Marketing and media planning 2022: Görs Communications advises cross-media use of paid media, owned media and earned media plus SEO + PR

Görs Communications (Lübeck / Hamburg / HanseBelt region) offers many years of experience, cost awareness and creativity in media and marketing planning. Contact us now for advice.

Marketing and media consultancy Görs Communications (Lübeck / Hamburg / HanseBelt region) offers more than 20 years of experience in marketing and media planning as well as marketing and media consultancy.

Owner Daniel Görs focuses on the smart and cost-optimized combination of cross-media, social media, paid media, owned media and earned media as well as public relations (PR) and search engine optimization (SEO) in media and marketing planning.

Media planning 2022: Görs Communications advises cross-media use of paid media, owned media and earned media as well as SEO and PR as focal points

For most media and marketing agencies and companies, marketing budget and media planning for the coming year is on the agenda in the last quarter of the year. This fall 2021 is no exception when it comes to 2022 media consulting and media planning. Now is the time to analyze, optimize, re-plan and book in advertising and media spend, marketing bookings and placements, social media and Google advertising, etc. What are the changes (after Corona?) in the budget, what should be focused on in the coming year 2022, what marketing, media, advertising and communication campaigns should be implemented? Due to the Internet, the various forms of advertising, marketing and public relations / corporate communications have changed significantly over the years. The Corona pandemic has given digital marketing and digital communications an additional boost. Companies, marketers and communicators increasingly relied on digital content, which can be placed in a variety of forms: From online and search engine advertising to digital media / owned media / paid media / earned media (= “D.O.P.E.” media) to advertising placements on the popular and professional social media platforms.

Since “gut feeling” tends to be overrated, marketing and media planning in 2022 should start with the actual state. Which marketing and advertising placements were particularly successful in 2021, which marketing and advertising measures flopped, which campaign really stood out in terms of cost-benefit ratio? Of course, these questions (especially when it comes to soft factors such as image) cannot be answered with one hundred percent accuracy, but a list of all previous media placements, advertisements and marketing campaigns that is as precise as possible should always form the basis for media planning and media optimization. Especially in Internet advertising / online marketing and social media / social media and social networks, the bottom line is that the evaluation tools have improved significantly in recent years, even if the message has not yet reached all media and marketing managers by a long shot.

Of course, evaluating the marketing and media placements made should only be a first step. But many companies, media and marketing agencies leave it at the analysis. Advertising in the coming year is placed where successes were already achieved in the previous year, supplemented by individual ideas (“… couldn’t you also place with XY, … “). This is understandable, but anything but optimal. If a company restricts itself only to tried and tested advertising spaces, it may be reasonably on the safe side (since it has been tried and tested); however, it is giving away enormous potential for increasing awareness, attention and sales. Instead, every company, especially if it is budget-conscious or has only a small advertising budget, should follow both paths – media analysis and media optimization. In other words, continue with successful media placements, but at the same time try out new approaches – especially in the rapidly growing online market.

Cross-media planning: optimally dovetailing print and online in 2022

Görs Communications (Lübeck / Hamburg / HanseBelt-Region – ), a marketing and media consultancy, has made the experience over the years that trade journals (and above all their media consultants) attach different importance to their own online area, which is reflected considerably in the price. Some publishers see the future in the online sector, which is why they are increasingly focusing on online advertising, while others are still stuck in the good old print world and treat online advertising spaces correspondingly stepmotherly. A good marketing and media consultancy like Görs Communications naturally starts here with the price negotiations. After all, the prices set out in the media data are not set in stone. Prices can often be significantly reduced by appropriate negotiation.

Particularly in the case of cross-media combination offers of print and online, enormous price reductions can be achieved with the appropriate conduct of negotiations – depending on the importance that the publisher and the publisher’s media consultant attach to the individual forms of advertising. The cross-media combination of print and online can therefore generate significant gains, which should be reflected in every media plan – those who “still” place print should at least take advantage of the publisher’s associated online offers. Cross-media makes the difference, not only in terms of content, but above all in terms of price. Cross-media placements with renowned trade media also offer a lot in terms of search engine optimization (SEO). This is because valuable (do-follow) backlinks with a lot of trust can be achieved at relatively favorable conditions and low costs via cross-media manufacturer or reference source ads, product and company entries, white papers, sponsored postings, etc. – something that would be very difficult or impossible to achieve using the classic means of public relations (PR), for example.

Planning online and social media advertising: many years of experience like at Görs Communications make the difference

Large online portals or news sites offer a wide range of advertising options including extensive data analyses on the individual advertising placements – unfortunately, these sites are not of interest to most companies due to the scattering loss. B2B customers can hardly be reached here.

Online specialist portals, on the other hand, now also offer a wide range of advertising options, but the data analysis they provide often leaves a lot to be desired. And there are two reasons for this. On the one hand, many online offerings do not want to hand over their figures because the access figures leave much to be desired, and on the other hand, they are often not even technically capable of collecting the data. From the advertiser’s point of view, this is of course a dilemma – how can the black sheep be distinguished from the good advertising opportunities? Without experience (and own data about the previous success of the individual advertising placements!) one has to place “on the off chance”, which of course cannot be the sense or purpose of a reasonable media planning.

Tip from experienced media and marketing manager and consultant Daniel Görs: “Don’t limit yourself to common online formats such as banners, but keep a targeted lookout for attractive niches such as cross-media company listings and source ads, whitepapers and other suitable and cost-effective content marketing formats, and link paid, owned and earned media as best you can. If you can’t tell the black sheep from the optimal advertising options, you can always contact me, too, and I’ll be happy to help you there.”

Advertising on search engines as well as search engine optimization (SEO) 2022 absolutely must be considered in the budget

An important place in the media planning of any company – so whether consumer goods manufacturers, B2B sector or even the real estate industry – should always take Google Ads. With the necessary experience, results can be achieved via search engine advertising that are significantly better than other online advertising options in terms of price-performance ratio. Therefore, a part of the advertising budget should always be reserved for Google – which of course depends on the industry and target group. In addition, Google Ads offer what many (small) portals do not: Data. Anyone who places a Google Ads ad only pays when a user clicks on the ad – and not when it merely appears. In addition, it is easy to limit one’s own budget that one wants to spend on an ad per day. If this is used up, the ad is no longer played. This makes Google AdWords a controllable and very efficient tool, no matter what the industry.

“Search engine marketing (SEM) such as Google Ads work immediately, but are expensive in the medium term. I therefore recommend building up and expanding search engine optimization (SEO) in parallel,” advises SEM and SEO expert Daniel Görs. “The maximum SEO effect is usually achieved only after 6 months and it is important to actively operate SEO continuously – but for this companies, organizations and entrepreneurs do not have to pay a cent to Google for the clicks. Therefore SEO – ideally supported by online PR – is in the medium and long term without alternative in the media and marketing planning”, emphasizes the experienced communication and marketing manager and consultant Daniel Görs.

Xing, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Co.: Include social media advertising in marketing and media planning in 2022

Last but not least, of course, advertising in social networks should also be considered in media planning. Not “because everyone is doing it,” but because targeted social media advertising makes sense. With the emphasis on “targeted.” Which social network to advertise on depends, of course, on the industry and the type of ad – while consumer goods manufacturers probably choose Facebook for their image campaigns, advertising on Xing is likely to be much more interesting for the HR department of a B2B company. In addition, there are also the advertising placements on Twitter; the short message service has significantly fewer users than Facebook, but a much more interesting target group.

Media consulting and media planning 2022: it’s best to dance at several weddings

Of course, there are many more advertising platforms to consider in media planning 2022, but it should be clear: Any good media planning and media consulting must now cover diverse relevant media channels. In marketing and on the web, it’s all about one thing: reach. You want to reach as many (relevant) people as possible and convince them of your product/service, your company and your brand. To achieve this, modern companies also use the media forms of paid media, owned media and earned media. The word “media” actually refers to the medium or communication channel that is used.

Not because being there is everything, but in order to achieve the best possible value for money. This is anything but convenient and requires experience, but nothing is worse than senselessly wasting money. After all, it’s all about awareness, attention and sales. As a professional and reputable media and marketing consultancy, Görs Communications can look back on a decade of successful marketing services. Owner Daniel Görs has more than 20 years of media and marketing experience. The articles on the Görs Communications website show how the planning, conceptualization, implementation and management of media and marketing can be optimally designed. Contact us free of charge for your marketing and media planning 2022: Free call 0800 46377266 or via info (at)

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