Aquatic Therapy University, the gold-standard in post-graduate hydrotherapy training, announces its worldwide expansion

Oak Ridge, TN – Aquatic Therapy University is the leading provider of post-graduate hydrotherapy training, providing curriculum-structured, evidence-based, continuing education programs for the aquatic therapists.

The system in place requires low maintenance and allows people who are looking for a change of pace, wishing to work from home or those excited about being a charter member of a new grassroots movement, to have the opportunity to be a campus director while keeping their day-job, later even being able to serve as a local or regional expert and mentor for other clinicians in their state.
Campus Directors in each state run their own classes using ATU’s time-tested curriculum and in return are helped with marketing, securing CEU approvals and issuing their manuals and certificates.

With its continued growth, ATU has been expanding into a network of state-run campuses and now has campuses in Texas, California, Alaska, Hawaai, Arizona and Ontario, Canada.

“Aquatic Therapy University represents the next generation in training options for both the experienced and novice aquatic therapy provider.”, says Andrea Salzman, Program Director at ATU. “Since 1996, our Founders have had a finger on the pulse of the industry worldwide and ATU is the manifestation of everything you asked for in aquatic therapy training”.

The ATU Credentialing Path offers different continuing education programs to people seeking additional training and recognition in aquatic therapy proficiencies with lab-intensive classes packed full of cutting-edge content taught by the best-of-the-best, as all of our diverse clinical tracks are led only by licensed therapists, PhDs or MDs.
Participating in and finishing a program at ATU is essentially like majoring in aquatic therapy — only in the post-graduate world of continuing education.

There are many titles and professions in the allied health industry, making it hard for patients to know who is medically-qualified to treat them. The same goes for aquatic therapy. To eliminate this confusion, ATU has created the Aquaticist℠ credential, the first academic patent awarded to licensed PTs/PTAs/OTs/OTAs only. This credential can be earned by completing our 84-hour progression of ATU post-graduate studies.

Health care providers may seek their advanced recognition though ATU by following one of these Specialty Tracks.

– Pediatric
– Musculoskeletal
– Geriatric
– Sports/Military
– Neurologic

Providers may also pursue a General Studies track.

For those that wish to continue on, ATU offers three more tiers of Post-Aquaticist℠ recognition: Aquaticist℠ Instructor (AqI), Master Aquaticist℠ (AqM) and Aquaticist℠ Fellow (AqF).

About ATU:

Aquatic Therapy University is the gold-standard in post-graduate hydrotherapy training. Its evidence-based curriculum is specifically designed to meet the high clinical standards demanded by physical and occupational therapists worldwide and its credentialing in pediatric, geriatric, orthopedic, neurologic and sports rehabilitation tracks is recognized industry-wide.

Andrea Salzman, Program Director
Aquatic Therapy University
1143 Oak Ridge Turnpike #226
Oak Ridge, TN 37830

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