One for all: New EMPHASER Speakers for BMW

With the EM-BMW3FR1 component and the EM-BMW3FR2 coaxial EMPHASER now has two top class speakers in its product range that are easy to install in almost any BMW

showimage One for all: New EMPHASER Speakers for BMW

EMPHASER loudspeakers for BMW

If you wish to treat yourself and your BMW to a new speaker system you will be faced with a bewildering choice. Finding a system on the aftermarket that not only produces a convincing sound but is also easy to install is no small undertaking. Two great sounding speakers developed specially for BMW that will convince you with their sound and innovative Plug & Play installation concept have just been added to the product range of the car audio specialist EMPHASER: the EM-BMW3FR1 2-way component unit, and the EM-BMW3FR2 coaxial unit. For lovers of powerful music there is also a pair of OE fit style high performance underseat subwoofers (EM-BMW3SUB).

What is special about the new EMPHASERs? Instead of building different systems for different BMW models EMPHASER has designed its new coaxial and component units to fit into almost any current BMW – thanks to the innovative adaptive basket design. Two mounting adaptor rings perfectly suited for the three typical BMW installation variants are supplied with each kit: Simply fit the appropriate mounting ring to the bass or mid-range speaker of the component or coaxial system and install the speaker – finished!
The many years’ experience of the EMPHASER developers is evident in the design of the new speakers. The low resonance plastic basket not only exhibits torsional stiffness but also increases the efficiency of the driver since the material has no influence on the magnetic field. Consequently more magnetic energy remains where it is needed: in the voice coil air gap. The voice coil is wound on a very light 25 mm aluminum former and firmly affixed to a Nomex spider carefully matched to the moving assembly.

The fiber glass cone of the component and coaxial systems offers excellent stability with high damping, making it ideal for dynamic music reproduction free of coloration.
The tweeter of the component system is thoroughly convincing as well. The light 25 mm titanium dome offers a low resonance frequency (Fs) and with it, extends the frequency reproduction for a lower crossover frequency. This provides better staging, whereas the high frequency range is linearized by the low dome weight and a special surround type.
As a tweeter for the coaxial system the 19 mm woven dome is ideal: Its good radiation pattern even at an angle is the best basis for optimal sound from the original installation position in the door. In addition, the diffuser supports staging, giving the sound even more atmosphere.

The new speaker items for BMW are rounded off by the underseat subwoofer EM-BMW3SUB. The double layer magnet drive and the additional stiff fiberglass cone enable powerful reproduction of bass frequencies with low distortion even at high sound pressure levels. The vehicle-specific design and construction allow installation to be completed in a few minutes.
In many cases the original BMW subwoofer is permanently bonded with the enclosure, making it difficult to remove. The EMPHASER enclosure EM-BMW3SBC does away with such time consuming work. Simply remove the old woofer together with enclosure, and install the EMPHASER sub with its new EM-BMW3SBC housing – finished!

EMPHASER has been a name in the car audio sector for 25 years. The brand has become a well respected brand since middle of the 1990s for its enormously powerful subwoofers of the XTREME series, followed later by the series SPL, Linear-X, Neo-SPL and the state-of-the-art woofer E15NEO-COMP. The present range covers subwoofers, vehicle-specific Plug”N”Play component sets and classic lines of loudspeakers and amplifiers. For 2019 EMPHASER has announced a new series of amplifiers with integrated DSP and Bluetooth audio streaming of utterly compact dimensions, controlled by smartphone app.
EMPHASER products are distributed exclusively through Europe’s largest car media specialist, the Swiss ACR AG.

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