An Infographic Explaining the top 10 Reasons Why You Should Have a Cohabitation Agreement

Ottawa, Ontario, August 09, 2018 — Dealing with finances is often a concern for couples who are about to move in together. Cohabitation agreements can set out what will happen financially if you and your partner separate. They can deal with the division of assets and spousal support. There are many important reasons to enter into a cohabitation agreement. Would such an agreement be beneficial to you? Find out by reviewing the reasons why people enter into a cohabitation agreement. published an infographic highlighting top 10 reasons why you should have a cohabitation agreement. The infographic provides valuable information about the importance and benefits of having a cohabitation agreement.

People cohabit in a province without a statutory regime for the division of property for common law partners. Another reason is when you wish to divide your assets as a married couple would. Consider having a cohabitation agreement to deal with spousal support and estate planning.

If you are significantly wealthier than your partner, or earn significantly more money, a cohabitation agreement can protect your wealth and income. In this content, a cohabitation agreement is also a great option in order to protect the dependent partner.

According to the infographic, it is highly recommended to have a cohabitation agreement if you’ve previously been married as well as if you own part of a business.

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