Analco Impex promises to provide best extruded polystyrene foam for construction purposes

Analco Impex is one of the best producers when it comes to manufacturing of extruded polystyrene foam and XPS board manufacturers. They manufacture the perfect quality of extruded polystyrene foam which is used in construction and infrastructure sectors. They cater to some of the domestic as well as international clients.

Extruded polystyrene foam is extensively used in providing a strong but lightweight insulation material that is also resistant to water absorption. It is used in making hoses and buildings and gives a nice smooth finish to them making them look bright and colorful. As it is resistant to water and high temperatures its glow remains for a long period of time making them a very economical solution for the exterior of buildings and houses.

You can set colorful patterns and designs as you want. So you can design the exterior of your house the way you want.

Analco Impex declares multiple uses of extruded polystyrene foam

Extruded polystyrene foam is used in a variety of purposes like exterior walls, ceiling insulation, cool rooms, and insulation, under concrete slab and for architectural modeling. It is used as an insulation material for houses and also for commercial purposes

House insulation where it is used in under slab, cavity walls, decks, and balconies.

Roof insulation if you have XPS board specification you can also use them on top of the roof or internally within the rooms for insulation purpose.

It used in making commercial buildings like offices for insulating inverted roofs, ceilings and walls. It can be used below the concrete slab or within cavity walls.

It is also used for agricultural purposes if you have the right XPS board specifications as in making ceilings and walls for poultry sheds, farms, and wineries.

It is also used for refrigeration purposes as it insulates the internal material from heat. So, it is widely used in cold storage rooms.

It is also used for construction purposes like under slabs, floors, decks and balconies.

Sometimes it is also used for building the models of boat as it is highly resistant to water.

XPS board manufacturers like us are highly beneficial for businesses like cold storages and other commercial buildings for energy saving purposes as they are an excellent means to reduce outside heat.  Having the right quality of extruded polystyrene foam can make sure that your electricity bills are reduced to a large extent.

When it is used for exterior of buildings and houses you can make sure that you do not have to repair the walls and repaint the walls due to wear and tear by the rain, dust and high temperatures. Thus they are also economical.

About the company

Analco Impex is a subsidiary of Analco Group. The company was established in the year 1996. They are based in Delhi and our main clients are the construction companies, interior and exterior decoration companies and cold storage companies. Their clients are some of the biggest national and international brands.

You can contact them on our phone number- +91-9810014899, email id-