Paraphrase Generator Online slashes 20% off its current rates and now offers quality paraphrasing for just $5.95 a page

Los Angeles, CA 28h November, 2014 – one of the elite paraphrasing experts in the market Paraphrase Generator Online has confirmed that indeed it has slashed 20% off its current rates and will now offer quality paraphrasing services for just $5.95 a page. A statement released by the company noted that the price cut is geared towards promoting increased affordability in professional paraphrasing in the coming few months.

Paraphrase Generator Online has time and again made it clear that one of its most important priority is open up access to professional and quality rephrase generator services to a wide range of customers. the provider believes that the only way that goal can be achieved is if indeed the cost of services remains as low as possible and even though to this date efforts to make services affordable have all been remarkable, the new 20% price cut is seen as one of the boldest steps forward in the right direction.

Paraphrase Generator Online has noted that the new 20% cut has already taken effect and customers looking for quality and low cost paraphrase tool services are all welcomed to take full advantage today. The company is confident that the new rates will not only set a new standard of affordability in professional paraphrasing services but will also prove very influential in its efforts to attract new customers and remain one of the biggest paraphrasing experts in the market.

The company has also categorically stated that it will continue to look into new and better ways to reduce its current rates even further. Although most experts believe that a $5.95 a page rate for quality paraphrase generator services is indeed a great price, Paraphrase Generator Online has noted that there is still a lot of room for improvement to be explored in the near and long term future.

The company is expected to report outstanding rise in sales thanks to this brand new price cut. All the same, Paraphrase Generator Online has maintained that the primary goal of the price cut is to simply offer its customers a great opportunity to access quality and reliable reword my paper services at remarkably low costs. For more details on how you can work with the company please feel free to get in touch with its team through

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