Revolutionary New Way to Travel Now Available

The COVID-19 virus has curtailed travel for most everyone except those who do so for business, but the travel for leisure and enjoyment has certainly been cut back. People are excited about the chances of getting back to normal, being able to travel, visit friends and make memories.

Enter the Gypsee app.

Gypsee promises to change everything people have learned about travel. Gypsee’s core concept is deceptively simple: memories are best made when shared with friends. It is not the travel that sets Gypsee apart, but the way Gypsee is going change the very face of travel as we all know it.

“My friends and I loved to go places. There was never any issue with payments. However, things changed, and we were unable to continue traveling like we once were. A dear friend and I were lamenting over this, and he had a brilliant idea,” said Andrew Thompson, founder of Gypsee, Inc.

The idea was a way for people to travel together – no matter the location. This means people who live in Seattle, Wash., will be able to catch up with friends in Miami, Fla., in Las Vegas for a vacation adventure designed to do one thing – create memories.

Thompson, a programmer and app developer, started work. He knew there was going to be an issue with people and money. Chances are someone would always be short and have to borrow money.

“We all know how well loaning money to someone works out,” said Thompson, “and this is a key element of how Gypsee stands out from other travel apps and services.”

Gypsee resolves this in three ways: 1. Gypsee is a subscription service; 2. Each individual subscriber is responsible for their own trip; 3. Everyone makes their own monthly payments for their adventure. When the entire adventure is paid, they only need to go to the airport.

“Gypsee will have the tickets and hotels booked for every person. It does not matter if it is two or 22. Gypsee will make sure everyone has a ticket and room at the selected location,” continued Thompson.

Gypsee will have a list of highly desireable locations across the continental U.S. Currently, the app offers Las Vegas, Nev., Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Denver, Colo., and a few other major U.S. cities. Plans are in order to expand to international locations.

“When I [Gypsee] say[s] international locations, this is more than somewhere like Mexico. We are looking into hot spots like Mykonos and even Bali. It is a strong suggestion to get the passport paperwork started,” continued Thompson.

The app is available on both Android and iOS. Details of locations, restaurants and activities at each location are an ongoing process with more and more to be added as the app continues to develop and evolve.

“Gypsee is also actively looking for customers who want to be some of the first to experience what Gypsee does and stands for. We have a special term for these subscribers, perks and other advantages that will be reserved for those specifically. If you and friends are interested, do contact me for more information,” said Thompson.

Go to, and see what it means to Travel with Friends: Simplified.

Gypsee, Inc.
Andrew Thompson, founder