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Receive free delivery of fresh organic grown food directly at your doorstep 

The demand for organic food has increased tremendously in recent years, which has led to the provision of market incentives for farmers in the United States. Organic Grown Direct, which produces fresh organic food grown in farms in Florida, specializes in delivering high quality food. This produce is certified by USDA to be 100% organic produce. The farm produce is delivered free of cost directly at your doorstep.

The USDA Organic Agriculture Economic Research states that, at present, about 20,000 natural food stores stock organic food and three out of four conventional grocery outlets have them for sale. Sales from organic food come to more than 3% of the total food sales in the United States, as per recent statistics recorded by the industry. Vegetables and fruits produced by Organic Grown Direct are guaranteed to be free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. Furthermore, genetically modified food is not allowed on Organic Grown Direct farms.

All factors present in these farms combine to produce fresh organic fruits and vegetables. According to the Organic Grown Direct website, “Florida offers the best growing season with the cleanest air and water in the world… We want to get you on the right track to a better lifestyle with good wholesome and healthy food from our farms. When it comes to Farm Fresh Food, we know what’s best for your family!”

According to USDA Organic Agriculture Economic Research, the majority of organic sales, which come to 93%, are carried out through natural food and conventional supermarkets and chains. This is based on the estimates made by the Organic Trade Association (OTA). The remaining 7% of organic food sales in the United States have been reported by OTA to take place through foodservice, marketing channels, and farmers’ markets, other than retail outlets.

At Organic Grown Direct, only fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits are selected. By definition, only natural food is organic food. However, the term “natural” is a broad definition for food that does not contain synthetic preservatives and undergo minimal processing. Food produced at the Organic Grown Direct farm adheres to the strict definition of natural, and hence it is fully organic.

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Organic Grown Direct is an organic producer of fresh fruits and vegetables, with farms based in Florida. Fresh produce from this farm is delivered free of cost to homes and commercial centers. This farm offers only the freshest seasonal food and completely adheres to the strict definition of “natural” in producing high quality produce.

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