Sophon NFT-the “Pass card” of the digital community of Web3

It’s hard to create value with bits and pieces of information and experience, but now WEB3 offers an opportunity. The rise of Web3 and Dao will undoubtedly push the creative economy and gig economy to a new peak, but the current creative economy is mainly embodied in the literal meaning of the word“Creation.” Painting-oriented creators can publish their own NFT, can play their art skills in Dao, and those who are good at text editing can get tips by exporting their views through Mirror, people who are good at code can create innovative DAPP and so on.However, it is clear that these economic models that focus on creation do not apply to all ordinary users.

Currently, while most NFT projects are typically traded in a highly speculative manner, it can be expected that NFTs still have a wide range of potential, not only as ownership models that provide unique experiences, community building, storytelling and customer engagement to build extensions, but also as brandable digital assets and passes.

NFTs include different identifying information recorded in smart contracts, which makes each NFT pass unique and indivisible from each other, a property that makes NFTs an important trust credential in the Web3 community.

In this circle of Web3.0 ecosystem, Sophon’s breakout appears to be very dazzling.

Sophon NFT itself is a joint initiative of several crypto organizations, which fits very well with the attribute of community credentials, and the investment institutions include many head crypto giants. At the same time, there are more and more communities and institutions that are participating in the ecological governance of Sophon NFT.

The total number of Sophon NFTs issued is 9999, of which 999 are Genesis NFTs, and the Mint status has been opened to 21 high quality crypto communities and institutions that are eager to participate in the eco-building of Sophon, and the holders of these 21 Sophon Genesis NFTs will form the first phase of Sophon NFT governance committee (which will be renewed every 3 months). The Mint privileges of each Genesis NFT will be proposed after official application and approved by the Governance Committee.

Sophon’s goal is very clear, that is, based on „Sophon community building“, to create a long-term development potential of Web3.0 diversified application community, and by the community as the main body to build and own. According to the development of the community, Sophon NFT is the community pass of Web3 autonomous organization, and the holder can enjoy the rights and interests of the community.

Sophon NFT is becoming an intuitive choice for people to personalize themselves in the Web3 world. Once players are integrated into the world of Web3.0 and Metaverse by Sophon NFT, after taking off their nationality, ethnic identity and even gender identity defined by Web2.0. The concept of equality and inclusion will also allow each participant to choose their own identity and growth path in Web3.

With the gradual development and maturity of the NFT market, the collision under more cultural intermingling will also bring more independent and outstanding projects. But what remains the same is that NFT, as a digital world pass, will build one interoperable bridge after another for the participants. The future NFT market will also grow stronger and stronger on the road of diversity and inclusiveness.