4 Workshops for an Open Internet Search

The Digital Services Act (DSA) the European Parliament and Member States have agreed upon recently is a step in the right direction, according to the Open Search Foundation e.V. (OSF). However, it is still a long road to creating a fair and transparent internet. This is why the OSF has set up the „#ossym Spring Meeting“ on May 9th, 2022 with four interactive workshops. Everyone is invited to register – free of charge.

Highlights from the Open Search Community
What are the key activities in the field of Open Search, and what is on the agenda towards Brussels? – This is what the participants will receive up to date information on during the warm-up session. Christine Plote (OSF) and Michael Granitzer (University of Passau / OSF) will offer news beyond the Open Search Foundation’s work.

2 Workshops: Education and Tech
Following this intro, participants are invited to engage in four key areas of open search. After two times two talks, there is a workshop each to pick.
The first two topics will be covering Education and Tech: In her talk, Melanie Platz (University of Saarland / OSF) will address the challenge: „Search Engine Literacy in Schools“. The other option is to discuss technical progress of the „Open Console“ – an alternative to Google’s Search Console – with Mark Overmeer (MarkOv Solutions / OSF).

2 more Workshops: Ethics and Economy
The second workshop duo also calls for interactivity. First, Christine Plote (OSF) and Anton Frank (Technical University Munich / OSF) will focus on the present state of ethics in web search, in their talk „Searching for (the) truth? How to Implement Ethical Principles Along the Levels of Internet Search.“ Secondly, the three business consultants Olivier Blanchard (Digidoo Consulting / OSF), Klaus Fuest (Roland Berger / OSF) and Steffen Geering (Roland Berger) will offer interesting insights into: „Economic Aspects of Search – a Reality Check?“

Progress and Outlook to the autumn symposium
Present and future steps by the Open Search Foundation e.V. on its way to an internet search based on European values are to be found on the internet page of the international NGO. The next occasion to discuss new developments in the field of open internet search will be this autumn – from October, 10th to 12th. That’s when the OSF will be launching the 4th International Symposium on Open Search Technology – #ossym2022.

All talks, workshops of the Spring Meeting and the #ossym2022 in October are held in English and hosted by CERN, Geneva.

The Open Search Foundation e.V. is a European movement of people and organisations who wish to create the foundation for independent, free and self-determined access to information on the Internet. In cooperation with research institutions, computer centres and other partners, the OSF is committed to searching the web in a way that benefits everyone. OSF’s work builds on promotion of research in the field of search engines, plus education and cooperation.

Die Open Search Foundation e.V. (OSF) ist eine europäische Bewegung für mehr Transparenz und Vielfalt im Internet. Im Schulterschluss mit Forschungseinrichtungen, Rechenzentren und Partnern aus Gesellschaft und Wirtschaft setzt sich das OSF-Team für eine Websuche ein, die allen zugute kommt. Gemeinsames Ziel der gemeinnützigen Arbeit ist ein offener Suchindex, der Ethik und europäische Werte von Anfang an mitdenkt.
Motto: „Together for a Better Net“.

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