Do you think making fresh pizzas is a challenge? Try out Aster India’s pizza conveyor ovens

Electrical conveyor style pizza makers are extremely popular nowadays. They are very essential for fast cooking and even cooking on all sides. If you have been inside a pizza delivery kitchen or in a pizzeria, then you must have seen an electric conveyor pizza oven.

They help you to produce fast freshly baked pizza that is even more delicious than a traditional oven-baked pizza. They are ideal for restaurants or cloud kitchens where orders for the customers and guests need to be served fast and in large volumes. Here we will look at one such conveyor pizza manufacturing company whose products are invariably the best in the market.

When it comes to finding names of conveyor pizza oven manufacturers in India a name that has been exceeding the expectations of its customers has been Aster Technologies. The company has been manufacturing conveyor ovens for its client base. According to most of its clients, Aster Technologies is a company that is trustworthy and capable of delivering the best ovens for large scale demands.

It has been providing the needs of its clients since the 1990s.

The wide range of conveyor pizza oven features

The company manufactures some of the leading and technologically advanced smart ovens which are perfect for corporate kitchens, large canteens, and restaurants. It has a host of specifications and features that you will not find in other products.

Here are some of the advanced features on the company’s conveyor ovens-

Making fast freshly baked pizzas

The capacity of the machines is very high and way ahead of the other products in the market currently. It can easily produce 5-6 piping hot pizzas in an hour. Calculate it down and you will find that the average pizza baking time is just 10 minutes.

Digital controls

The electric pizza conveyor oven has fully digitalized operation which lets you control the temperature and the time along with other inputs.

Peeping inside the oven

Inside the oven is the technology that is significantly advanced and different. Once you turn the oven on it has a hot air jet technology that bakes pizzas faster and evenly from all sides.

Highly affordable price

If you compare the conveyor pizza oven price in India Aster’s products are the best and most affordable too considering they are fitted with highly advanced technology. 


The company designs and manufactures two types of ovens required in all types of commercial kitchens- the electric conveyor ovens and the gas conveyor ovens. Aster is also a market leader of gas conveyor oven manufacturers. Its products are sleek in design with the ability to cook food at a faster rate than you can imagine. It is also easy to install the device and requires little maintenance. The ovens are also extremely durable and will provide you with lifetime service if used carefully.

Company information-

Aster Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Registered office address-

A-2, 2nd Floor,Shopping Centre,

Nariana Industrial Phase-2,

New Delhi- 110028

Contact- 1143157300/ 9810590040