The Best Free PDF Merge and Conversion Software Available Online

Algonquin, IL – When it comes to combining or splitting pdf files, there are numerous ways to get it done. Mac users have an inbuilt app that can help get the job done, though its features are limited. While Windows users will either have to use a third-party app or at best copy and paste the contents of their pdf document into a Word file where they can then edit and save it as a new pdf document. This process is time-consuming and is prone to many errors. So if you are wondering how to combine pdf files without being limited by your app features or having to go through the stress of copying and pasting into a Word file or even putting your system meta-data into the hands of some untrusted sites, then you will find the information on this post very useful.

A new free online software has come up with a simple solution of merging two or more pdf documents into a single file without having to go through the rigors of doing it manually. The software works well for both Mac and Windows users and Mac users will find it packed full of more features than their inbuilt app. The free PDF merge software allows you to combine or merge pdf documents in just a few simple steps. The process is not time-consuming and requires just a few mouse clicks.

Users of the free pdf merge software will also find the pdf converter to jpg feature of the app very resourceful. The software will easily convert pdf files into high-quality jpg images in a matter of seconds. All a user need do is select the pages they will like to convert to jpg images and they will instantly be able to save them as jpg images. This additional feature stands it out as one of the best pdf merge apps available online.

Other features of the pdf merge app include:
• Excel spreadsheets to PDF
• Convert PDFs to editable Word documents
• Combine multiple PDFs into one combined document
• Convert Word, PowerPoint and Excel files to and from PDF
• eSign your PDF and ask people to sign
• Transform JPJ, TIFF, PNG, BMP and GIF images to PDF

The free pdf merge app is the best app online for both windows and mac users that would like to know how to combine pdf files or convert Word into a pdf. It is easy to use and has a very intuitive user interface.

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