Erfahrungen eines Taxifahrers

tim Erfahrungen eines Taxifahrers

I would like to not necessarily be described as car expert, but I’ve been driving 14 years in Berlin Taxi namely an average of four to five days a week. This adds up already so many hours of driving experience. I think I’m pretty well familiar with my vehicle. Of course, I bring the car to the garage if repairs are necessary and frequently do check-ups. A rapid wear is inevitable when the car is driven frequently.

But also includes the tire change for the diligent care of the car. Of course I change time of summer tires on wintertires . Just in time means the end of October or early November. The ADAC says that winter tires should be run from October to Easter. In early November but then you should change slowly, because when the first snow falls, the car has to be prepared. In Berlin, you can expect to end of March with snow in every case. From time to fall in April again a few flakes. In this respect, the recommendation is to go to Easter with winter tires all very true. The traffic chaos at the beginning of the “real” winter season but apart from major events in the city and the most stressful time for me. When it gets cold and mushy ride the Berlin slow and chaotic at the same time. There are lots of rear-end collisions every year and I wonder why people do not even finally learn from this experience. Many motorists equip your car not in time for winter tires. If you drive with summer tires in the winter slush or snow, makes you look now punishable and that is a good thing. 40 to 80 euros to be paid and threatens a point in Flensburg.

In Berlin can be cleared immediately at the onset of snow, not all roads. For this, the city has far too few snowplows. With the wrong tires to slip indeed on the slushy roads, especially over cobblestones, I’ve seen it many times. No wonder the tire tread is not at all geared to these weather conditions. Natural good winter tires have the designation “M + S” (for “mud and snow”). Cheap tires is not recommended in any case, because hereby driving safety is just as vulnerable as with summer tires. In addition, make sure that the age of the tires. I drive my tires course already faster, but after 10 years, the tires must be replaced every car. The tread pattern should not be less than 4 mm even though only 1.6 mm profile are required by law. That’s understandable reasons far too little. As comforting conclusion, but it should be noted: With good winter tires makes absolutely nothing.