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SocialMe University to Sponsor 2017 Social Impact Awards

SocialMe University, a New York based full-service social media marketing and content marketing teaching agency dedicated to providing group seminars, one-on-one training, and networking opportunities to all interested clients and participating businesses, this week announced they are officially sponsoring the 2017 Social Impact Awards, to be announced this May 1, 2017.

Broken down into Social Enterprise of the Year as well as Social Entrepreneur of the Year, the Social Impact Awards will be a voting-based awards event and will tally the responses on

For those interested in nominating their favourite social entrepreneurs and enterprises, visit:

The winners and top nominations will be released in May.

This event wouldn’t be possible without the public relations support and complementary press release service being offered by SocialMe University.

The winners will receive a press release template, finished document, and distribution support from the Brooklyn, New York agency.

As a company dedicated to making a positive impact on global communities, SocialMe University jumped at the opportunity to sponsor this first-ever socially-based awards event.

For more information, visit:

# notes to editors:

SocialMe is unique social media management company that offers in-person teaching, coaching and training through our classes and seminars. SocialMe University offers classes in every facet of digital marketing that is relevant in today’s marketplace. From Facebook Advertising to DIY App Making, we keep you engaged with short, affordable classes to help your business or brand stand out in the competitive race of social media promotion today.

Address: 195 Montague Street, Brooklyn Heights, NY 11201
Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.
Phone: 518-428-4271
Email: info (at)

Country music gets a new lease of life with the entry of Clint Stanton

To those who love country music, there is a new kind in town, Clint Stanton. The upcoming artist is about to release some of his best collections March 25th 2017 for that matter that will catch the souls of country music admirers.

According to information on most of the social media channels run n by the Clint Station band, the Lexington-based musician is bound to shake the music airwaves.

In fact, the family touch with which the songs come makes Clint collections a masterpiece in country music that is likely to change the perception of many.

„The honesty and the direct nature in which the music takes the revelers will be in contrast to some of the country music collections you could have heard,“ says the manager.

„Most of the Clint inspiration is believed to have come from his natural interactions that have brought the uniqueness in both his style and the manner of presentation of the music,“ he continued.

In spite of his upbringing, the talent in the artist runs deep. It is in this regard that a lot of comparisons made between him and some of the best country musicians like Johnny Cash whose imprints will run for generations.

According to Clint, „the release of the collection will be a culmination of his long-held childhood dream of exhibiting my talent that has taken me many years.“

In fact, he has his mother to thank for her inspiration that has made him remain focused on what he loves most. With this milestone, he hopes that he is going to perfect what he started as a mere passionate hobby in Nashville back in 2005.

According to some of those close to the artist, it is the healing touch of Clint music that is likely to draw much of the attention.

The above is affirmed by the artist himself who says that „Music and songwriting is a healing process for me, to share joy, hurt, and pain.“ „It is a freedom we all have, a connection to life and the stories we live.“

One of his yet to be released piece-‘I can’t wait’ is a tribute to his mother, a song written after his mother’s passing.

„However, it is the melodies mix and lyrics of these country music collections that, makes them worth your times,“ says Ann, a local country music lover in Florida.

For instance, his use of words is meager with the message crafted in a more precise manner that leaves the listener with the aftertaste wanting for more.

„He has learned the art that less is more,“ says one of the support artists we spoke to on condition of anonymity as he is not supposed to talk to the press before the release.

Clint Stanton is aware of the immense power of the social media, and you can find him on the following channels and pages to get a glimpse of what he has on offer.

Some of the channels include,

YOUTUBE CLINT STANTON, Vimeo at – , daily motion – , twitch – , twitter – , facebook – or contact him at

Ms. Michelle McLain, Manager/Promoter
McLain Promotions
Phone: 513.212.0535
Address: PO Box #54361, 2041 Creative Dr Ste 100, Lexington, KY 40505-9998


Nimbus Data Partners with SK Hynix

Nimbus Data, developer of ExaFlash™, the world’s most advanced flash memory platform for cloud infrastructure and big data, today announced a strategic supply and technology alliance with SK Hynix, one of the world’s top suppliers of cutting-edge NAND flash.

„ExaFlash is the most scalable all-flash array ever conceived, incorporating up to 276,480 NAND dies, or 4.5 petabytes of raw flash memory, in one fully-redundant system,“ stated Thomas Isakovich, CEO and Founder of Nimbus Data. „Our alliance with SK Hynix on NAND flash supply ensures that we can meet the needs of our Tier 1 customers, including leading Web properties, media/entertainment companies, and service providers, with the highest capacity, greatest energy efficiency, and lowest cost per gigabyte.“

The ExaFlash platform offers virtually infinite on-demand scalability, 95% lower energy consumption, unmatched multiprotocol support, and over 50x greater rack density, all at less than half the cost of competing approaches. At the high end, the ExaFlash D-series incorporates 4.5 petabytes (4,500,000 gigabytes) in a fully-redundant 4U form factor, a configuration that would require over 250 U (62x more rack space) with competing scale-out all-flash arrays.

„Our strategic partnership with Nimbus Data will help accelerate flash adoption as a true cost-comparable capacity-superior replacement of traditional hard drive-based arrays,“ stated YR Kim, Vice President at SK Hynix. „We are delighted to partner with Nimbus Data’s innovative team to further push the envelope of all-flash scalability, energy efficiency, and data center density, the three factors most critical in reshaping tomorrow’s data center.“

About Nimbus Data

Nimbus Data has developed the world’s most advanced flash memory platform for cloud infrastructure and big data. The ExaFlash™ platform offers virtually infinite on-demand scalability, 95% lower energy consumption, unmatched multiprotocol support, and over 50x greater rack density, all at less than half the cost of competing approaches. For more information, visit , and follow us on social media and

Jonas M.
Company: Nimbus Data
Address: 65 Enterprise, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
Phone: (877) 664-6287


Home Disaster Restoration Services | Company Wins the Trust of High-Profile Clientele

Allied Restoration is proud to announce a new strategic focus on serving high-profile local clients and luxury properties. Over the years, Allied Restoration has become one of the most trusted names in Southern California’s water damage restoration in Los Angeles and disaster remediation industry.

On its journey to becoming a luxury restoration company, Allied Restoration successfully achieved premium training and certifications, industry recognition, and endorsements from local celebrity customers.

O.P. Almaraz, the owner of Allied Restoration, writes, „When we opened up Allied Restoration, we did a search and found out that there were 500 restoration companies within a 50-mile radius of our front door. We knew we had to find a way to set ourselves apart. We decided we would build the premier service disaster restoration brand. Like all companies, we started with certifications but we set ourselves apart by going through organized training with premium hospitality brands. We stopped competing with dry down companies and started competing with 5-Star Hotels.“

In 2013, Allied Restoration was recognized as a top restoration company by Cleanfax Magazine, a trusted publication among restoration professionals that offers industry tips and news, putting a national spotlight on the company. Commended for its exception business management, marketing platforms, and entrepreneurial spirit, Allied Restoration was highlighted as a role model company for others in the industry.

Additionally, Allied Restoration has successfully earned a reputation with homeowners for delivering quality work and excellent customer service for luxury properties. Local high-profile clients took notice.

Nancy O’Dell, a national television host and entertainment journalist, worked with Allied Restoration to restore water damage in her Los Angeles home. She lauded the company, writing, „We hit the jackpot with Allied Restoration. They did a beautiful job construction-wise but most importantly, they were so professional and nice throughout the whole process!“

In addition, American actress Melissa Gilbert was referred to Allied Restoration when a pipe broke in her home. She highly recommends the company, stating, „Allied Restoration is high on our list to recommend to our friends and family, and if we are ever in need of similar services again, they will be our first call.“

To reflect their new brand position as a luxury restoration company, Allied Restoration rebranded in late 2016 with a new logo and revamped website. While the company still serves properties of all types, it is now focusing marketing efforts on high-value residential and commercial properties.

About Allied Restoration

Allied Restoration Inc., owned by Cleaning and Restoration Association President O.P. Almaraz, was established by service professionals with a combined 25 years of experience in the insurance restoration industry. The foundation of the business is rooted in one primary goal: To Serve the Customer!

Each member of the team has been hand-selected and trained to hold and promote the company’s core value of customer service, which is reinforced daily in everything Allied Restoration does.

As a General Contractor, Allied Restoration serves commercial and residential losses in the Orange County and Los Angeles areas with the following solutions; Fire Restoration , Wind, & Water Damage Restoration , Mold Remediation Services Los Angeles , Water Extraction, Board-Ups, and Temporary Roofing.

Jonas M.
Company: Allied Restore
Address: 900 S. Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90015
Phone: (888) 860-1003


Old Truman Brewery to host biggest Event Tech Live in November

Event Tech Live (ETL) returns to the Old Truman Brewery on 9 November 2017, with a bigger footprint for its fourth edition.

Organiser Event Industry News will use the space to expand and redefine its acclaimed content with stages matched to specific sectors of the event industry.

The Expo & Engage Stage, Festival & Future Stage, Brand & Buzz, Conference & Creativity and Launchpad & Start-up are designed to make the show easier to navigate and provide a platform to detail and discuss the tiers of technology and innovation impacting on those elements of the market.

Adam Parry, Co-founder of Event Tech Live, comments: „We have taken on significantly more space at Truman Brewery so we can realign content in the context of its vertical market. Technology can mean very different things across event sectors and ETL is in a perfect place to do the detail, in terms of our content and exhibitors.“

Details of the Event Tech Live 2017 programme will be announced over the next few months with „some very exciting additions“ expected later in the year.

Paul Allott
Company: Event Industry News
Address: 4 Glasby Square, Retford, DN22 6EP, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0) 1777 802 111

Computer/Internet/IT Internationales

HCL von Gartner als „Leader“ für Managed Workplace Services in Europa und Nordamerika ausgezeichnet

München – 03. März 2017 – HCL Technologies (HCL) wurde in der von Gartner veröffentlichten Marktübersicht „Magic Quadrant für Managed Workplace Services in Europa“ vom 11. Januar 2017* als führender Dienstleister ausgezeichnet. Darüber hinaus ist das Unternehmen auch Leader im „Magic Quadrant für Managed Workplace Services in Nordamerika“ vom 30. Januar 2017**. Die Berichte bewerten Managed Workplace Services (MWS) einschließlich des traditionellen Endanwender-Outsourcings sowie neuer digitaler Arbeitsplatz-Services, um Nutzern einen Cloud-first-basierten, automatisierten und integrierten Support anzubieten.

HCL wurde für sein starkes Wachstum, sein breites Portfolio und seine umfassenden Fähigkeiten im Managed-Workplace-Service-Markt ausgezeichnet. Weltweit wird das Wachstum des Unternehmens durch seine Leistungsstärke in den Bereichen Desktop-, Mobilitäts- und Service-Desk-Dienste sowie Initiativen wie die Akquisition von P2P, einem britischen Virtualisierungsdienstleister, untermauert.

Gartner hat 15 MWS-Anbieter in Europa und 21 in Nordamerika aufgrund ihrer Umsetzung und strategischen Zukunftsvision von MWS positioniert. Gemäß dem Bericht verfügen Leader über erprobte Service-Lösungen und haben eine klare Vision, in welche Richtung sich der Dienstleistungsmarkt entwickeln wird. Zudem arbeiten sie aktiv an der Verbesserung ihrer Kompetenzen, um ihre Führungsposition zu sichern. Der Leader Quadrant ist richtungsweisend für den MWS-Markt.

„Wir sind stolz darauf, dass wir von Gartner als Leader für Managed Workplace Services prämiert wurden, dies belegt unsere Stärken in Bezug auf anspruchsvolle Beratungsfunktionen von End-to-End-Services rund um den digitalen optimierten und modernen Arbeitsplatz“, erläutert Kalyan Kumar, CTO – IT-Services, HCL Technologies. „Unsere DRYiCE Automatisierungs- und Orchestrierungsplattform, die auf erstklassigen KI-Technologien basiert, umfasst Lösungen wie WorkBlaze und OptiBot. Sie sind nicht nur proaktiv, sondern unterstützen auch dabei, Zeit zu sparen und Herausforderungen zu vermeiden, die im Zusammenhang mit der Fehlersuche beim Service Desk und der Behebung von Systemfehlern stehen. Als Bindeglied zwischen Back- und Front-End vereinfacht der kognitive intelligente virtuelle Assistent DRYiCE LUCY den Service Desk und ermöglicht es, Anfragen über den natürlichen Sprachgebrauch zu bearbeiten.“

Die nächste Generation der Workplace Services von HCL bietet Beratung, professionelle und operative Dienstleistungen. Damit lassen sich Arbeitsplätze in maßgeschneiderte, kollaborative, vernetzte, innovative und intelligente Arbeitsbereiche verwandeln. Mit dem Portfolio an IPs und Tools, das durch wichtige Partnerschaften und Investitionen unterstützt wird, bietet das Unternehmen neue Lösungen für BYOD, Mobilität, Desktop-Bereitstellung, Collaboration, Enterprise-Netzwerke, Endanwender-Experience-Management und User-Support-Umgebungen.


*Gartner Magic Quadrant für Managed Workplace Services in Europa vom 11. Januar 2017, Gioanluca Tramacere et al. 

** Gartner Magic Quadrant für Managed Workplace Services für Nordamerika vom 30. Januar 2017, Daniel Barros et al.

Gartner empfiehlt in seinen Publikationen keine Anbieter, Produkte oder Services und rät Anwendern nicht dazu, sich nur für die Anbieter mit den besten Bewertungen oder anderen Auszeichnungen zu entscheiden. Die wissenschaftlichen Veröffentlichungen basieren auf den Erkenntnissen der Gartner-Experten und sollten nicht als Tatsachen aufgefasst werden. Gartner übernimmt für diese Veröffentlichung keine Gewähr, explizit oder impliziert, für die Einsatzfähigkeit und Eignung für bestimmte Anwendungen.


Über HCL Technologies 

HCL Technologies ist ein führendes globales IT-Service-Unternehmen, das gemeinsam mit seinen Kunden daran arbeitet, den Kern ihres Geschäfts zu beeinflussen und neu zu definieren. Das Unternehmen ist seit seinem Börsengang im Jahr 1999 und der Notierung im Jahr 2000 international präsent, betreibt heute Niederlassungen in 32 Ländern und verzeichnet einen konsolidierten Umsatz von 6,4 Milliarden US-Dollar (zum 30. Juni 2016, 12-Monats-Basis). Für das Unternehmen des 21. Jahrhunderts konzentriert sich HCL auf die Transformation von Geschäftsmodellen auf der Basis von Innovation und Wertschöpfung und bietet ein integriertes Portfolio verschiedener Services wie BEYONDigital, IoT WoRKS, Engineering Services Outsourcing und Next-Generation ITO, vor allem für integrierte Infrastruktur-Services, Anwendungsservices und Business-Services. HCL nutzt DryICE, seine Automations- und Orchestrierungsplattform der dritten Generation, ein weltweites Netzwerk integrierter Innovations-Labs und globale Kapazitäten, um ganzheitliche Multi-Service-Angebote in vertikalen Schlüsselbranchen wie Finanzdienstleistung, Produktion, Telekommunikation, Medien, Verlagswesen und Unterhaltung, Handel und Verbrauchsgüter, Biowissenschaften und Gesundheitswesen, Öl und Gas, Energie- und Versorgungswirtschaft, Reise, Transport und Logistik sowie im öffentlichen Sektor bereitzustellen. Mit 107.968 Experten verschiedener Nationalitäten erzielt HCL Technologies für seinen Kunden einen echten Mehrwert, indem es „Beziehungen über den Vertrag hinaus“ führt. Für mehr Informationen besuchen Sie bitte:



Fink & Fuchs  AG

Markus Tausch

Tel: 089 – 58 97 87 28



Nimbus Data Announces Flash Supply and Technology Partnership

Nimbus Data, whose new ExaFlash all-flash array systems were announced at Flash Memory Summit 2016, announce a new strategic partnership to supply NAND flash and supporting technology to Nimbus. ExaFlash is claimed to be the world’s most advanced flash memory platform that supports big data and cloud infrastructure. SK Hynix is rated as one of the world’s leading suppliers of cutting-edge NAND flash.

According to Thomas Isakovich, CEO and founder of Nimbus Data, „ExaFlash is the most scalable all-flash array ever conceived, incorporating up to 276,480 NAND dies, or 4.5 petabytes of raw flash memory, in one fully-redundant system. Our alliance with SK Hynix on NAND flash supply ensures that we can meet the needs of our Tier 1 customers, including leading Web properties, media/entertainment companies, and service providers, with the highest capacity, greatest energy efficiency, and lowest cost per gigabyte.“

Nimbu’s ExaFlash platform provides virtually infinite on-demand scalability, unequaled support for multiple protocols, 95% lower energy consumption, as well as over 50% greater rack density, and at price points that are less than half that of competing storage methods. When maxed out, the ExaFlash D-series provides 4.5 petabytes (4,500,00 gigabytes) of raw flash storage in a fully-redundant 4U form factor. This configuration would require over 250 U (that equates to 62 X more rack space) with competing all-flash arrays when scaled out to a similar capacity.

YR Kim, Vice President at SK Hynix, states that „Our strategic partnership with Nimbus Data will help accelerate flash adoption as a true cost-comparable capacity-superior replacement of traditional hard drive-based arrays. We are delighted to partner with Nimbus Data’s innovative team to further push the envelope of all-flash capacity, energy efficiency and data center density, the three factors most critical in reshaping tomorrow’s data center.“

For more information, you can view the ExaFlash product page at Nimbus Data’s website at

Jonas M.
Company: Nimbus Data
Address: 65 Enterprise, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
Tel: (877) 664-6287


An Exclusive Interview With The Designer Of The Famous Juvite Jewellery Brand

The famous jewellery brand Juvite, highly valued by fashionistas around the world, is getting closer to its prospective buyers. Previously available in boutiques and jewellery stores, Juvite sterling silver jewellery is now presented to retail customers on the Internet. The Australian owned online jewellery store Trezoro Jewellery offers a wide range of Juvite products for women seeking to emphasise their distinct and unique style.

Juvite statement rings , earrings, and pendants are meticulously crafted from 925 sterling silver and decorated with natural gemstones. But not only the excellent quality makes it stand apart – the key difference is in the design. Unusual and intricate, bright and conspicuous, it is remembered forever at first glance.

The brand’s designer Igor Kontorsky is not a public person. He does not give interviews and has no social media accounts. It may seem unusual in the age obsessed with online communications, but just one look at the brand’s booth at trade exhibitions flooded with wholesale buyers from around the world, and it becomes clear that additional marketing effort is simply not required.

However, Igor made an exception for Trezoro Jewellery and kindly agreed to answer several questions about the history of the brand, his background, his creative plans and inspirations. Brand followers will be delighted to get to know the process of creating products. Igor provides a detailed answer to the question how an idea is born and how it takes shape – first in wax, then in silver.

The text of this exclusive interview with Igor is published on Trezoro Jewellery’s blog

About Trezoro Jewellery

Trezoro Jewellery is a young and rapidly growing company that offers a wide range of jewellery in silver and natural stones to online customers. A distinctive feature of the products presented in the store is an unusual design and wide assortment of styles from romantic to provocative. All products are of the highest quality and carry a year’s warranty. Free shipping in Australia and New Zealand, and delivery worldwide is available.

Natalie Taylor
Company: Trezoro Jewellery
Tel +61 490 374 618
Address: Adelaide, South Australia, Australia


Island Watch Co. Partners Too Preserve Our World’s Oceans and Marine Life

Island Watch Co. was started due to the founder’s love of the islands, surfing, saltwater fishing and anything to do with the ocean.  Island Watch Co. created a collection of wooden watches for like-minded island enthusiasts that would allow people to live the island lifestyle and to provide them with a brand that has deep island roots, style and craftsmanship.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each wooden watch go to support ocean preservation, a cause that the company deeply believes in.

When Island Watch Co. was launched, we knew that we were going to give back to the lifestyle that our company was founded on, says Dallas Alford, Island Watch Co. founder.  We are 100% committed to the natural environment that island enthusiasts love so much.   To show our commitment, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each wooden watch is donated to Oceana, a non-profit organization that is focused on preserving the world’s oceans.  Island Watch Co. and Oceana both believe that if we can save our oceans, we can ultimately feed the world.  Restoring our world’s oceans could feed 1 billion people a healthy seafood meal every day.  Alford continued by saying “Island Watch Co. is proud of our partnership with Oceana and is 100% committed to restoring our world’s oceans.  We are not just focused on our bottom line at Island Watch Co. but instead focus on providing our customers with hand-made wooden watches that will add to their island lifestyle and in-turn allow Island Watch Co. to contribute to an organization and cause that we deeply believe in.”

It’s amazing the things that Oceana is doing and what they are accomplishing.  Such things include: managing fishery populations in order to have sustainable seafood; reducing the amount of ocean pollution; protecting endangered marine species such as sea turtles; and implementing measures to reduce seafood fraud.  All of us at Island Watch Co. encourage anyone that loves the islands and our oceans to check out Oceana’s website at and consider becoming a donor today.

Island Watch Co. believes that with the growing concern for the environment, people feel good knowing they are doing something to contribute to saving the planet, and an Island Watch Co. wooden watch allows them to do just that with island style.  We sincerely appreciate each and every one of our customers as the sale of our men’s wooden watches and women’s wooden watches allow us to give back to something we deeply believe in.

To view Island Watch Co.’s entire collection of island style wooden watches, visit

Media Contact:
Dallas Alford
Company: Island Watch Co.
Phone: (910) 262-4412
Address: 3809 La Costa Way, Raleigh, NC 27610


Small Biz Makeover proudly announces the launch of their new Search Engine Optimization services, starting on February 2nd, 2017

By popular demand, Small Biz Makeover is now expanding their web design products to include digital marketing services. Their new efforts include a focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a major component of successful marketing in the digital era.

This evolution in the company’s website design services emerged to meet a rising demand for digital marketing in the small business sector. After months of thorough training, testing, successful case studies, and market analysis, these services are quickly emerging as an effective solution for businesses seeking increased visibility for their web-based content.

Targeted at improving the Google, Bing, and Yahoo search-ability of businesses, this SEO service is designed to improve the ranking position of client pages in search results, expand presence across online directories, build customer relationships, secure website data, and garner relevant traffic for client websites.

Combined with their original design and web development services, this program ensures that businesses working with Small Biz Makeover are not only online, but thriving with a strong online strategy. They’ve already received positive feedback from test subjects, and they’ve developed a flexible plan to boost results for a wide range of industries.

With over 91% of searchers never looking past page 1 of search engine results to find the goods and services they need, SEO has become a more critical part of digital marketing than ever. Through the enduring work of Small Biz Makeovers’ leadership team, its latest package provides new and existing customers with a faster return on their web design investment and a comprehensive plan for long-term profitability.

The owner, Jake, says of this new service, “SEO is an ongoing battle. It’s not something you can set-and-forget. Many of your competitors are investing in SEO efforts for their sites because they understand how important it is to improve their Google rank. There’s gold at the end of the rainbow….”

The ongoing monthly service takes hundreds of SEO ranking factors into account, accelerating traffic and sales through: custom-built and service-specific content, mobile-responsive design, optimized web coding, ongoing content development (including video, blogs, and social media), and link-building strategies.

Business owners seeking a more profitable website, or anyone seeking a partnership with results-driven online marketing experts can contact the Small Biz Makeover team to discuss their personalized SEO strategy.

Discover more details on Small Biz Makeover’s search engine optimization services and any of their other web design offers here

Small Biz Makeover is a full-service online marketing company located in Hoboken, New Jersey. Its goal is targeted to generating profits for growth-driven companies.

Find Small Biz Makeover Website Design on Facebook and Google +

Small Biz Makeover
Phone: 201-253-6734
Address: 502 Grand Street, Suite 6084, Hoboken, NJ 07030