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Westport Energy Lubricants AG, headquartered in Glattbrugg, Switzerland, is an international engineering company that has been a partner for high-quality lubricants and innovative services since 2017. The combination of our high level of expertise with our broad and deep range of products and services creates a unique offer for our customers.

Our concern as a distributor is to supply you with the highest quality products. Not only do we want to supply you with goods, we also want to offer our customers a strong and distinguished brand. Systems with service – that’s what you have about Westport Energy Lubricants.

Not just oils and additives – but added value and benefits for your company.

Westport Energy Lubricants AG is one of the largest independent lubricant vendors in Europe. Our customers include major oil companies, service station operators, car garages and lubricants dealers. In the area of ​​the private label we belong to the market leaders. Our customers should focus on their daily business – we take care of the entire logistics. Thanks to our wide range of lubricating oils, various packaging series and customized labels, the possibilities are almost endless.

SUPPLIER OF LOSER WARE.  Our service is not just  PRIVATE LABEL , but a much broader program. Many large companies have their own bottling facilities, and Westport Energy Lubricants has recently modernized and expanded the loose goods sector specifically for these customers, enabling it to load a good 825 types of oil into tankers with relatively short lead times.


Upon request, our marketing department can assist our customers in designing the labels of the brand. The layout of the labels is designed in a professional way and ensures that the labels meet the legal requirements.


With well over 825 different lubricants, Westport Energy Lubricants offers an extremely wide range of products to answer almost any question. Whether the most modern engine oils, motorcycles, agricultural vehicles, but also, for example, the most suitable oil for extremely stressed racing engines. Thanks to our wide and dynamic range for practically all industrial applications, we can supply our customers without any ifs and buts.


Westport Energy Lubricants AG is one of the fastest growing companies in the European online mineral oil industry.
The company produces and markets engine oils as well as lubricant products under several proprietary brands via the e-commerce platform.westport energy lubricants