Sadzid Husic ended his solo career!

The Irish Film Composer Sadzid Husic announced on his Facebook page that he has now ended his solo career and now a part of the music group „Les Citizens Matching Caps with Zack Hemsey, Devin Najafi and Vincent Fontana. Warner Bros Pictures announced soon afterwards that the band has now taken at Watertower Music under contract and the Les Citizens already working on an album. Many fans of Sadzid Husic are not impressed by and drop the composer via Twitter and in many forums because of the decision to. Rumor members of Les Citizens 10-15 million of them British pound as detachment and for the signing of the contract get Warner Bros Pictures but this has not yet been confirmed. Also, it should be as it is said in The Sun, the requirement to have given the need to pull out all the 4 composers in the city of London that they are the studios and the management closer.