Better Sound in the Fiat Ducato with EMPHASER’s EM-FTF1 Speaker

With the EM-FTF1 loudspeaker, EMPHASER is now bringing an easy to install component system onto the market that is specially matched to the acoustics in the Fiat Ducato.

For those wanting to upgrade the sound in their Fiat Ducato III, Peugeot Boxer II or Citroen Jumper II without making modifications to the vehicle there is the speaker system EM-FTF1 from car audio specialist EMPHASER. Acoustically the EM-FTF1 is perfectly matched to the target vehicles, and can be installed as a replacement for the original factory system with minimal effort.
The core element of the speaker set are the woofers with a cone made of aluminum. The high tensile strength and high speed of sound of aluminum as cone material push the breakup modes above 5 kHz, for pistonic operation of the mid/woofer cone, providing precise reproduction of transients with excellent dynamics. Thanks to the large magnetic drive and the low overall weight of the moving assembly the EMPHASER component unit achieves a high efficiency and hence a convincing performance – even when the EM-FTF1 is operated with just a “normal” radio.
The woofers fit perfectly in the speaker opening of the Fiat Ducato front doors, and can be easily connected to the original connectors.
The tweeters with a 25 mm titan dome impress with their brilliance and spatial reproduction. They also integrate exactly in the mountings of the Fiat A-pillar trim or the Remi front blackout system and are simply clipped into the original brackets.
Optimal acoustic interaction of tweeter and woofer is ensured by the elaborately designed crossovers. The cutoff slope for the woofer is 12 dB/oct., and for the tweeter 18 dB/oct.. The crossovers are located directly on the woofer and as a cable crossover at the tweeter respectively so as to allow simple installation. It is not necessary to run any further wiring. Connection is plug and play using the original terminals.

EMPHASER has been a name in the car audio sector for 25 years. The brand has become a well respected brand since middle of the 1990s for its enormously powerful subwoofers of the XTREME series, followed later by the series SPL, Linear-X, Neo-SPL and the state-of-the-art woofer E15NEO-COMP. The present range covers subwoofers, vehicle-specific Plug”N”Play component sets and classic lines of loudspeakers and amplifiers.
EMPHASER products are distributed exclusively through Europe’s largest car media specialist, the Swiss ACR AG.

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