The most natural Video Communication and Metaverse Experience

January 05, 2023 – Zurich, Switzerland. COPRESENCE, a deep tech start-up, is developing a technology to bring virtual human communication to a more natural and personal level.

The metaverse is here, and we are living in the era of hybrid work. But despite huge investments, two major issues are holding back user adoption: a lack of realism, as well as expensive and inconvenient hardware requirements.
Traditional video conferencing software withholds most nonverbal clues, and can often make it feel like one is being permanently stared at. Compared to real-world conversations, people feel more „disconnected,“ leading to increased mental stress and reduced productivity.
Instead of commonly used cartoon-like graphics, the newly developed and unique COPRESENCE technology will feature photorealistic avatars with realtime facial-expression transfer. The technology is not limited to video
conferencing but will also work as a realistic version in the metaverse or gaming. These photorealistic avatars have the power to become the remote communication technology of the future.
With its team of world-leading researchers and engineers, the Swiss-tech startup is developing an unprecedented solution to bring virtual communication to a more natural and personal level. This technology will stand out due to two distinct benefits: First, the avatar generator will create realistic representations
of users with the help of devices they already own. Second, it will reduce video conferencing bandwidth requirements to the fraction of a tenth when compared to the current industry standard H.264, making it the most climate-friendly solution on the market.
A leap towards a more human virtuality „COPRESENCE will revolutionize online communication as we know it today,“ Radek Mackowiak, CEO of COPRESENCE, is convinced. „Our solution is ideal wherever video communication applications are used for virtual meetings in which participants communicate with each other. Furthermore, it will offer completely new possibilities in the areas of gaming and movies.“
Meeting participants will be represented as their photo-realistic representations in the form of AI avatars sitting in a shared virtual room. With this technology, people will be able to use and sense non-verbal clues, which currently get lost in all video conferencing products. This will enable more natural conversation
dynamics and reduce mental stress while enhancing participant concentration and productivity. To ensure widespread and easy adoption, the software will run on commodity hardware such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs.
However, COPRESENCE will also support VR and AR systems in the future. The first commercially available product will be released in six months“ time: COPRESENCE is building an avatar platform. Big corporations have announced that home office is the new normal (partly) and that video conferencing will continue to play a significant role in working remotely. To finalize the productand to enter the important U.S. market, the Swiss company is looking for additional investors. As a first step to U.S. market entrance, COPRESENCE will
unveil their solution at the CES 2023 in the Swisstech pavilion at Eureka Park at booth 61433.

COPRESENCE, a deep tech start-up

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