phone used to make watches

2000 years after the popularity of mobile phone used to make watches for sale hit, Nanjing has decimated the number of clock repair within 10 years. Today, watches as an important accessory and symbol of grade and once again become popular fashion elements on the wrist. Now watch the daily maintenance, even changed the batteries, modifying the strap length so that the little things seem to no longer convenient and cheap.
Reporters found that Nanjing is currently watch repair of small numbers of relatively concentrated, is divided into three main categories. Xinbai, Central, Golden Eagle, Oriental and other large malls watch repair point; watch repair counter of the supermarket; Street stands and watches repair shop.
Arcade maintenance points
Primarily responsible for the major maintenance and repair of imported guess watch w13573l1 watches, brands such as Longines, radar table require the Mall dedicated independent repair, by senior technicians responsible for repair the brand watch only, to maintain the so-called big image. Name brand watch batteries, even for manufacturers, charges or at least 200 Yuan. Because according to the manufacturer’s requirements, and batteries at the same time to do inspections. More than 200 Yuan contains inspection labour costs. Of course, here also the ordinary maintenance of brand watches, but charges too high.
Vintage brand name watch service: if it was 10 years ago or even earlier, watches, and now maintenance is too much trouble, Mall maintenance points are usually based on Switzerland movement, Japan movement, inner core is divided into three classes, and then reference the same grade watches priced premium, price negotiable. Recommendation if the purchase receipt can be presented to technicians to help judge. Some brand-name watches, after a 10 year parts no longer in production, if the technicians hand made new parts, very expensive.
Maintenance includes cleaning watch straps, watch parts, demolition of the case while cleaning, oiling, waterproof testing, school adjustment, maintenance, replacement of damaged parts (balance wheel, splints, wire and other valuable parts price is not included). Part watch case, metal straps can also be polished renovation.
Exchange the battery: domestic battery replacement the watch price at 10-50 dollars, into brand watches at 80-350.
Cut the Steel Bracelet: 10 manual
Replacement strap:
Homemade bracelet/strap: 30-1160 (leather or leather), 10-150 (steel)
Import bracelet/strap: 40-1400 (leather), 80-600 (steel), 40-50 (sports watch plastic bracelet)
Note: we are unable to provide maintenance price—especially the import brands watches watches, repair and maintenance services are packet together, make each model of each watch, charges may be different. Seen by Plum table only one brand of premium detail hundreds of pages thick, is a manufacturer of specialized printing. To people in the industry, is a watch brand table maintenance price 1/20-1/10 price.
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