are two characters you are definitely going to want to get to know. LA wrote her heart out with this one. Can’t wait until this book is released to the masses come February 2016.”

L.A. Fiore has always dreamt of being a writer. After University, and Corporate America, she decided to follow her dream. After the success of Beautifully Damaged, Fiore was signed with a publishing house and published four titles through them. Recently she’s made the decision to continue on as a self-published author. Fiore is available for interviews, and appearances. For booking presentations, media appearances, interviews, and/or book-signings contact kiki@thenextsteppr.com. For more information on the Author, please visit http://www.lafiorepublishing.com/.

For More Information Contact: Christine Stanley, The Hype PR at 204-990-5431 or thehypepr@gmail.com


A New Book, „The Business of Rugby“, Looks at Professional Rugby in America

Rugby can be America’s next professional growth sport. A new book, “The Business of Rugby” , looks at the opportunities that exist for early adopters and models for creating successful professional teams in America.

Denver, Colorado, APR 30, 2015 — Sports world wide is a growth industry. Rugby is a force in every part of the world and in America the country is primed for an exciting, physical and fast sport.

Forward looking businessmen and communities are finding that rugby and rugby hospitality equals a big payday. America’s first rugby stadium is making big strides in Glendale, Colorado (Denver).

2015 will be the biggest year ever for rugby with the event of the Rugby World Cup in England in September. The momentum of the game can carry over into the United States and help motivate organizations to work into a professional league.
The opportunity to build the next growth sports industry is prime for rugby where the values of the sport are pure and the demographics of fans being one of the most attractive.

A new book, “The Business of Rugby” (ISBN: 978-0971115224) by Gregory Tanner, has full analysis of the successful professional leagues and how teams can be successful in the professional era.

From the authors popular website , NationalRugbyPost.com, “The Business of Rugby” introduces his full analysis of the business, media and sport.

The book provides a recipe for building successful professional venues and teams. It looks at how the professional leagues currently succeed and also suggests how a league could start and thrive in America.

The book is a compilation of studies from the authors’ attendance at Sport Management World Wide, articles at NationalRugbyPost.com and experience.

“I wanted to provide what I have learned about professional rugby and just how professional rugby can be started and grow to the next Billon dollar sports industry.” Tanner says “There are many successful models and formulas that can be followed and there are mistakes that can be avoided.”

“The Business of Rugby” is available on Amazon.com and other online retailers. The eBook will be available in May for Apple iPhone or iPad, Nook, or Kindle.

For more information about “The Business of Rugby” visit http://thebusinessofrugby.com

About the Author:
Gregory Tanner is an experienced business consultant with subject matter expertise in business and industry analysis.  He has consulted and advised executive and management teams on strategy and business development.
Following his passion as a former rugby player, in 2011 Greg began looking for opportunities in the business of rugby.  Mr. Tanner launched National Rugby Post (nationalrugbypost.com)in 2012 and began to do rugby business analysis – focusing on the business of rugby in light of the coming Rugby World Cup in 2015.   Seizing a tremendous opportunity, Mr. Tanner became the sole Rugby Business Analyst in the United States focusing on the business of rugby.  As the United States’ only Rugby Business Analyst, he is setting the stage to be well positioned when the professional game arrives in the United States as the authority in how the game creates revenue, how teams are managed and understanding the key stakeholders in the professional game.

As part of becoming the dominant position in this area, Greg is working on building a professional rugby agency – Pro Rugby Agency – (professionalrugby.agency), one of the first in the United States.

For More Information: Gregory Tanner, The Business of Rugby, 720-383-7305, rugbyanalyst@nationalrugbypost.com


Prolific Press has published A Poverty of Words by Frederick Pollack


Prolific Press is pleased to release a fine collection of poetry by one of our favorite poets, Frederick Pollack. This collection is large, 146 pages, a voluminous book. Each poem was hand-selected from several of Pollack’s manuscripts, representing years of passionate writing.

A Poverty of Words is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and fine booksellers everywhere.

About Frederick Pollack:

Frederick Pollack was born in Chicago; he lived for many years in California but it didn’t take. He now lives and teaches in Washington, DC.

Pollack’s books, The Adventure and Happiness, are both book-length narrative poems (Story Line Press). More of his work can be found in various journals and publications each year. His updated biography is available on Amazon.com.

Pollack’s voice belongs to neither the navelgazing mainstream nor the poststructuralist avant-garde.

What are others saying about Frederick Pollack’s new book?

“In his rich new collection, Frederick Pollack has opinions and observations about everything. Pollack is ‘didactic’ in the very best sense of the word—and learn I did from his unflinching, never ingratiating poems.” Jane Shore (Professor, George Washington University)

“If you’ve never read this poet, prepare for one of the greatest breakthroughs of your reading life. Yes, Frederick Pollack is that good.” Robert McDowell (Co-Founder and editor, Story Line Press)

“I enjoy Fred Pollack’s poems, and consider them necessary because they do what poetry should do, grapple with the important. When I dwell on his poems, I can see the images leave the page and come to life.” Daniel J. Langton (Professor, SF State; winner, Edgar Allan Poe Award)

For more information about A Poverty of Words, contact Prolific Press.

Prolific Press Inc.
Glenn Lyvers (Masthead)
PO Box 113
Harborton, VA 23389


Roland Rube & Ariane Kranz On Air: Irland von innen

Der Autor Rainer Thielmann beschreibt Irland intensiv und vielschichtig

Roland Rube & Ariane Kranz On Air: Irland von innen

Rainer Thielmann beschreibt Irland intensiv und vielschichtig

On Air mit Roland Rube und Ariane Kranz ist Buchautor Rainer Thielmann mit seiner aktuellen Publikation „Irland von innen – Verse in Farbe“.

(Reiselyrik Verlag) In poetischen Reiseskizzen gelingt Rainer Thielmann ein emotional verbindliches Porträt der grünen Insel in all ihren Widersprüchlichkeiten. Durch sensible Verse und ausdrucksstarke Fotografien eröffnet er dem Leser einen ganz neuen Zugang zu Land, Menschen, Kultur und Geschichte. Heiter und tiefgründig zugleich. In sechs Kapiteln spannt der Dichter einen weiten Bogen: von Irlands einzigartiger Natur zum Nordirland-Konflikt, von Feen und keltischen Kraftplätzen zu gesellschaftlichen Missständen – und macht dabei selbst vor der irischen Mythologie nicht Halt. Ein vielschichtiges, authentisches, berührendes Werk.

Rainer Thielmann, 1965 im westfälischen Hagen geboren, dichtet und fotografiert seit der Kindheit. Erste Publikation 2003 („Lyrisches Australien“), 2008 folgt „Indien von innen“; 2010 auch auf DVD. Ende 2011 stellt der Autor in „Kalkutta – Durga, Dichter und Dämonen“ den Gedichten erstmals Infotexte voran. Parallel zu den Büchern, tritt er auch als Sänger in Erscheinung. Drei Audio-CDs wurden bislang veröffentlicht: „Zwischen den Meeren“, „Für jeden Weg gibt es ein Lied“ und „Folge dem Weg der Feen“. Songtexte, u.a. für Udo Jürgens. Etliche Lesereisen durch Deutschland, Einladungen vom Goethe Institut und der Deutschen Botschaft nach Australien. Mehrmonatige Reisen durch Australien und Indien. Ende 2013 erschien mit „IRLAND VON INNEN“ Thielmanns vierter Foto-Gedichtband. Damit ist er im Herbst 2014 auf Lesereise, u.a. in der Irischen Botschaft in Berlin. Alle Termine & Infos auf irlandvoninnen.de

(Quelle: Reiselyrik Verlag)

Auf der Internetseite www.audioway.de finden Sie Informationen zu den „On Air“ Sendezeiten, Erstausstrahlungen und Wiederholungen.

Postfach 620452
10794 Berlin
+49 (0)30 80205848

Das Portfolio von audioway MUSIC & MEDIA beinhaltet unter anderem das Produzieren von Medieninhalten, wie z.B. O-Töne, Interviews und Radio Shows – aktuell das Sendeformat „On Air“ mit Roland Rube & Ariane Kranz. In der Radio Show „On Air“ werden überwiegend Inhalte aus der Entertainment-Branche präsentiert. In Rundfunk und TV laufen erfolgreiche Themen von audioway, wie z.B. die Titel „Sha-la-lie“ sowie „Wenn ich mich verlieb'“, „California Sunshine“ und „Sag ihm nicht“.

audioway MUSIC & MEDIA
Frau Roland Rube
Postfach 620452
10794 Berlin
+49 (0)30 80205848