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New Social Networking Site for Communities “MyComms” is Officially Launched

Grandville, Michigan – Social networking sites provide people with a platform to stay connected with each other and share their views. However, the new social networking site www.MyComuniti.com intends to offer much more than what other popular social networking sites are currently offering. It aims to build communities, where people, volunteers and organizations can come together, discuss their views and organize events in their neighborhood or worldwide.

According to one of the representatives of MyComms: “Our website brings together volunteers that organize events and create community/groups in their neighborhoods and worldwide. The whole community benefits from the gifts of much needed help, emotional support, and peace of mind, while volunteers find meaning in giving back to those in need.”

Founded by James Nwazuoke (CEO), MyComms is a unique concept that has been created solely for the purpose of providing people from all walks of life with an opportunity to connect with other likeminded individuals and groups, and make life better in their community. Through this platform volunteers and organizations can connect with each other, spread their views and organize special events in their community. Signing up with the site is completely free and anybody can join and start making connections with other members of the site. Moreover, users can create groups, organize events or join events organized by other members of the site.

For more information, simply visit: https://www.mycomuniti.com/

Phone: 1-614-300-7730
Address: MyComms
2885 Sanford Ave SW
Suite #30850
Grandville, Michigan 49418
Email: admin@mycomuniti.com

Agenda 2011-2012: Italien – die Hütte brennt

Lehrte, 22.12.2014 Italien rückt in der Schuldenkrise wieder in den Mittelpunkt des Geschehens. Abgesehen von den reißerischen News mit denen Medien um die Gunst der Leser buhlen ergibt sich nüchtern betrachtet folgendes Bild: Gemessen am Bruttoinlandsprodukt von 1.569,02 Milliarden Euro beträgt die Schuldenlast Italiens 2.168,67 Mrd. Euro. Nach dem Maastricht Referenzwert von 60 Prozent sind […]

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Product Management and Online Marketing Consultant Youssef Hodaigui Launches Personal Blog

Atlanta, GA – Youssef Hodaigui, an entrepreneur and career self-starter with over 10 years of expertise in online marketing and product management, is sharing his expertise in creation, development and marketing of new products through his personal blog, youssefhodaigui.com. Hodaigui’s expertise assists companies in managing available resources to maximize their return on investment (ROI), grow […]

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Get Equipped for Adventure: Austrian Holiday Company AdventureAustria Announces Handy New Travel Backpack

East Tyrol, Austria – AdventureAustria is proud to introduce their new line of backpacks designed for the outdoor adventurer. AdventureAustria Travel Backpacks are now available on Amazon.co.uk and are the perfect companion for hiking, cycling and other activities that require a lightweight yet functional backpack. “At AdventureAustria we come into daily contact with outdoor enthusiasts […]

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Mobile Perovskite Ore Beneficiation Process

Equipment and process services for the beneficiation of clays and other industrial minerals. Research process development, process design, equipment development, equipment design, and production support.A programme that promotes co-operative activates which would be beneficial to member countries in priority areas of mutual interest, facilitate exchange of knowledge and expertise and provide local resources for implementation […]

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Place your transcription order with onlinetranscriptionservices.biz and get free proofreading, free adjustments and custom formatting

New York City, NY, Dec 22th 2014 – One of the leading transcription service provider onlinetranscriptionservices.biz is now offering free proofreading, free adjustments and custom formatting services. The free features will play a big role in making the services affordable and if you are looking for that one company that blends quality services delivery and […]

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Mini Nepheline Milling Process

Designs and manufactures fiber processing machines. Features a fiber processing flow chart and a list of available equipment.Parts, accessories and tooling for mini-lathes and mini-mills.History of the woolen textile mill in Warrnambool, Australia, founded in a converted meat processing factory in 1875 and in continuous operation under various owners as a textile mill until 2000.Short […]

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Mobile Lead And Zinc Ore Crusher Manufacturers

Philippine manufacturer of lead oxides for battery and paint applications, stearate-based PVC additives, and zinc and aluminum sacrificial anodes.Produces lead and zinc smelter, precious metals and their alloys. Includes profiles, activities, and products.Non-profit research foundation for the purpose of conducting research on behalf of the international community of lead and zinc miners and smelters.Provide contract […]

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Mobile Building Waste Crushing Recycling Unit

The Netherlands. Design and manufacture of mobile and integrated separation and recycling systems for paper, glass, building and construction wastes, earth and sand, wood, combustion slags and asphalt. Also, pre-owned machinery. Technical information. Multi-lingual site.BMT recovers mercury from waste with both fixed and mobile vacuum destillation units.Accepts empty printer cartridges or old mobile phones for […]

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Top rated online summarizer, onlinesummarizer.com reaffirms its commitment towards on-time delivery of projects

New York City, NY, Dec 22th 2014 – A top rated online summarizer onlinesummarizer.com has reaffirmed its allegiance towards ensuring that clients get their projects done on time. The company has greatly emphasized on the importance of delivering assignments and time and in a statement released, the provider clearly stated that it is equipped with […]

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