Canadian Nanotechnology Company Signs Exclusive License Agreement with Turkey TENAY Ltd.

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Toronto, Canada – September 2016 Green Earth Nano Science, Inc., (GENS), based in Toronto, Canada, one of the first global companies specializing in investment, commercialization, manufacturing, and distribution of new sustainable green environmental technologies, is expanding their marketplace to Turkey and Georgia through an exclusive license agreement with TENAY Ltd.

The exclusive license distribution agreement will help bring GENS NANO, SolarStucco and AgriHit-branded products to millions of new customers in Turkey and Georgia. These innovative products include self-cleaning, anti-bacterial coatings; organic disinfectants and sanitizers; natural bio degradable cleaners; natural foliar fertilizers; and plant growth and health enhancers. TENAY Ltd. Company is a growing Turkey corporation with an existing sales networks with customers in key Turkey industrial segments including hospitals and government. Company has strong capabilities to develop Turkey national sales distribution and application networks with new added-value services and distribution. Company has relationships with many markets including retail stores distribution chains, health care & hospitality, food factories, greenhouses, farmers, facilities, and building maintenance companies.

“We are energized with our partnership with Green Earth Nano Science and happy to expand our current operation to offer green infection control solutions,” said Mr. Fatih Oztas, owner of TENAY Ltd. “We will help our clients reduce healthcare-associated infections (HAI), combat various plant diseases, and reduce need for exterior building cleaning with the introduction of these environmentally friendly, natural products.”

Miroslaw Chrzaniecki, VP from Green Earth Nano Science, Inc. stated:“Turkey has the 17th largest economy in the world and we are excited to serve customers across 81 provinces,” said Miroslaw Chrzaniecki, VP from Green Earth Nano Science, Inc. “Turkey farmers and growers will greatly benefit from our green technologies, as well as those in the pharmaceutical, hotel, food manufacturing, and government industries.”

TENAY Ltd. is a growing Turkish corporation with an established sales network. They also have strong capabilities to develop national sales distribution and application networks across Turkey and Georgia with new added-value services and distribution. The company has relationships with customers in many markets including health care and hospitality facilities, government agencies, retail stores, food factories, greenhouses, farmers, and building maintenance companies.

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