Keep Cool and Carry On: Summer Horse Health Tips

Leola, PA, July 19, 2018 — Your horse’s good health is important all year long, but summer presents special challenges. From keeping cool and hydrated in hot weather to traveling safely, make sure you’re meeting all your horse’s care needs.

Sunset Valley Metal Craft has published a great infographic titled “Keep Cool and Carry On: Summer Horse Health Tips” that focuses on horse health during summer and providing handful tips how to keep your horse in proper condition. The infographic comes with a valuable spring/summer health and safety checklist along with tips about horse first aid kits.

Another advantage of this infographic is the information provided in terms of horse feeding and hydration in hot weather. Your horse needs a balanced diet to remain healthy all year round, and there are several crucial things to keep in mind. During hot summer weather, proper hydration and a few additional good sense rules apply.

Read about the signs of dehydration and how to avoid it. Check out some harmful plants and trees such as hemlock, red maple and yew. Keeping these plants out of your pasture areas is critical.

About Sunset Valley Metal Craft: Sunset Valley Metal Craft is a family-owned company known for our metal fabricating throughout Pennsylvania’s Amish countryside since 1975. They specialize solely in custom architectural and standard horse stalls and one-of-a-kind aluminium barn doors. They have strict quality control from start to finish, including the shipping or personal delivery, ensuring our products arrive to our customers scratch-free.

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