Chicgostyle Made Twenty-Day Worldwide Shipment of Sexy Swimwear and Fashion Apparels Its Latest Commitment

Chicgostyle has already established a strong presence for itself in the online retail landscape. The e-retail enterprise is perfectly capable of shipping products to anywhere within five days.

Chicgostyle, an online store that has grown into a trusted online hub for all sorts of cheap dresses for women, guarantees twenty-day shipment all regions of the world where their sexy swimwear and other products are shipped to. The owners told that they can now ship their products to any corner of the world within twenty days or less.

“We will make sure that all orders are processed and shipped within twenty days, no matter where on earth the buyer is located. If the product is not shipped out within twenty days, a complete refund of whatever the buyer has paid will be instantly and automatically applicable”, said a customer relationship manager of Chicgostyle. He said that unless the shipments are delayed because of natural calamities of unprecedented scale and magnitude, all products will be shipped to all customers within twenty days of ordering.

According to the customer relationship manager, Chicgostyle forged partnerships with top logistics companies around the world. “We have now active business partnerships with some of the most trusted logistics solutions providers such as DHL, Aramex, EMS, Wendy, WS USPS, UPS, and Easy Post. Thanks to our shipping partners, we can now rephrase our commitment towards our buyers spread across the world”, he added during a press conference.

He also added shipping partners are chosen based on the location of the buyers. “For example, DHL is chosen for shipping products to buyers based out of the US, whereas Aramex is our preferred shipping partner in case we want to ship products to Dubai or any other part of Saudi Arab. We have very strong business relationships with many other shipping agencies, which is why we can commit a five-day shipment to customers spread all over the world”, the manager added.

The CEO and managing director of Chicgostyle told the press that free shipping is also available on purchases over 59 USD. “We aim to make online shopping through our ecommerce portal as attractive as possible so that our buyers can buy womens shift dresses and other kinds of dresses with peace of mind. Our active business partnerships with the shipping agencies would help us in serving our customers even better, we believe”, he expressed. To know more, visit