New Album “Good,” by Ventura County Artist Dustin Case

Ventura, CA – Dustin Case is an independent musician and California native who spent most of his childhood years in Whittier and Silver Strand Beach until joining the U.S.Navy where he traveled the world a bit and earned the title of veteran.

Some notable work includes a feature on Mondo Marcios “Solo un Uomo” Gold edition, which went platinum in Italy. He also arranged, co-produced and starred in a music safety video for fortune 500 company, Steris Corporation.

Popping in and out of the Ventura and Los Angeles County music scene for years, he’s put on multiple hats as a Classical singer, Rock front-man and Hip Hop performer. After strictly singing for a couple years during pursuit of an AA in Music, he’s returned to his roots to deliver a Hip Hop fueled joyride with elements of Electronic and Rock.

When asked what this album represents in whole, Dustin states, “It (the album) was made to bring new ideas to the table. Almost every musician you talk to out there will tell you how they did it. They’ll say you need a crew, you need this type of sound or this is music and that isn’t. Don’t listen to those people, music is not definite. Not one person gets far with it other than by simply being dedicated. Music can be shaped, but not controlled and it will always expand off of the last idea, making room for something new. It doesn’t matter how you design and immortalize your style, as long as it’s comprehensible in the end.”

The album features 13 songs representing totally different styles on each one. It breaks the ground of traditional Hip Hop with it’s contemporary style, while still holding true to the simple form many fans of the genre enjoy.

The opening track “Intro” was picked for promotion on Shades Radio, run by the legendary Kurt Nice. It’s a full length song that sets the tone for the listener.

“Get Busy” deals with women’s rights. It was featured on a promo for high-end swimwear brand Water Candy Bikini, which gained overnight fame in Lake Havasu, AZ.

“Crave the Life” is a shot at industry life featuring Ryk Fury, local Steel City champion. The two were integral heads of the lyrical street team ISW out of Los Angeles which gained minor underground popularity.

The album is currently available through iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, RDIO, X-Box Music, Deezer, Rhapsody, eMusic, Simfy, Muve, Spotify, Myspace, IHeartRadio, Nokia, MediaNet, VerveLife or by order at most retailers.

All production took place within Southern California at:

Steelewood Productions

Operation Music Studios

Anonymos2U Entertainment

Sweat Shop Recordings


Dustin Case