The myth of the selection and using for the sunscreen products

Australia – In the sunny summer, a lot of beauties would have the concern about the sunlight protection. The reason for their concern is that the result of their summer sunlight protection is not very good and their skin color would still become dark. Does this problem is result from the products or other? Whether the high SPF is good or bad? Today, the editor from website would help us know more about these problems and myth. The website is the international online seller for skin care devices and other healthy products. We have usually used their skin care products within our daily life.

The first myth is that someone thinks that the higher number for SPF would be better. However, the higher SPF number would be not always good for us. The products with high SPF number will cause the pore blockage. If the perspiration is not timely, the skin would overburden. If you apply to the sun protection cream with high SPF number, you will feel uncomfortable for your skin. The high SPF product is not suitable for everyday using. The expert from has given us the advice that the best solution is that you should choose different SPF products rely on different environment and different needs.

The other myth is that most of the women would select the physical sun cream because they think this kind of skin care products would be safer enough. The physical sun cream would be more suitable for people with sensitive skin. The principle of physical sunscreen is making use of ultraviolet light refraction. The physical sunscreens based products are relatively non-irritating. Of course, the non-physical sunscreen products will not be 100 percent without allergic because in addition to sunscreen, there are other auxiliary ingredients which some of them would make some people have the allergic reaction. If the people with the people sensitive skin are still want to use the sun cream, they should first take the testing for these Skin Care Devices and products.

The last myth is very common. Most of the consumers would have the thought that the Home Facial Treatment Machine could help us dismounted most of the sun cream on our face. But the situation would not all like this. The non-waterproof sunscreen products could be washed by the ordinary facial cleanser. On the other hand, we need to use additional makeup steps to clean the waterproof sunscreen. In a word, the well protection for our skin relies on the suitable skin care devices and products. So, you should pay more attention to this point.

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