Delhi implement Intelligent Transportation System to make the city smarter

MassTrans recently joined hands with Delhi Integrated Multi-modal Transit System (DIMTS) to make sure Delhiites get a better traveling experience. The project has been agreed on 450 sets of Intelligent Transportation System by TATA motors. With our trustworthy brand and durable smart products, we have been taking TATA motors as a client for many years.

Intelligent Transportation System or ITS comprises the entire system, it comes with emergency switches that help in time of emergencies. This transportation management system comes with a driver alert system, vehicle tracking system, surveillance cameras, and a vehicle health tracker. A speaker is installed to announce the next and approaching stops. Passenger information system assists passengers with their bus schedule and onboard infotainment system helps keep passengers entertained throughout their journey.

Drivers are also being helped with this smart transportation system by providing them with a rearview camera and reverse parking guidance system. Drivers are also provided with MIC system that helps them make any important announcements. Bus driver console helps keep an eye on the internal and rear views for safety and security purposes. Speakers, with the help of GPS and GPRS, announce next and the approaching bus stops automatically. Four signboards showing bus route to all sides of the bus.

Mass Trans

Masstrans is a sum total of safety and security solutions for urban areas hit with congestion and growing traffic turmoil. We come forward with smart solutions that all cities need as part of developing India. For more than two decades we have been using Intelligent Traffic Solutions, Smart City Solutions, Smart Highway solutions and Urban Traffic Management solutions. With predictive technology and algorithms the future cities want to see smooth urban mobility, increased productivity and increased pollution. IoT is being implemented for better automation and implementing it for better results.

The gap between transportation and security on highways is filled with innovation. Emergency call box, automated fare collection system, waste collection solutions, LED display boards, security products, traffic light control, are some of the products we provide. Cities like Pune, Kakinada and Nagpur have started automating with our smart solutions. The team always keeps an eye on the latest technology and how it can be used in India.

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