Leading content auditing firm contentaudit.biz appoints a new team of experts to help meet the rising demand for services

New York City, NY 11th July 2014 – contentaudit.biz, a major and top rated content auditing firm has confirmed the appointment of a new team of experts auditors in a bold move the firm says will help meet the rising demand for its services. The new team comprises of seasoned and experienced content auditing professional most of who have been in this field for years. In its statement to the media, contentaudit.biz said that it is confident that the role the experts will play in delivering its services to all customers is indeed significant.

Contentaudit.biz has remained one of the very few content audit experts in the market. The increasing awareness on the need for effective content management is seemingly the main reason why demand for services offered by the company has grown remarkably. All in all, contentaudit.biz has made it clear that it intends to develop its capacity to deal with this demand and with the appointment of the new team of expert auditors the provider is for sure making good its words.

Contentaudit.biz has also confirmed that the new team has been directed to start work as soon as possible and customers are welcomed to take full advantage of its expertise. For the best part of the last five years contentaudit.biz has invested heavily in improving its capacity as a company to deliver high quality website content audit services. the provider has time and again made it clear that its mission is to become the one stop shop for content management and auditing help.

So far the progress made is promising to say the least. According to analyst in the sector the online based web content writing and editing sector will report significant growth in the next few years. This boom will be occasioned by significant expansion of leading providers and contentaudit.biz has made it clear that it is prepared for this period.

All the same, the company has urged businesses looking for quality content planning to take advantage of the proven pedigree of the recently appointed team saying that it based on such expertise that its content audit services have remained among the best in the sector. The company has also assured its current and future customers that it will continue to launch interventions designed to make its services better. For details please get in touch with the firm through support@contentaudit.biz today.

About contentaudit.biz

Contentaudit.biz is a leading content auditing service provider. The company offers a wide range of services including content planning, web content writing and general content management. For years now contentaudit.biz has remained an industry leader and for details on how you can work with its team please visit www.contentaudit.biz.

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