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Mike Tremblay, Field Consultant

Herr Tremblay ist Field Consultant für das Unternehmen. Mr. Tremblay ist der Grundstücksverkäufer für die Goldgrundstücke Norwalk, Dill River, Golden Reed Mine, Dog Lake und Ballard Lake, die sich zu 100 % im Besitz der Firma befinden. Mr. Tremblay gewann den Ontario Prospector of the Year Award 2013 für seine Beteiligung an der Entdeckung der Goldlagerstätte Borden Lake (die heute von Goldcorp kontrolliert wird), die sich etwa 50 Kilometer östlich der Grundstücke des Unternehmens befindet.

Kevin Kivi, P.Geo., Geologischer Berater

Herr Kivi ist die Qualified Person („QP“) für das Unternehmen. Herr Kivi verfügt über 33 Jahre Erfahrung in der Mineralexploration auf der Suche nach Diamanten, Basismetallen und Edelmetallen weltweit. Von 1993 bis zur Entdeckung von Diavik arbeitete er im kanadischen Diamantenteam von Rio Tinto am Lac de Gras und baute und leitete das Diamantenlabor des Unternehmens in Thunder Bay. Herr Kivi wurde 2004 Berater bei der Suche nach Diamanten, Basismetallen und Edelmetallen für große, junge und private Unternehmen.

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New website provides gold news, gold investing tips to investors

Drive down a city street in just about any town in the U.S. and you will likely see a gentleman or a lady spinning a sign offering to buy gold.

Global Gold News covers news about gold markets across the world and brings fresh news that many news sites will not be likely to cover in a daily feed.

“We have tried to hit the important facts about bullion and gold investment that many people do not know about or miss completely. People need to understand the importance of owning gold in the current inflationary environment to protect their purchasing power” said Stephen Otto of GlobalGoldNews.com.

GlobalGoldNews.com has two separate parts. The first is the news feed. GlobalGoldNews.com staff scours the Internet to find relevant and important news items about gold and publishes the news on the homepage.

“Our readers want to know what is going on with the gold markets. This is the best way to keep them up to date on the newest and most important news,” Otto continued.

The second part is their blog. Features will include tips on buying gold, adding gold to a portfolio and buying gold coins. Silver and other precious metals will be featured as well.

“The blog is very much a work in progress, but check back regularly for updates and posts. We should have it running any day now,” Otto continued.

With the global economy in a perilous state, gold is one of the few valuable commodities that has maintained its value throughout history.

„Gold was not selected arbitrarily by governments to be the monetary standard. Gold had developed for many centuries on the free market as the best money; as the commodity providing the most stable and desirable monetary medium“ Otto quoted from Murray Rothbard.

For additional information on gold and gold market news, visit the website http://globalgoldnews.com/

Company: Global Gold News
Contact: Stephen Otto
Email: sgo@globalgoldnews.com
Website: http://globalgoldnews.com/