The sales volumes of China manufacturer for two-way radio equipments would have great enhancing

China – The most famous China two-way radio manufacturer has recently published the report which has pointed out that Hong Kong, mainland China and Taiwan will export 92.5 million units of two-way radio equipment in 2013. The sales volume has been increased by 38 percent compared to that of last year. This should be the good news for each of Hand Held Radio manufacturer in China.

Despite the mobile phone has already had rapid spreading and developing, two-way radios are still the common and cheap communication tool for all of people around the world. In 2012, Taiwan manufacturers for cheap two way radios have already exported 10,550,000 dollars worth of two-way radio equipment. This number is 48 percent higher than that of 2011. The sales volume of the two-way radio for Hong Kong manufacturers in 2012 should be the value of 235.7 million dollars which is 19 percent increasing of 2011. Therefore, all of manufacturers for two way radio has predicted that the production and export situation will maintain steady growth in 2013.

It has been reported that Chinese manufacturers have continued to invest in product development buy two way radios of two way radio products. In an interview for manufacturer of two way radio which website is , the reporter has got the information that 58 percent of companies had said that they are working to improve product design for two way radio equipment. On the other hand, there is 54 percent of two-way radio manufacturers would join in the development of anti-interference function. And then, 50 percent of manufacturers would add some new useful functions to existing product models while 50 percent of other vendors would try to expand the number of radio channels for their two-way radio equipments.

The report has also pointed that the producing and development for two-way radio product may have a good impact on the technology trend which is related to the PoC service. This kind of PoC service could be applied on the platform of mobile phone. The smart phone which could support PoC technology can be used as two-way radio equipment while it could also provide with people the standard mobile phone features. The PoC technology of this kind of two-way radio equipment has becoming more and more popularity in the countries such as United States, Australia, Europe, Taiwan and other countries in Asia.

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