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Focus for Executives: High Impact Coaching Days with Thomas Gelmi

Effective brief coaching for executives provides solutions and helps in moving forward.

Focus for Executives: High Impact Coaching Days with Thomas Gelmi

On the executive level, responsibility and expectations are huge and honest feedback is scarce. Wrong decisions or mistakes can have serious consequences. So, who is it that executives can get honest feedback from or exchange personal topics with? By introducing the High Impact Coaching Days, executive coach Thomas Gelmi supports executives in overcoming personal obstacles and constrictions.

Who doesn“t like exchanging thoughts and experiences or getting hints and tips when problems arise? „The higher you move up the career ladder, the thinner the air becomes around you“, says executive coach Thomas Gelmi who supports executives up to top-management positions. Since introducing the HIC Days in early summer of this year, the specialist for human leadership and personal mastery provides an easily accessible opportunity for executives to experience the impact and benefits of coaching in an effective 1:1 session across various European cities.

Primary reasons for attending such a High Impact Coaching Day are often personal issues ranging from career, self-management, leadership and communication to making decisions, handling conflicts and coping with stress. „In a leading position, you are often looking for more clarity about the specific next steps or the need to break away in an apparently gridlocked situation.“ explains Gelmi and continues: „Sometimes it only takes one effective session and you go home with some helpful insight and new perspectives that offer new options and more room to maneuver.“

Even someone who has never been coached before can gain valuable insight in a HIC Day session and then decide if this kind of support could generate added value for facing future challenges, be it professionally or personally.

Moreover, in the unlikely event that the brief coaching did not generate any added value at all, Thomas Gelmi will reimburse you with the full amount invested by offering a 100 % money back guarantee.

Upcoming High Impact Coaching Days will take place in Geneva, Düsseldorf, Zurich and Brussels. More information and registration links can be found at http://gelmi-consulting.com/en/single/article/high-impact-coaching-days.html

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Based in Switzerland, Thomas Gelmi provides executive consulting, coaching and training for SME’s as well as for large corporations on an international level. Range of expertise covers personal, interpersonal and leadership mastery, achieving excellence for individuals and teams through more humanity in business.

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