When blue chip NFTs all start involution, will a new ’summer of NFTs‘ arrive?

Throughout 2021, it is easy to find that NFT is on an explosive growth trend, once setting multiple records. It has led to countless media following the trend, and major institutions and celebrities have joined in. By this point, NFT was pushed straight to the top.

According to the latest data from overseas platform NonFungible.com, the total global NFT turnover in 2021 exceeded $18 billion, more than $10 billion more than in 2020, and the entire NFT market size expanded by more than 200 times. Throughout the past year in all industries, such data growth can be described as a unique. And behind this surge in growth figures, it is worth noting the growing surge in NFT collections.

According to the Art Basel survey, about 88% of the high net worth collectors it surveyed were interested in buying NFT art. But on the contrary, about half of art dealers are not selling such works. This shows that they are now more likely to choose to wait and see, waiting for others to reap the rewards of their NFT investments before making plans.

And by researching high net worth collectors, we found that a whopping 74% of them purchased art NFT works in 2021. What emerges from these data reports is the rising of the overall NFT market and the various types of NFTs that are each making a splash. Notable among them are naturally some blue-chip NFTs, such as Sophon NFT.

image-133-1024x512 When blue chip NFTs all start involution, will a new 'summer of NFTs' arrive?

Sophon NFT is an NFT co-governance protocol jointly sponsored by Nations, AiGuild DAO, Spark Union, Love DAO, TigerVC DAO and other native Web3 autonomous organizations, and led by a16z – Sophon NFT Protocal.

Sophon NFT team consists of top global AI experts, automation experts, senior game design engineers, cryptography underlay experts and other geeks.

The total number of Sophon NFT releases is 9999, of which 999 Genesis NFT releases will be opened to individuals and groups who have made outstanding contributions to the development of Sophon on a priority basis, with the aim of building an ecological community of Web3.0 diversified applications with long-term development potential.

Currently, Mint status has been opened to 21 high quality crypto communities and organizations that are eager to participate in the eco-building of Sophon, and the holders of these 21 Sophon Genesis NFTs will form the first phase of Sophon NFT Governance Committee (to be renewed every 3 months), and each subsequent Genesis NFT will be required to initiate a proposal after official application for Mint privileges, and will be approved by the Governance Committee. The Governance Committee will approve and approve the proposal.

So, what is the significance of buying and collecting these blue chip NFTs? Simply put, there is only one core, the pursuit of its long term value!

The long-term value of Sophon NFT blue chips.

First, the scarcity of the project itself where Sophon NFT is located – each NFT issues a specific number. the total number of Sophon NFT issues is 9999, of which 999 Genesis NFT issues, with priority open to individuals and groups who have made outstanding contributions to the development of Sophon.

Second, the rarity value under comparison with other NFT products in its total collection. Rarity value can be reflected in the uniqueness and interest of NFT itself, such as: Sophon NFT designed with four different races and four rarities, and will be released in the form of blind boxes, making each NFT has its own unique shape and attributes.

Third, the use of the value of NFT from the scarcity effect. This includes the fun of buying and selling NFTs, as well as the social value that extends through the exchange. At the same time, because Sophon NFT is an NFT co-regulation agreement jointly initiated by multiple platforms, Sophon NFT empowers users with more possibilities in terms of the corresponding play.

Fourth, the difficulty of access and loss of time costs conferred by the value of gain. sophon NFT is building a WEB3.0 diversified application ecology belonging to all people, so that all people have the opportunity to participate in the Web3 X2E ecology, access to exclusive DID identity. In the Web3 ecology built by Sophon, people with DID identities can showcase their achievements in the web3 world, explore rich ecological scenarios, and even Tokenize their DIDs directly to take them anywhere.

image-134 When blue chip NFTs all start involution, will a new 'summer of NFTs' arrive?

Over the past year, NFT has proven to resonate with retail investors