BlockChain & CryptoCurrencies: What you need to know

What is a BlockChain? Why does the value of Bitcoin rise so fast and will it collapse again? What about other crypto coins such as Ether and Litecoins? What are ICOs? Is it wise to put money into these new digital developments? And if you would like to do that, how do you handle it?

blockchain BlockChain & CryptoCurrencies: What you need to know

Finally, discover an event where you can get all the information about cryptocurrencies. Not in written form, not in a video but live! Two special events on cryptocurrencies that take place simultaneously on 29 and 30 January 2018 in the RAI in Amsterdam: the Crypto Day and the Crypto Economy World Tour.

When you search for cryptocurrencies in Google, Google gives 11.3 million hits. What questions are asked in search engines when people search for Cryptocurrencies? comes with 122 kinds of questions!


Nowadays everyone is talking about cryptocurrencies. Whole classes full of students buy cryptocurrencies and act on them. I just have to drop words bitcoin, ripple or altcoins in the class and they are happy with it for half an hour. It is discussed during drinks, during family dinners … everywhere. Many are secretive about the investments in cryptocurrencies and others share this with pride on social media.

Are cryptocurrencies a hype that you often read/hear? Some hype examples from history: Pokémon Go, Wuppies, Roy Donders house suit, White sneakers … Or is it permanent? Cryptocurrencies exist since 2009 and will still exist in the future but whether that will be Bitcoin, Ripple, Kodakcoin is not certain. What is certain is that the technology behind cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, will bring about a major change.

How it all started?

Although Bitcoin was the first established cryptocurrency, there had been attempts to create online currencies with ledgers protected by encryption. Two examples of this were B-Money and Bit Gold, which were formulated but never fully developed

In 2008, a paper called Bitcoin – a peer-to-peer electronic cash system was posted on a discussion list about cryptography. It was posted by someone who called himself Satoshi Nakamoto, whose true identity remains a mystery to this day.

There are now 1,300 different types of cryptocurrencies and more are added every day. Here is a list of the 100 best running cryptocurrencies (perhaps it is already outdated now that you read this blog). Acting in cryptocurrencies? Then you have to look at the rise/fall 24 hours a day!


On January 9, 2018, Kodak launched its own cryptocurrency. KODAKCoin, a photo-centric cryptocurrency that gives photographers and agencies more control over the management of image rights. Using blockchain technology, the KODAKCoin platform creates an encrypted, digital general ledger of property rights for photographers to record both new and archiving work that they can then license within the platform. With KODAKCoin, participating photographers are invited to participate in a new economy for photography, to receive payments for the direct marketing of their work and for professional and amateur photographers to sell their work confidently on a secure blockchain platform.

Also, competitor of Whatsapp, Telegram will launch its own blockchain platform and native cryptocurrency, which stimulates payments in the chat app and beyond.

I myself bought 0.02 bitcoin in September 2017. That then had a value of € 100, -. At this moment it is € 233.8, -. A profit of € 133.8! Do I have to invest my profits in other coins now? Like Ethereum or IOTA? Do I have to wait? Do I have to buy a regulated cryptocurrency such as Ripple? Are cryptocurrencies not a pyramid scheme where the first, the founders/developers, run away with the money?

The Day of the Crypto

The Day of the Crypto offers answers to all these questions and more in an accessible way. Visitors can visit three ‚Crypto for Dummies‘ sessions in one day. These are aimed at people who are not yet familiar with crypto-investments. It explains what cryptocurrencies are, what you have to do, if you want to put money into it, how to keep your investments safe, what the choices are if you want to invest and what about taxes and tax regulations. There is also a special session that deals with mining.

These are the first ten speakers the announced are:

  1. Jan Kees de Jager, former Minister of Finance and now CFO of KPN
  2. Prof. dr. Mr. Peter Vervest, Professor of Information Management and Networks at the Rotterdam School of Management (Erasmus University)
  3. Maurice de Hond, pollster and entrepreneur
  4. Conny Dorrestijn, fintech entrepreneur and VP Global Payments Marketing at FIS
  5. Michael Eerhart, crypto millionaire and co-Founder GoBlock
  6. Joel Happé, investor, and expert in technical analyzes
  7. Marc van der Chijs, founder First Block Capital, one of the first Bitcoin funds with worldwide licenses
  8. Siebrand Dijkstra, serial entrepreneur and now active in bitcoin mining
  9. Ron Belt, Managing Partner at Capitalmind
  10. Marius Jansen, founder of futures platform Derebit and investor

Crypto Economy World Tour

Crypto Economy World Tour is the professional investor and entrepreneur. During the event, 30 pioneering blockchain startups will do an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) through token sales.

You will also discover the best CryptoCurrency Trading Platform.

Both events are organized by trend watcher Vincent Everts and BECON (Blockchain Ecosystem Network).