Schlenker Spannwerkzeuge with new letterhead

For more than 70 years Schlenker Spannwerkzeuge GmbH & Co. KG dedicates all its passion and knowhow to the production of high-quality clamping tools. But the traditional company also inspires with a modern and creative corporate design. That’s why the Schlenker letterhead is now available in a new design.

When people recognize a brand, they’re more likely to shop there. All successful entrepreneurs know this, which is why corporate design, including corporate identity and public image, are becoming increasingly important. Schlenker Spannwerkzeuge from Villingen-Schwenningen have come up with a more modern and uniform design.

New look: Schlenker letterhead in a new design

Schlenker presents itself as modern and forward-looking, both in terms of processes and products as well as customer service and public appearance. After the product catalogue was published in the new design last year, the letterhead is now also appearing in the new look. The letterhead is not only an eye-catcher, it will also be more sustainable in the future.

New year, new letterhead, more sustainability

A modern company needs more than a good corporate design. Sustainability and environmental protection play an increasingly important role. Schlenker has also firmly anchored these points in its corporate philosophy. For this reason, the new design was deliberately designed with fewer colored areas than before. This saves 50% ink when printing business papers. Sustainability is very important to Schlenker, which is why a lot of value is also attached to such projects.

But why print the paper at all? Schlenker has stopped sending paper invoices for a long time. For the sake of the environment, customers will continue to receive offers and invoices from Schlenker in digital form. Only the design of the stationery has changed.

Since its foundation in 1952 by Hans Schlenker, the Schlenker company has fully specialized in the production of high-quality clamping tools.

The focus on the customer as well as uncompromisingly high quality runs like a red thread through the more than 70 years company history of Schlenker.

Schlenker is regarded as a technological leader on the market for clamping tools and is continuously expanding its business with customer-specific and innovative product solutions.

Schlenker Spannwerkzeuge GmbH & Co. KG
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In der Lache 20
78056 Villingen-Schwenningen
Phone: 07720 99 44 0
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