Dr. Karl Jobst Completes Postgraduate Program at NASH Institute for Dental Learning and Discusses Advancements in the Field

In today’s dental environment, patients are consistently demanding the kind of improvements to dental health and appearance that are only possible through the use of natural-looking tooth restorations, porcelain veneers and other modern solutions designed to enhance dental esthetics. With the demands of the marketplace dictating the need for continued advancements across all aspects of the industry, dentists must be willing to pursue opportunities for continuing education while also providing patients with access to the latest developments in dental technology.

Dr. Karl Jobst, the founder of Grand Lake Dental in Grove, Oklahoma, has long understood the value of continuing education and has developed a reputation for consistently outfitting his dental practice with the latest technological advancements in dentistry. In keeping with his philosophy regarding the importance of continuing education, Dr. Jobst recently completed an extensive postgraduate program in Cosmetic and Esthetic Techniques and Full Mouth Rehabilitation at the NASH Institute for Dental Learning in Charlotte, North Carolina.

In explaining the rationale behind his consistent pursuit of continuing education despite an academic background that is already as impressive as it is extensive, Dr. Jobst noted that he is not concerned with creating a lengthy list of accomplishments that look good on paper. The Oklahoma dentist instead explained that he is guided by his personal and professional commitment to offer patients the finest, longest-lasting dentistry in every circumstance, and it is this commitment that compels him to continue to always remain on the leading edge of dental materials and technology in order to consistently provide exceptional care to his patients.

“Modern dental materials and techniques make it possible to achieve excellent clinical results for natural tooth-colored restorations,” says Dr. Jobst. “Not only can we provide natural tooth-colored restorations, but this procedure actually strengthens the remaining tooth structure. The result is that this procedure makes it possible to provide a more conservative treatment alternative with lasting results.”

Dr. Jobst has made it quite clear that merely having access to modern materials and techniques is not enough to ensure consistently outstanding patient outcomes, as a deep understanding of how to best utilize these new advancements is equally critical. It is for this reason that Dr. Jobst has demonstrated a voracious appetite for continuing education programs, completing postgraduate dentistry programs through the University of Southern California and the Las Vegas Institute before his recent completion of the program offered through the NASH Institute in North Carolina.

“The only way to make sure I am able to provide the best quality of care to my patients is through a continued commitment to education,” says Dr. Jobst. “Every dentist should continually explore and pursue the kinds of educational programs that offer new insights into dentistry along with the new techniques that may prove to be highly beneficial to patients.”

About Dr. Karl Jobst:

The founder of Grand Lake Dental in Grove, Oklahoma, Dr. Karl Jobst has been practicing dentistry since 1998. A graduate of Missouri State University and the University of Tennessee College of Dental Medicine, Dr. Jobst has demonstrated a continued commitment to education by pursuing postgraduate programs through the University of Southern California and the Las Vegas Institute. Dr. Jobst’s practice has also developed a reputation for being on the cutting edge of dental technology, as the doctor has continually invested in ensuring that his patients are treated in a state-of-the-art dental facility.

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