When Do You Need A Small Business Server?

Many small business owners keep putting off getting a business server because of the high up-front fee and the time to train employees about any new applications. In the long run, severs save many types of small businesses money because information can be quickly accessed when it is needed. Ask yourself these questions before shopping for a small business server.

How Many Employees Need To be Contacted?

Not all small businesses need a server. Many home-based businesses that only require less than five computers, laptops or Internet capable devices will not need a server because information can be quickly managed with existing devices. However, if the employees do an extensive amount of travelling, then getting a server may be more cost effective than constantly calling or texting employees for updated information.

Servers are an expensive but effective way for a business to store all of its information in one place and to tie any mobile devices together. If one employee constantly needs to contact other employees for information that’s not available on his Internet-capable device, then it’s time to look into getting a small business server.

What Type of Software Do You Use?

Some business software just works better on a server than by using a series of devices which aren’t connected. For example, Microsoft Dynamics tends to work better on a Microsoft server than not. This is because employees and customers can quickly add information and track changes than by using a series of separate devices.

Opening up numerous windows and running three or more programs can often cause freezes or slow-running devices. If a majority of employees need to use many applications at the same time, it’s time to go server shopping. The best servers will automatically back up any changes or data.

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