“Heavy Metal” Mini-format de-bricking machine with rotary boom

Unique kinematics make targeted de-bricking even easier.

At Metec 2019 TML will be showing its new UNIDACHS 110 de-bricking machine, which it has developed especially for work in the metallurgical industry. The 110 is smaller and more compactly built than its predecessor the UNIDACHS 220 and features the unique 360° boom rotation. The new UNIDACHS can be deployed in very tight areas and where working space and height is extremely restricted.

TML has designed the new UNIDACHS for hot applications in the metallurgical industry. The typical workings areas are de-bricking of smaller ladles, BF-runners, tundishes and furnaces. The 360° rotary cantilever boom can utilize attachments such as hydraulic hammers, rotary drum cutters or a bucket and can reach every point from which material needs to be removed.

The new UNIDACHS 110 stands out of the crowd with its compact design, high manoeuvrability and a strong hydraulic drive. The width of the undercarriage is only 1,315 mm and the height is 1,635 mm. This allows access to working areas that are not easily accessible for other machines. Due to the remote operation, the operator is always at a safe distance.

Compared with mini-excavators with an articulated arm it has a further degree of motion. The 360° boom rotation, combined with the double articulated cantilever boom offers a very high level of flexibility: The attachments can be utilised at almost any required angle of surface to be worked on.

Despite the compact size of the machine, it has a large working reach, depending on the attachment, in combination with the kinematics of the boom a working radius of up to 5,000 mm can be achieved.

Michael Hobden Vice President/Sales and marketing at TML Technik GmbH, is well aware of the extreme temperatures that prevail inside a metallurgical plant. “As is the case for all our machines, we have adapted the UNIDACHS 110 to cope with the conditions inside steel works” hot zones. This is the reason that our new machines carry the Logo “Heavy Metal”. For instance, the boom is fully enclosed. That means that the components inside the boom – the hydraulic cylinders and the hoses – are perfectly protected from heat radiation and from falling debris.”

With remote control operation, the operator is always working at a safe distance. The remote control system consists of a lightweight control panel with logically arranged elements, which can either be carried on a body belt or incorporated into a control station. If the machine is not visible from the control station, cameras can be installed on the machine as an option, to ensure visual contact with the machine and its environment, displayed on a split screen monitor.

Volker Bongardt, International Country Manager at TML Technik GmbH, sees great advantages for his customers: “The machine users appreciate the combination of the cantilever-boom and the boom rotation, especially the fact that they are able to work from a single position and at the same time reach areas that was not possible in the past. Demolition robots and mini excavators with articulated booms do not offer this kind of kinematics. Our customers are now able to profit through the multi functionality known from other machines that we build: the flexibility of the rotary boom and the compact design of the radio remote de-bricking robot.”

The machines are available with a choice of diesel-hydraulic or electro-hydraulic drives. Diesel engines have either 26 kW (EU Stage 3a) or 18,5 kW (EPA TIER 4), the electro-hydraulic unit has 25 kW.

TML Technik at METEC 2019
Düsseldorf, Germany 25 to 29 June 2019:
hall 5, stand D22

About TML

Since 1993 TML Technik GmbH has been designing, developing and manufacturing special excavators with telescopic rotary booms and machines for the iron and steel, mining and tunnelling, and the construction and cement-making industries. Hundreds of machines supplied by TML, individually tailored to deal with challenging operating conditions, are constantly proving their value in the harshest of conditions.

Under its philosophy of “working solutions”, TML works closely with its customers to develop solutions that are tailored precisely to special requirement profiles, and which work reliably during harsh day-to-day work … always on the basis of proven, robust, standard components, innovative technology and the expertise gained over 55 years in the business.

At its headquarters at Monheim am Rhein/Germany – centrally located between Dusseldorf and Cologne – the company develops and designs the machines, and manufactures them in six factory buildings, covering an area of 22,000 m²: “Made in Germany”

With over 100 employees and with its branches and agencies, the company maintains a global presence.

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