How to properly wash the high grade human hair extensions in ordinary life?

China – Consumers could have the trouble about how to properly wash the CC Hair Extensions they had bought from . Today, the washing expert MR Wang would teach people how to properly wash and care their lovely human hair extensions.

The most important for washing should be the selection of the washing shampoo. People can use the traditional moisturizing shampoo.¡± MR Wang said when he soaked one piece of hair extensions into the water. People should firstly soak their hair extensions into the water for few minutes and the instill 2 drops of shampoo with stirring by hand.

The washing method for the hair extensions should be gentle enough and the rubbing with huge force should be avoided. In the washing step, people must first put shampoo in their hand and rubbing into foam and then evenly applied them to the hair of the human hair extensions. After the above process, people should gently stroke the hair from top to bottom. Do not rub it otherwise the hair would be broken.

The hair conditioner is also needed by the hair extensions because it is the real human hair hair extensions and the suitable amount of conditioner could makes hair become smoother and not easy to be tied up. After wearing for a short period, the human hair extensions would lose their natural glossy so the hair conditioner is very necessary for hair caring.

After the washing process, people need to care more about the combing. First, use the dry towel absorbs the water content of the hair extension and then separated the hair into two parts for combing. When the former step is over, people should warp the wet hair extension with a dry and gentle towel and then press wet hair with gently force. People should be best to preparing for a large-toothed comb and the total combing for once should be avoid. People should be best using their other hand to grasp the connection point between the genuine hair and the hair extensions.

If people want to quickly drying their hair extensions, they could normally use the hairdryer. In the drying process, people should blow the hair with the direction of hair and try to keep the thermostat. If the hair extension is the straight hair type, people control the air flowing volume and flowing hair along the sideway angle of the hair extension.

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