New: Laser distance sensor LDI by WayCon

reliable measurement of long distances

The laser distance sensor series LDI quickly and reliably measures long distances up to 150 m, even under challenging conditions, with highest precision of up to +/-1 mm. Not even dark measuring surfaces are able to influence the reliability of the distance measurement, even in outdoor applications in direct sunlight. The minimised, compact housing is designed to IP65 standards for permanent outdoor use. The mounting and exact alignment is supported by four set screws on the mounting rails

The modular design of the LDI laser allows for easy and fast switching between the signal interfaces. As standard, the laser sensor has an analog output with 0…20 mA or 4…20 mA as well as the RS232, RS422, and SSI interfaces. The Ethernet, EtherCAT and Profinet interfaces can be implemented quickly by replacing the adapter cap. Profibus is also possible using a separate converter. Typical applications include the wood industry (glued laminated timber production, timber construction, pallet production), paper industry (positioning, dimensional measurement), surface mining, bridge construction, and automated storage guides or other stroke measurements. The sensor is also suitable for non-standard fields of application, such as monitoring the position of trains in the service hall or measuring the thickness of snow on building roofs to determine the load capacity.

Thanks to its non-contact measurement, the laser sensor LDI is particularly suitable as an alternative for magnetic scale sensors, which can reach ranges of up to 100 m with their magnetic tape. For smaller measuring ranges of up to 50 m, draw-wire sensors are also suitable, however, these measure by contact and require a suspension point. These measuring systems are used among other things for monitoring the position of elevators.

Technical information: data sheet LDI.
Further sensors of this measurement principle: product page laser sensors.

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