Great sound for BMW: EMPHASER speakers EM-BMWF1 and EM-BMWR1

With the EM-BMWF1 component and the EM-BMWR1 coaxial system, EMPHASER offers two top class speakers that are easy to retrofit in many BMW models.

Vehicle-specific speakers offer two clear advantages compared with standard systems: they are not only easy to install, but are also optimally matched to the particular vehicle for their sound characteristics. Two great sounding speakers that impress with their sound and plug and play installation concept have now been added by car hi-fi specialist EMPHASER to its product range: the 2-way component system EM-BMWF1 and the 2-way coaxial system EM-BMWR1 that are easy to retrofit in many BMW models.
In the few minutes that it takes to fit, these high-end speakers will turn the vehicle into a concert hall on wheels. Perfect matching of individual components enables an awesome sound experience – with highly dynamic response, natural voices and fine definition of high frequencies.
Both speaker systems have a robust aluminum die-cast basket that fits perfectly in the original installation openings of the BMW. Connection is plug & play using the vehicle-specific connection terminal.
Powerful ferrite magnets are one of the features of these BMW speakers, and the EM-BMWF1 also has a Faraday copper cap on the pole core for impedance linearization. Thanks to the stable magnetic field, the amplifier used can deliver a constant output over the entire frequency response, and produce a sound image faithful to the original without distortion.
The core element of both systems is the aluminum cone of the 10 cm woofer/mid-range speaker. The high sound conductivity and stability of aluminum guarantee faithful, precise music reproduction.
Both the coaxial and the component speaker systems have a fine definition tweeter with woven fabric dome, which can reproduce the smallest details and has an impressive spatial sound. The 25 mm tweeter of the EM-BMWF1 comes in a special housing that enables simple plug & play mounting in the original BWM installation slot. The 16 mm tweeter of the EM-BMWR1 coaxial system impresses with its excellent radiation pattern – even at unfavorable angles.
The component system kit includes a 12/6 dB/octave crossover that, thanks to its vehicle-specific connections, can also be easily integrated into the BWM interface. To filter out deep bass frequencies and so enhance the load capability, there is the option of switching in a 150 Hz high-pass filter on both systems.
These speakers for BMW can be easily combined with the powerful underseat subwoofer EM-BMW3SUB that EMPHASER also has in its product range.

EMPHASER has been a name in the car audio sector for 25 years. The brand has become a well respected brand since middle of the 1990s for its enormously powerful subwoofers of the XTREME series, followed later by the series SPL, Linear-X, Neo-SPL and the state-of-the-art woofer E15NEO-COMP. The present range covers subwoofers, vehicle-specific Plug“N“Play component sets and classic lines of loudspeakers and amplifiers.
EMPHASER products are distributed exclusively through Europe’s largest car media specialist, the Swiss ACR AG.

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