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Why STOs are the Future: An Interview with Marvin Steinberg

STOs solve security issues, continually to delivering many advantages over traditional fundraising methods like IPOs.

A few years ago, Marvin Steinberg was a young ping-pong player with a bright athletic future ahead of him. An injury shattered that dream, forcing him to give up the sport and focus on a different kind of career.

Steinberg has taken an interest the energy niche, where he excelled and founded 2 successful businesses.

First as a one-man team, and then as an enterprise which he built from the ground up using unprecedented marketing techniques (at the time) like SEO, affiliate marketing, and PPC.

At the same time, Steinberg also developed a robust foundation of salesmen for his energy contracts and distribution.

Although he“d achieved rapid growth, Steinberg wasn“t finished. After selling his energy distribution company for 7 digits, he focused his energies on his new passion.

This time the industry was blockchain and cryptocurrency, a space ripe for innovation and in a period of rapid transformation.

Marvin founded CPI Tech, a blockchain development and advisory firm specializing in STOs.

CPI has been the hot kid on the block (literally), according to Steinberg, experiencing growth and hitting milestones such as:

– 124% average yearly sales increase with custom marketing campaigns
– $32k bitcoins processed through software since 2017
– 43+ Successfully completed high-value projects
– 420% average visitor increase for traffic campaigns
– $110k+/month average profit increase for clients

The Lowdown on CPI Tech

CPI Tech offers a range of blockchain and cryptocurrency-related services. This includes helping newcomers to the space set up their own trading platform for crypto assets within 30 days.

This is followed by help with blockchain development, assistance with marketing services, and all-important legal support in an industry where regulations are changing all the time.

One of the things that really set CPI Tech apart is its focus on Security Token Offerings or STOs.

These are a new, more secure and reliable version of Initial Coin Offerings, allowing new projects to raise funds quickly and easily without being burdened by worries about safety.

While ICOs managed this task successfully in the past, they were held back by concerns about scammers.

They also often failed to comply with regulations, causing them to run afoul of the law and cause serious problems.

STOs are safer and more regulated versions of ICOs. While solving the security issues, they continue to deliver the many advantages of security tokens over traditional fundraising methods like IPOs.

These advantages include:

– Lower costs when it comes to things like brokerage and banking, helped by automation
– Opportunity for easier fractional ownership, allowing investors to hold a small part of a high- value asset like property
– Asset interoperability, making it possible to store multiple different types of assets in the same wallet and manage multiple assets in the same platform
– 24/7 markets, so you can trade whenever you want, wherever you are in the world

STOs offer major advantages over both traditional and blockchain-based alternatives, and CPI Tech wants to make it easier for enterprises to launch and manage successful STOs. They do this in a number of ways.

How CPI Tech Helps STOs Get Off the Ground

The process of helping a company through an STO is multi-layered, and CPI Tech helps every step of the way.

That includes in-depth research and getting clear on goals and risks, marketing help, engineering assistance, and legal support.

Navigating the world of STOs can be tricky. According to Steinberg himself, „Today, scores of providers are trying to sell sub-par solutions based on false assumptions that over-promise, but under-deliver.

Since the demand for STOs is rising at an incredible rate, a lot of companies fall into this trap, just because they“re afraid to miss out on the action.“

CPI Tech is there to help companies avoid those traps, guiding them towards a successful and secure future.

One of the things that make CPI Tech so impressive is Steinberg“s policy of working only with companies he truly believes can make a positive difference.

With its focus on secure, regulation-friendly STOs, the company is built on principles of integrity and honesty, and that“s a reassuring factor in an industry that has worked hard to prove its legitimacy.

Disclaimer: This is a contributed article and should not be taken as investment advice

ZAROnews der PR-Service für Online-Pressemedien, Social-Media und Printmedien in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz, wir recherchieren, schreiben und publizieren und platzieren in Suchmaschinen

ZAROnews PR-Service
Robert Zach
Hechtsee 7
6330 Kufstein
Phone: +43 5372 71123
E-Mail: presse@zaronews.ch
Url: http://www.zaronews.world

Verena Damiani
Oberzelgli 15
CH-6390 Engelberg
Phone: 0700 999 777 00
E-Mail: presse@zaronews.com
Url: http://www.zaronews.world

Bildquelle: Photo: Marvin Steinberg, Founder of CPI Tech


Logopak is presenting innovative labelling solutions for the industry at the PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2019

Visit the labelling experts from Logopak at Booth C-5506 in the Central Hall in the PACKage Printing Pavilion at the PACK EXPO Las Vegas

Visitors to the Pack Expo Las Vegas (Sept. 23-25; Las Vegas Convention Center), can experience individual and innovative solutions for labelling at Booth C-5506 of the labelling experts from Logopak ( https://www.Logopak.com ).

At the PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2019, one of the largest and most comprehensive packaging events in the world, Logopak will show its 315 TB and 310 TBHS labeling machines of the Logopak 300 series at Booth C-5506 in the Central Hall in the PACKage Printing Pavilion. The Logopak Corporation ( https://www.logopakcorp.com ) is well-known in America and wordwide for its bar coding machines, product identification machines, print and apply labeling machines, RFIS encoding and weigh price labeling machines.

Logopak Series 300: packaging labelling made easy

The Logopak Series 300 is fast, reliable and flexible for labelling outer packaging, cartons and containers. Always at the right place at the right time. Logopak knows the challenges facing logistics and shipping. This is why Logopak offers the Series 300, a versatile labelling system which offers unrivalled price and performance while still meeting your requirements.

Perfect labelling for cartons and containers

The labelling solution is a critical part of the line process and must deliver maximum accuracy. The Logopak solutions for containers and cartons offer an ideal combination of speed, precision, reliability and flexibility. The barcode online validation essentially acquires each barcode and serves as the control between the labeller and the production line. It can trigger a stop or sort out faulty barcodes and supply them for relabelling. An intuitive user interface (TDI touch screen) featuring intelligent troubleshooting enables rapid fault detection and elimination.

The Logopak Series 300 is featuring the latest generation of Logopak’s machineware PowerLeap 6

This integrated machine software allows you to monitor all machine functions and communicate with the production line and an ERP or WMS system via the intuitive HMI control unit and its graphical user interface. User-friendly and easy to use, multilingual GUI, straightforward menu navigation, all components are precisely matched to each other. This integrated machine software allows you to monitor all machine functions and communicate with the production line and an ERP or WMS system via the intuitive HMI control unit and its graphical user interface.

Intelligent data management for secure labelling processes with LogoSoft

LogoSoft makes the labelling process for your Print & Apply tasks even more efficient and secure. The powerful software solution ensures flexible automation that allows you to centrally control and monitor all labelling processes. Barcode and RFID standards are already stored in the system for this purpose. Continuous data synchronization between the ERP system and supported devices guarantees that the right data is always available at the right place. LogoSoft for higher productivity and the minimisation of errors and downtimes. For your Future-proof production.

About Logopak:

Logopak Systeme GmbH & Co. KG is a leading manufacturer of logistically integrated labelling systems, labelling software, and barcode and industrial printers. Logopak also offers matching consumable materials for the direct and indirect labelling of products and packaging of all types. The product portfolio ranges from blank labels through decorative labels to special labels for special solutions and the associated transfer conveyors.

The company“s main location was founded in 1978 in Hartenholm, near Hamburg, Germany, and it is represented worldwide with nine of its own locations and additional sales and service branches. Logopak has a wealth of application experience. All standard machines from Logopak are developed in-house and manufactured in Germany. The simple to operate systems are easy to install and maintain.


Logopak Corporation
63 Emerald Street
Keene, NH 03431
Phone: +1 603.283.0304
Mail: netsuite@logopak.de

Contact Logopak worldwide:

Phone: +49-419599750
Fax: +49-41951265

Logopak media and marketing contact:

Logopak Systeme GmbH & Co.KG
Marketing management
Dorfstraße 40-42
24628 Hartenholm

Head office:
Telephone +49 4195 – 99750
E-mail: marketing@logopak.de

About Logopak:

Logopak Systeme GmbH & Co. KG is a leading manufacturer of logistically integrated labelling systems, labelling software as well as barcode and industrial printers. In addition, Logopak offers the ideal consumables for direct and indirect labelling of a large variety of product and packaging types. The portfolio ranges from blank labels to decorative labels for customised solutions as well as the corresponding transfer ribbons. The company headquarters is located in Hartenholm near Hamburg, Germany, where it was founded in 1978. It is represented worldwide through nine corporate locations as well as sales and service branches. Logopak provides extensive experience for a wide range of applications. Both standard machines and custom solutions are developed in-house and manufactured in Germany. The operator-friendly systems are easily installed and simple to maintain. To learn more, please visit www.logopak.de or www.logopak.com

Über Logopak:

Die Logopak Systeme GmbH & Co. KG ist ein führender Hersteller von logistisch integrierten Etikettiersystemen, Etikettier-Software sowie Barcode- und Industriedruckern. Darüber hinaus bietet Logopak das passende Verbrauchsmaterial für die direkte und indirekte Kennzeichnung von Produkten und Verpackungen aller Art. Das Produktportfolio reicht von Blankoetiketten über Schmucketiketten bis hin zu Spezialetiketten für Sonderlösungen sowie den dazugehörigen Transferbändern.

Seinen Hauptstandort hat das 1978 gegründete Unternehmen in Hartenholm bei Hamburg und ist darüber hinaus mit neun eigenen Standorten sowie mit Vertriebs- und Service-Niederlassungen weltweit vertreten. Logopak verfügt über eine große Anwendungserfahrung. Alle Standardmaschinen von Logopak sind selbst entwickelt und in Deutschland gefertigt. Die leicht bedienbaren Systeme lassen sich einfach installieren und warten.

Logopak Systeme GmbH & Co.KG
Claudia Berg
Dorfstraße 40
24628 Hartenholm
Phone: +49 4195 – 99750
E-Mail: cberg@logopak.de
Url: https://www.logopak.de

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Mainz Regional Court & OLG Koblenz adjudicate in favor of Steinberg Marketing GmbH

Steinberg Marketing GmbH, Mainz, announces in the press release:

Mainz – The „Karat Gold Cooperation“ has failed twice in the last instance and thus failed in its legal action against „Steinberg Marketing GmbH“. Both the Regional Court in Mainz and the Higher Regional Court in Koblenz considered the application, the appeals and the complaints to be insubstantial, and no claims existed or were made.

Regional Court: BaFin warns against ICO financing model

Among other things, the court states that the ICO financing model, which the respondent had agreed with the applicant, was a speculative transaction with the crypto currency KBC, which is intended to generate high profits for the applicant. On the homepage of the Bundesanstalt für Finanzaufsicht (BaFin – Federal Financial Supervisory Authority), there is an explicit warning against investments in an ICO financing model. BaFin warns investors who acquire tokens via an ICO that they are investing in a highly volatile investment that carries the risk of a total loss of capital.

In the same way, the court quotes in accordance with the BaFin: „If the applicant is threatened with insolvency because she has made „uncovered promises“ to customers within the framework of the ICO initiated by her regarding the exchange of 100 units of the crypto currency KBC into gold, this shall not be considered an emergency as defined in § 940 ZPO. Total losses and the resulting insolvency risks are part of the business model of an ICO system…“. (Text excerpt, quote).

Under the file number Landgericht Mainz 10 HK O 4/19, the aforementioned applicant tried to obtain an injunction against Steinberg Marketing GmbH from a company of the „Karat Gold Group“, requesting various information claims, accounting claims and also the transfer of KBCs.

The court found the application to be unsubstantiated and doomed to failure. The court denied all requirements for the issuance of an interim injunction pursuant to §§ 935, 940, 917f ZPO. It also rejected a so-called „ground for injunction“. The remarks (page 4 f.) of the court order are remarkable and groundbreaking, in which clear reference is made to the insolvency risk of the aforementioned applicant and the danger emphasized that the applicant had made „uncovered promises“ aimed at an exchange for gold. The resolution states, inter alia: „To the extent that the applicant refers to the fact that she is exposed to a risk of insolvency because she has promised customers to exchange one gram of gold for every 100 units of the crypto currency KBC sold to the customer on July 4, 2019, this does not constitute an „emergency situation“ as defined in § 940 ZPO… The applicant has promised her customers the exchange of digital crypto currency (KBC) for gold in anticipation of high profits, without having an overview of the income from their sale. The fact that the court speaks in such clarity of „uncovered promises“ and of a „risk of insolvency“ for the other party is remarkable and very rare.

The applicant then lodged an appeal with the Koblenz Higher Regional Court, which is the competent court of appeal. There, too, the applicant (file number 6 W 189/19) failed in a final and binding judgment by the decision of 03.07.2019. The Senate of the Koblenz Higher Regional Court determined and gave detailed reasons that the „immediate appeal“ was unfounded. There were no claims whatsoever, in particular no claims to surrender.

Thus, Steinberg Marketing GmbH has achieved a significant success with the legally binding decision and the well-founded decisions, which corresponds to investor protection as defined by the BaFin warnings. All allegations against Steinberg Marketing GmbH have proven to be completely unsubstantiated and inaccurate in every respect, a fact which was examined after careful investigation by the judicial authorities.

The defendant, Steinberg Marketing GmbH, believes that its doubts, concerns and assumptions, which led to the decision to separate from the companies of the Karatbars Group, have been fully confirmed. The current events demonstrate what is to be expected from the business model of the gold exchange and confirm the BaFin’s warnings. This confirms the applicant’s concerns and shows that these concerns have been substantiated and justified by the court.

Press release/publication/poster: Steinberg Marketing GmbH

The texts and articles published by the individual authors do not reflect the opinion of the editors. The editorial staff only adopts or shares the views of the authors to the extent that this is expressly indicated in the respective text.

Erbringung von Online-Dienstleistungen, insbesondere Webdesign, Online-Werbung, Beratung bei Projekterstellung und Marketing über soziale Medien.

Steinberg Marketing GmbH
Marvin Steinberg
Kaiserstr. 42
55116 Mainz
Phone: +49 6131 2114561
E-Mail: Presse@marvinsteinberg.de
Url: https://de.linkedin.com/in/marvin-steinberg-910a0bb3

Bildquelle: CC0 pixabay – AJEL


Görs Communications Business consulting, PR and marketing consulting (Germany, Hamburg, Lübeck, Baltic Sea)

Why is it so hard to find good business consultants, PR and marketing consultants in Germany – and to work successfully with them?

No question: Consulting is booming; as well as pr marketing consulting in Germany. Business consultants / business consultants and marketing consultants / marketing consultants frolic in this lucrative and growing market. But: access and the market itself are not regulated; anyone can call themselves a business consultant or a marketing consultant.

The consulting sector is correspondingly diffuse, and its growth is also due to the lack of binding qualifications and orientations. Those in need of consultancy and / or PR / marketing consulting (and this is probably true for almost every organization and almost every company), are initially confronted with the consulting jungle. How do you find good business consultants, PR and marketing consultants and work successfully with them? Searching for „marketing consulting,“ „PR consulting,“ and / or „business consulting“ / „consulting“ at Google kills a sheer flood of consulting firms, consultants, websites, and offerings.

Often the consequence is that companies with consulting needs then turn to „the big“ corporate and marketing consultancies in order to (allegedly) minimize their (decision-making) risk. An often expensive mistake. Because at large management consultancies, PR and marketing consultancies and advertising agencies, while the fees and hourly rates (much) higher, but often the performance and successes are less than with smaller consultants. Painful and costly experiences, which many companies – especially from SMEs – had to do already. As a result, business consultancy, PR and marketing consulting is often omitted because the experience with the PR / advertising agency / marketing and management consultancy was negative.

At the same time, advice in business today is indispensable. Consultants bring expertise and experience to the business and are an independent body that can (or can) offset operational blindness and management weaknesses. Business consultants reduce complexity and increase efficiency. Complex problem connections such as digitization, content marketing and content promotion, online marketing and social media, for example, require specialist knowledge and many years of experience from numerous successful projects. In addition, the consultant should have knowledge of relationships and interactions in business, management and communication.

Clear analyzes, implementable concepts and optimizations instead of „bullshit bingo“

Good, concise and traceable analysis and dialogue based on partnership are important for success. The endless, often hundreds of pages of comprehensive „analysis“ or „reports“ of the major management consultancies and the „flowery“ „endless concepts“ and presentations of major marketing consultancies, PR and advertising agencies often end up in the drawer and are never implemented. With good advisers, however, there are conclusive analyzes, concrete recommendations for action – and also the IMPLEMENTATION of the measures! Good PR, marketing and business consulting is in many cases also a help for self-help. The consultant shows and explains to the consulting client how he – after a certain period of coaching – can design and improve individual aspects of PR, marketing and management SELF.

Görs Communications as an experienced marketing and management consultancy, ensures more customers, a better image, awareness and sales growth

„As a management consultancy, as an agency and as a coach for public relations (PR), marketing and digitization, we help our customers to achieve much more with optimized communication: More sales, more customers, more awareness, more attention, a clear positioning, efficient marketing „Professional PR“, explains Daniel Görs, owner of marketing and consulting firm Görs Communications ( https://www.goers-communications.de ). „We take over the analysis, conception, implementation and ongoing optimization of all marketing, PR and digital measures, depending on needs and budgets. We do more than traditional management consulting and advertising agencies, because we are on request also problem solvers, sparring partners at eye level with the management and coach. And we also implement the analyzed and conceived measures in a powerful way. From the classic advertising agencies, the holistic view distinguishes us from the positioning, the image and the communication – and thinking beyond clumsy advertising measures. Thus, we provide suitable, also cross-thought-out solutions, out of the box ‚, which are far superior to the usual 08/15 measures of the large management consultancies and advertising agencies „, emphasizes the graduate social economist.

Görs Communications is not a „full-service agency“, because the marketing and management consultancy (Lübeck / Hamburg / Baltic Sea) does not promise the blue of the pink sky and pretends that all aspects of management, marketing and PR are covered , „We focus on what we do best: communications, consulting, content and coaching,“ says Daniel Görs. „For everything else, we fall back on demand and on customer request on our over decades grown, experienced and resilient network of experts. Whether programming, mobile marketing, cloud, big data, design, innovation consulting, explanatory films or video marketing: we know which specialist is actually the best for which project – and where the best cost-performance ratio is, „says PR Marketing consultant Daniel Görs. who has more than 20 years experience in digital, pr, marketing, management and consulting.

Görs Communications loves and lives Hanseatic values. Also as a conscious counterpart to the beautiful illusory world of advertising with its flowery promises and colorful endless glossy presentations. „We are and remain in the background, we think transversally and uncomfortably and we advise our clients against unsuitable, costly actions and measures. Sustainability and efficiency are and remain our maxims. That is why our customers have valued us for many years as a consultant, coach and sparring partner, „explains Marketing and Business Expert Daniel Görs.

Content, communication, reputation and digitization are central elements of the consulting, analysis and conception of Görs Communications. This is where Görs Communications knows its way around and offers decades of experience and (specialist) know-how that otherwise does not exist on the market in this form. Especially in the areas of internet, digitization and media, finance and real estate, industry / B2B and automotive industry.

Görs Communications is as flexible as the customer wishes: Whether temporary as a project customer „on demand“ or as a contract customer on a continuous Retainerbasis – the marketing and management consultancy with Hanseatic / North German roots makes his clients life easier and stands in any case always with words and deeds aside.

The consultancy and advice from Görs Communications includes, for example:

– Analysis of the current situation and problems, communication and content scan, website, reputation and SEO check.
– Optimization and action proposals.
– Workshop to discuss, clarify and decide on actions.
– Conception and concrete action planning.
– Implementation and ongoing optimization (on request).
– media planning, media consulting, negotiation and handling of advertising circuits; online, classic media, social media, cross-media.

An initial consultation is worthwhile for you especially if you

– Optimize or redesign your digital positioning and website.
– You want to achieve more awareness, a „media base noise“ and publications through continuous public relations.
– Critically review your advertising and media spendings and develop an optimal marketing mix.
– You want to find out more about the optimal use of digital communication such as online marketing, social media, mobile marketing, search engine marketing and search engine optimization, online PR, e-mail, etc.
– You want an overview of the „digital jungle“ and need a reliable compass.
– As a start-up or mid-sized company, you want to build, optimize or outsource your communications department and processes.
– You want to know what the digital transformation and the opportunities of digital market development mean for you.
– You want to start and optimize your business in Germany.

In short, if you do not want to burn more (or more) money for ineffective and expensive advertising, and instead want to break new ground with your matching digital, communication and marketing strategy, then contact us and try us out.

Görs Communications is here for you – especially in stormy times!

Görs Communications (Lübeck / Ostsee / Hamburg) sorgt für Kundengewinnung, besseres Image, Bekanntheits- und Umsatzsteigerung durch gezielte PR und Marketingkommunikation. Als Unternehmensberatung, als Agentur und als Coach für Public Relations (PR), Marketing und Digitalisierung helfen wir unseren Kunden, mit optimierter Kommunikation und modernem Onlinemarketing viel mehr zu erreichen: Mehr Umsatz, mehr Kunden, mehr Bekanntheit, mehr Aufmerksamkeit, klare Positionierung, cleveres Marketing, professionelle PR.

Wir konzentrieren uns auf das, was wir am besten können: Communications, Consulting, Content und Coaching. Für alles andere greifen wir bei Bedarf auf unserer über Jahrzehnte gewachsenes, erfahrenes und belastbares Experten-Netzwerk zurück.

Wir lieben und leben hanseatische Werte. Nachhaltigkeit und Wirtschaftlichkeit sind und bleiben unsere Maximen. Deshalb schätzen uns unsere Kunden seit vielen Jahren als Berater, Coach und Sparringspartner auf Augenhöhe. Vor allem in Hamburg und Schleswig-Holstein, aber auch über Norddeutschland hinaus.

Weitere Informationen, Kontakt und Beratungsanfragen: https://www.goers-communications.de

Görs Communications
Daniel Görs
Westring 97
23626 Lübeck-Ratekau
Phone: 080046377266
E-Mail: info@goers-communications.de
Url: https://www.goers-communications.de

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GKN Powder Metallurgy invests in the future of its Bonn site by opening state-of-the-art customer center

After opening new customer centers in China and North America earlier this year, GKN Powder Metallurgy just launched a 3rd customer center in Germany.

After opening new customer centers in China and North America earlier this year, GKN Powder Metallurgy launched a third customer center in Germany on July 10th. The state-of-the-art facility in Bonn is a setting for customers and partners to experience all aspects of powder metallurgy and additive technologies.

The customer center allows GKN Powder Metallurgy to host tailored visits for customers and business partners to meet their specific interests. Visitors can also explore the integrated innovation showroom with its cutting-edge showcases that feature the full range of GKN Powder Metallurgy’s technology strategy. Similar to all global locations, the center in Bonn is equipped with spacious conference and training rooms for hands-on workshops.

How collaboration enables innovation

„Today, emerging countries can manufacture products of the highest quality. This means we have to further accelerate innovation in Germany,“ says Guido Degen, President Additive Manufacturing at GKN Powder Metallurgy. „Our experience centers are an ideal platform for intensifying partnerships with our customers and strengthening collaboration. By discussing specific business challenges and evolving industry trends, we can identify areas of growth potential together.“

„We have great confidence we’re heading in the right direction because we are working with the world’s most amazing companies,“ explains Peter Oberparleiter, CEO at GKN Powder Metallurgy. „We’re developing groundbreaking products with our customers, refining 3D printing processes with our partners like HP Inc. and EOS, and creating our own digital solutions driven by the collective ingenuity of our people. GKN Powder Metallurgy’s focus on innovation will allow us to strengthen our position in the market even more in the future.“

Producing more than 7.2 million parts per week

GKN Powder Metallurgy employs more than 500 people at its IATF 16949-certified site in Bonn. Here, 7.2 million parts are produced per week in conventional powder metal compaction and metal 3D printing. The plant was founded in 1934 and is a recognized engineering partner for the automotive industry, known for reliability and a high level of innovation and quality.

GKN Powder Metallurgy is your full metal shapes solutions provider, shaping powder metal into high performance and high precision components. We provide leading powder metal expertise and process experience to transform ideas into production. The company consists of GKN Hoeganaes, GKN Sinter Metals, and GKN Additive to provide powder materials, conventional components, and Additive Manufacturing production. We combine three focused businesses under one brand. Together we are over 7,400 problem solvers in over 34 locations, setting our global engineering network at the highest standard.

GKN Powder Metallurgy
Kayla Varaicalli
2200 North Opdyke Road NA
48326 Auburn Hills
Phone: 1-248-270-6773
E-Mail: kayla.varicalli@gkn.com
Url: http://www.gknpm.com

GKN Powder Metallurgy
Kayla Varaicalli
2200 North Opdyke Road NA
48326 Auburn Hills
Phone: 1-248-270-6773
E-Mail: kayla.varicalli@gknpm.com
Url: http://www.gknpm.com

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Markteintritt Pakistan für Cyber Security Unternehmen

POWERGROUP bietet deutschen Mittelständlern exklusiven Zugang im Bereich Cyber Security

Pullach, 11. Juli 2019 – Durch eine langfristige Kooperationsvereinbarung mit der Münchner Strategieberatung connecting trust baut die POWERGROUP ihr Angebot für den Markteintritt nach Pakistan im Bereich Cyber Security weiter aus. Damit schließen sich hochkarätige Vertreter ihres jeweiligen Fachs zusammen: Tom Köhler, Gründer von connecting trust, ist seit über 20 Jahren als Experte und Vordenker für die Fachbereiche Risk Management, Cyber Security und digitale Technologien in Industrie und Regierungsorganisationen tätig, so unter anderem für EY, Airbus Defense & Space, RSA, Microsoft, VeriSign, die Europäische Agentur für Netz- und Informationssicherheit und die European Cyber Security Organisation ECSO. Oliver Rolofs, Managing Partner von connecting trust, verfügt über langjährige Erfahrung im Bereich Kommunikation, Public Affairs sowie der inhaltlichen Konzeptionierung von internationalen Großkonferenzen und bringt ein hochrangiges Netzwerk aus Wirtschaft und Politik in die Kooperation ein. Er war in verschiedenen führenden Positionen tätig, unter anderem als Head of Global Media Relations für die Unternehmensberatung Roland Berger und als Kommunikationschef der Münchner Sicherheitskonferenz, wo er auch das Cyber- und Energiesicherheitsprogramm etablierte. Die POWERGROUP hat sich in den 15 Jahren seit ihrer Gründung zu einem anerkannten Beratungsunternehmen für die Begleitung von Markteintritten entwickelt; durch die Pakistan-Expertise ihres Gründers und Geschäftsführers, Dr. Pantelis Christian Poetis, der ehrenamtlich seit 2008 als Honorarkonsul von Pakistan für Bayern und Baden-Württemberg fungiert, konnte sich die POWERGROUP dabei für alle Pakistan-Belange als Marktführer etablieren. Durch konkrete Identifikation von geeigneten Partnerunternehmen und Marktpotentialen hat sich die POWERGROUP zum Ziel gesetzt, deutsche Unternehmen bei der Erschließung des pakistanischen Markts zu unterstützen, welcher gerade für den deutschen Mittelstand vielfach noch einen weißen Fleck auf der Landkarte darstellt.

Dabei gehört Pakistan mit einer Bevölkerung von über 210 Millionen Menschen und einem jährlichen Wirtschaftswachstum von fünf Prozent zu den 25 größten Märkten der Welt. Ein Bruttoinlandsprodukt von rund 300 Milliarden US-Dollar macht Pakistan zur zweitgrößten Volkswirtschaft Südasiens. Geostrategisch ist Pakistan geradezu prädestiniert, Asiens zentraler Korridor für Handel, Energieversorgung und Logistik zu werden. Dieses rasante Wirtschaftswachstum und die notwendige Modernisierung auch kritischer Infrastruktur stellen aus Sicht der POWERGROUP einen wichtigen strategischen Ansatzpunkt für deutsche Expertise im Bereich Cyber Security dar. Hierfür entwickelt die POWERGROUP gemeinsam mit den Cyber Security Experten von connecting trust ein speziell auf die Branchenerfordernisse zugeschnittenes Markteintrittsprogramm, welches bereits ab September 2019 ausgewählte Unternehmen aus Deutschland nach Pakistan bringen soll. „Wir sehen signifikantes Wachstumspotential und großes Interesse an deutschen Cyber Security Lösungen in Pakistan. Die spezifischen Herausforderungen des Landes und limitierten Ressourcen lassen gerade Mittelständler oftmals noch vor einem Engagement in Pakistan zurückschrecken. Mit dem deutsch-pakistanischen Cyber Security Dialog bieten wir unter dem Dach der Pakistan-Experten der POWERGROUP erstmals ein Format an, dass für diese Zielgruppe optimal zugeschnitten ist und sie direkt mit den führenden Entscheidern aus Politik und Wirtschaft in Pakistan zusammenbringt“, so Tom Köhler von connecting trust.

Die POWERGROUP will dabei zunächst den direkten Austausch mit hochrangigen Entscheidungsträgern aus Pakistans Politik, Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft ermöglichen, um in der fortlaufenden Markteintrittsbegleitung die strategischen Potentiale herauszuarbeiten und für beide Seiten geeignete Kooperationen in die Wege zu leiten. „Die POWERGROUP realisiert nicht einfach Markteintrittsprojekte: Wir übernehmen die Verantwortung für den nachhaltigen Erfolg unserer Kunden. Um dies zu gewährleisten, decken unsere Spezialisten die komplette Prozesskette ab: von der strategischen Marktanalyse bis zur fortlaufenden Be-ratung von Kooperationen, die langfristig zuverlässig den Ausbau von Marktanteilen sichern“, so Dr. Poetis, CEO der POWERGROUP.

Bei der Initiierung von Markteintritten steht die POWERGROUP für professionelles Networking, kurze Anbahnungsphasen und höchste Compliance-Standards. Unter Zugriff auf das internationale Partnernetzwerk der POWERGROUP werden alle erforderlichen Leistungen aus einer Hand geliefert: von der Identifikation der auf die spezifischen Vorhaben abgestimmten Peripherie bis zur Vertragsverhandlung mit lokalen Partnern und Implementierung des Markteintritts. Jedes Projekt wird dabei während der gesamten Realisierungsphase von den Projektmanagern der POWERGROUP betreut. Mit Tom Köhler und Oliver Rolofs von connecting trust kann die POWERGROUP nun auch ihren Klienten aus dem Bereich Cyber Security erfahrene Spezialisten zur Seite stellen.

Für Informationen zum Markteintrittsangebot der POWERGROUP steht Ihnen gerne zur Verfügung: Herr Murad Mehmood, m.mehmood@power-group.net, Tel.: 089 759 005 0.

Weitere Informationen:

Die POWERGROUP ist eine Strategieberatung, die darauf spezialisiert ist, lösungsorientierte Konzepte in den Bereichen Unternehmensstrategie, Markenaufbau und Markenführung, Produktmanagement sowie Marketing und Vertrieb zu erstellen und die Implementierung dieser Konzepte zu begleiten und zu unterstützen; in diesem Zusammenhang hat die POWERGROUP bereits für über 50 Länder Markteintritts- und Markterweiterungsstrategien erarbeitet und deren Implementierung erfolgreich begleitet.
Speziell für deutsche Partner hat die POWERGROUP hat die Initiative „Made in Pakistan with German Engineering“ ins Leben gerufen, um Wissenstransfer zugunsten der pakistanischen Wirtschaftsentwicklung zu ermöglichen und parallel Markteintrittsoptionen für deutsche Unternehmen zu schaffen. Im Rahmen dessen ist die POWERGROUP von verschiedenen privatwirtschaftlichen und regierungsnahen Organisationen beauftragt, deren Vertrieb international zu akzelerieren.

connecting trust ist eine von Partnern geführte Strategie- und Kommunikationsberatung mit Fokus auf Risk Management und Cyber Security. connecting trust berät Investoren, Unternehmen und politische Entscheidungsträger mit einem integrierten Ansatz bei der Realisierung neuer Geschäftsmöglichkeiten in den Bereichen digitale Technologien, Cybersicherheit und darüber hinaus.

Bartu Zeybek
Habenschadenstraße 13
82049 Pullach
t: +49 89 75 90 05 0

Die Bildrechte liegen bei dem Verfasser der Mitteilung.


Migrate to Germany, study free in a high standard University

Higher Education in Germany

Migrate to Germany, study free in a high standard University

Migrate to Germany through Free University Education (Source: KCR CONSULTANTS)

Germany, the land of revolutionary inventions; Automobile, the airbag, X-ray technology, Aspirin, the computer, the chip card and the MP3 data compression format and many more has almost 70 Nobel laureates in the natural sciences and medicine alone. Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, Robert Koch, Max Planck, Albert Einstein, Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard and Harald zurHausen are some of those great scholars Germany had given to the world of science and medicine.

THE UNIQUE GERMAN HIGHER EDUCATION – Choosing Germany to study further is the first step towards  achieving your goal of getting highly qualified, internationally. Students are allowed to choose electives as per their interest and choice while on a degree programme. Number of electives in a semester or subjects are not fixed, as the core point would be the total credits achieved at the end of the studies for a degree. It’s equally applicable to students in undergraduate as well as graduate studies. ‚You frame out your study plans, yourself ‚!
Foreign young students are invited from all over the world as Germany needs more skilled and educated people to maintain their mass production, huge exports, continues innovation and researches, and the technological and engineering leadership.
Bachelor degree – Students from countries like India can choose to start, directly with a foundation course of two semester at a Studienkolleg which leads to the bachelor degree course in a public university without paying any tuition fees, or start with 4 months German, to two semester foundation course and then to the Bachelor“s degree course.
Those who have achieved at least 50% marks in all subjects in the higher secondary school education examination (12th grade) are eligible to study in a German University.

Those who have scored at least 50% in all the subjects in their Bachelor’s degree are accepted to Master degree studies, that too without any tuition fees for the entire duration of the degree course.

You Can Choose Where To Get Education

Asirvad apartments, Chetpet, Tamil Nadu 3
600031 Chennai
+91 9840065364 / +914428361355



Multi-Billion Euro Corruption Scandal in the EU

Germany and the European Commission collusion to supress a medical device that will save billions on asthma drugs

Multi-Billion Euro Corruption Scandal in the EU

The new non-fiction book „European Politics on Drugs“ from Christoph Klein (Source: Copyright Photographer: Stephan Haeger, Deltawerk)

„There seems to be no limits to their greed and they are doing this to a technology that has proven health benefits, continuing to keep it out of the hands of everyone suffering from asthma and COPD worldwide … If I had explained these events without mentioning Germany and the EU, most people would think I was describing some banana republic or total-itarian regime in the third world.“ – Christoph Klein

About the author: In the early 1990s, Christoph Klein developed an improved inhaler actuator for asthma sprays that realized tremendous savings on pharmaceutical drugs. After the initial excitement surrounding his invention subsided, the device was soon denounced as dangerous (but never any proof) by the pharma industry and the German authorities followed suit. Banned in 1997 with the active support of the European Commission, Germany, and Upper Bavaria in particular, these authorities have succeeded in keeping this effective medical device off of the global market for over two decades.

In 2012, the European Parliament estimated that the ban on Klein“s inhaler had already cost European health insurance programs and their contributors approximately 50 billion euros.

Christoph Klein was born near Cologne, Germany, in 1966. Inventor, entrepreneur, consultant and asthma sufferer himself, Klein has invented several innovative devices to help in the treatment of asthma and COPD. Fighting for justice in courtrooms across Europe for over 20 years, he lives with his wife and two children near Salzburg, Austria.

The Book: European Politics on Drugs is a memoir based on the ongoing scandal known as the „atmed Affair,“ coined by the former Portuguese European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso in 2007. It is the story of how a seemingly innocent sales ban over public health concerns in Bavaria has prevented a simple invention from gaining access to world-wide markets. A real-life economic thriller that is far from over, the scandal continues to reveal the ugly truths hidden in the EU system. In recounting his 25-year Odyssey, Klein documents a dysfunctional EU, exposing the blatant corruption at its core.

With Brexit and a trade war looming with the United States, Europe is currently facing an existential crisis. People are starting to realize that the power centred in Brussels has become an uncontrollable monstrosity and is largely dominated by German economic interests. In the background, a growing EU political elite, determined to wield its influence over Europe“s destiny, is increasingly acting without regard for the national sovereignty of EU member states and their elected leaders. While serving large economic interests by defending industrial monopolies, the EU is also pursuing a policy of protectionism that is ultimately undermining the rule of law. This is manifested in the manipulation of global trade, where investment security and legal certainty have become anything but certain. Slowly but surely, the European Union is betraying its own raison d“etre.

The new non-fiction book „European Politics on Drugs“ ist now avaible at Amazon

Christoph Klein ist freier Autor, Erfinder, Unternehmer und Berater aus Grossgmain, Österreich

Christoph Klein
Christoph Klein
Poststraße 62
5084 Großgmain
Phone: +49 163 5453849
E-Mail: contact@christoph-klein.info
Url: https://www.christoph-klein.info


Made in Germany auch für Whirlpools ein Gütesiegel

Hauptgeschäftsführer der IHK Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg zu Besuch bei Whirlcare Industries in Deißlingen-Lauffen

Made in Germany auch für Whirlpools  ein Gütesiegel

IHK-Hauptgeschäftsführer Thomas Albiez (von rechts), Otmar Knoll und Cathérine Frerk.

Seit über 130 Jahre ist das Label „Made in Germany“ ein Synonym für Qualität, Zuverlässigkeit und Spitzentechnologie – Attribute, die auch beim Kauf eines Whirlpools eine Rolle spielen. Schließlich wollen sich Wellness-Fans möglichst lange an ihrem „Private Spa“ erfreuen und sich nicht über horrende Energiekosten, ständige Wartungs- und Reparaturarbeiten oder fehlende Ersatzteile ärgern.

Wie es in einem Unternehmen aussieht, das die größte und modernste Whirlpool- und Swim-Spa-Produktion in Europa betreibt, darüber informierten sich Thomas Albiez, Hauptgeschäftsführer der Industrie- und Handelskammer (IHK) Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg, und seine Referentin Catherine Frerk bei einem Besuch in der neuen Whirlcare-Produktionsstätte in Deißlingen-Lauffen. Hier hat auch die Schwesterfirma Whirlpools World One ihren Sitz, die für den Generalvertrieb von Whirlcare zuständig ist.

Wer in Deutschland Whirlpools und Swim-Spas produziert, muss sich klar gegen die Konkurrenz aus Niedriglohnländern abgrenzen. Hier punktet Whirlcare durch Innovationen, ein modernes, anatomisch korrektes Design, Verantwortung für die Umwelt und die Verwendung schadstofffreier, langlebiger und energieeffizienter Materialien. Das fängt bei der Wannenverstärkung an, die mit einem biologisch abbaubaren PU-Material statt umweltbelastender Glasfaser erfolgt, und reicht bis zur komplett recyclingfähigen Außenverkleidung.

„Wenn man Nachhaltigkeit propagiert, dann muss man das auch konsequent durchziehen und darf keinen Etikettenschwindel betreiben“, betonte Otmar Knoll, Direktor und Generalbevollmächtigter von Whirlcare Industries, beim Rundgang durch die Produktionshallen. Hier werden die Whirlpool- und Swim-Spa-Wannen von riesigen Spezialmaschinen im Vakuumtiefziehverfahren geformt und direkt im Anschluss vollautomatisch verstärkt. Swim-Spas mit einer Länge von bis zu zwölf Metern – und damit die größten der Welt – können damit gefertigt werden.

Das Aufsprühen des wiederverwertbaren PU-Materials erledigen Hightech-Roboter. An einem 31 Meter langen CNC-Fertigungszentrum werden die Wannen weiterbearbeitet, bevor die Endmontage erfolgt. Ein vollautomatisches, fahrerloses Transportsystem sorgt in Verbindung mit modernen Lagertürmen dafür, dass an jeder Arbeitsstation die richtigen Bauteile zur rechten Zeit bereitliegen.

Für die speziell angefertigten, vollautomatischen Maschinen seien hochqualifizierte Fachleute erforderlich, sprach Otmar Knoll ein Problem an, das vielen Unternehmen in der Region zu schaffen macht. Als Beispiel nannte er die aufwendige Programmierung der siebenachsigen Verstärkungsroboter. Hier gelte es, durch attraktive Arbeitsplätze und ein angenehmes Umfeld gegenzusteuern und Mitarbeiter zu gewinnen.

Ein weiteres Anliegen des Whirlcare-Direktors war der Ausbau des Glasfasernetzes, der wenige Hundert Meter vor der Whirlcare-Produktionsstätte zum Stillstand gekommen sei. Doch eine Fertigung im Industriestandard 4.0 brauche auch ein entsprechend schnelles Hochleistungs-Internet. Albiez versprach, diesbezüglich beim Landkreis Rottweil, der beim Breitbandausbau mir der Telekom AG kooperiert, nachzuhaken.

Am Ende des informativen Rundgangs zeigte sich der IHK-Hauptgeschäftsführer nicht nur von der hochmodernen, vollautomatisierten Produktionsstätte beeindruckt, sondern auch von der Funktionalität der in Deißlingen-Lauffen gefertigten Whirlpools und ihrem komplexen Innenleben.

Mit einem 5000 Quadratmeter großen Showroom und 1500 Quadratmetern Outdoor-Fläche ist Whirlpools World One in Deißlingen-Lauffen bei Rottweil die größte Ausstellung für Whirlpools und Swim-Spas in Europa.
Hier finden Wellness-Fans alles, um sich den Traum von ihrer persönlichen Wohlfühl-Oase im eigenen Zuhause zu erfüllen. Rund 200 unterschiedliche Whirlpools und Swim-Spas, dazu Saunen, Infrarotkabinen, hochwertige Gasgrills, witterungsbeständige Outdoor-Fernseher und jede Menge Zubehör gehören zum Portfolio. Abdeckungen, Düfte, Filter oder Reinigungszubehör sowie eine Wellness-Boutique mit über 3000 Artikeln runden das umfangreiche Angebot ab.
Mit den neuen Whirlpool- und Swim-Spa-Modellen von Whirlcare Industries hat Whirlpools World One den weltweiten Generalvertrieb für ein weiteres Vollsortiment in allen Preis- und Ausstattungsklassen. Seit 1. August 2018 firmiert das Unternehmen unter dem Dach der Spas United Group GmbH.

Whirlpools World
Margit Rowley
Römerstraße 158
78652 Deißlingen-Lauffen
+49 (0)7420/939791-441

Whirlcare Industries
Margit Rowley
Römerstraße 160
78652 Deißlingen-Lauffen


Starting a business in Germany: a way to a settlement permit

Starting a business in Germany: a way to a settlement permit

German flag (Source: Pixabay)

Duesseldorf / Germany, 20.09.2018. Germany is becoming increasingly attractive as a country of immigration. People from all over the world come here to build up a new existence. The lack of workers in Germany also opens up many opportunities for non-EU foreigners. One way to get the settlement permit is to start your own business in Germany. The law firm Mutschke Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH offers advisory services to people who are interested in establishing a GmbH and supports them in setting up their own company in Germany. There are many good reasons to do so: the economy is booming, the political conditions are stable, and due to the lack of qualified workers, the state has considerably simplified the conditions for non-EU foreigners to start their business here in recent years.

How does starting a business in Germany work?

For EU foreigners it is as easy as for German citizens to establish a new company here. Non-EU foreigners may be granted a temporary residence permit and, where appropriate, a permanent settlement permit, if
– there is an economic interest or a regional need for their business,
– the activity can be expected to have positive effects on the economy and
– the financing is secured by equity or a loan commitment.

In order to obtain the appropriate visa in the first step, various documents are required. These include proof of professional qualifications, a business plan, a shareholders‘ agreement or a deed of incorporation, proof of residence and health insurance. Persons over the age of 45 are also required to proof appropriate retirement benefits.

Support by a specialized law firm in Germany

But: For people living abroad, it may be difficult to understand the processes and to provide the necessary documents in full, on time and in German. It is precisely this point law firm Mutschke addresses: It is specialized in corporate law and also supports foreign companies. „Actually, it is not very difficult to start your own business in Germany and in this way to obtain a settlement permit,“ says specialist lawyer Nicole Mutschke. „But those who are not on site and do not speak the language safely quickly encounter questions and problems. We accompany our clients during the entire start-up process – including getting a settlement permit. For this we offer different packages for a fixed price. „

As a legal form for the new company, Nicole Mutschke recommends the limited liability company (GmbH): „The GmbH is well respected among customers and business partners. The formation is easy and fast. „

Further information on the topic of company formation in Germany and residence permit at www.company-formation-in-germany.com

Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft Mutschke mbH is a law firm specialized in banking and capital markets law as well as commercial law. It supports its clients with legal questions about money transactions, closed-end funds and corporate law. The law firm operates throughout Germany and internationally and has offices in Duesseldorf and Bielefeld. www.kanzlei-mutschke.de

Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft Mutschke mbH
N. Mutschke
Königsallee 60f
40212 Düsseldorf
Phone: +49 211 68 87 87 30
E-Mail: info@kanzlei-mutschke.de
Url: http://www.kanzlei-mutschke.de