How to Buy Firearms in the state of California

California is one of those US states which has a well established tradition of firearm ownership, sport shooting or hunting. Despite all these aspects, or perhaps even because of it, California takes firearm laws very seriously and needs for you to go through a serious process if you want to purchase a gun. Simply follow the below steps to purchase a firearm in the state of California.

1. Fill out and then submit a PFEC from the Department of Justice of the state of California. Be certain you include proper info since the eligibility check is a document that is legal, and that you also include a copy of your driver`s license or state ID, as well as the charge needed to do the gun eligibility check.

2. Take a HSC program or at least try to find out if you are eligible for the HSC exemption as soon as you learn that you qualify to purchase a firearm in California. Then, try to identify a dealer that has license, no matter if it`s a firearm store, a private operator, a firearm show exhibitor or an online website that deal with promotional deals on firearms. Bring your valid state ID to your licensed dealer along with your proof that you took the Handgun Safety Certificate program.

3. Buy the firearm from your dealer and then wait ten days so your dealer can clear your order with the California state.

4. Take possession of the firearm before the end of thirty days after your request it`s submitted to your dealer to purchase the firearm. If you`ll wait more than thirty days, your dealer will need to cancel your order and you need to start the whole process again. You`ll not only lose valuable time, but you may also lose the desired product, as the firearm market is in high demand in certain periods of time.


If you want to collect curio firearms, you have to apply to the ATF to get a license which will exempt you from needing to wait during the regular ten-day period of time and also allow you to purchase more than one single weapon within thirty days, which otherwise is not allowed.