Zephyr Thomas Unveils The Inspiration Gallery

Lancaster, PA — When it comes time to remodel the bathroom, homeowners know that the work needs to be done, but they do not always know how to go about getting the room that they want. There are so many choices in bathroom remodels, from classic designs to contemporary setups, and these choices make starting the bathroom remodel difficult. Zephyrthomas, a leader in home remodeling projects, is now offering an inspiration gallery at http://www.zephyrthomas.com/bathroom-remodeling-lancaster.php to show off their products and inspire homeowners.

The bathroom is the one place in the home where people go and expect to be alone. The bathroom should be comfortable, and it should be warm and inviting when people need to use it. At Zephyrthomas they design bathrooms with the understanding that the bathroom will be used to help homeowners unwind. They will help the homeowner choose a color scheme, materials and fixtures that all create an atmosphere of sanctuary and relaxation that the homeowner cannot get from other rooms in the home.

The inspiration gallery at http://www.zephyrthomas.com/bathroom-remodeling-lancaster.php contains many examples for homeowners to use as a model for the way they want their bathroom to look. Homeowners who have a very large room will be able to see how Zephyrthomas can transform the space into a personal spa, complete with a large tub and plush seating. On the other hand, even homeowners who do not have a lot of space in their bathrooms will see how Zephyrthomas can get the most from what they have to work with, utilizing every part of the floor to maximize comfort and function.

A bathroom remodel is something that many homeowners will want to do at some point in their homeownership, but getting started on the project is difficult. Zephyrthomas is a partner in the remodeling process who can help guide homeowners through the decisions they have to make so that homeowners are left with the bathroom they have always envisioned.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit http://www.zephyrthomas.com/bathroom-remodeling-lancaster.php or call (717) 399-4708.