New website: now serving the growing Chinese fiber optics market for industrial and medical applications

18 June 2019: The website of CeramOptec, a manufacturer of multi-mode fiber optics for industrial and medical laser applications, has recently been launched at to provide detailed information in Chinese such as the range of products, the next trade fair participations as well as background information and news about the company. CeramOptec is thus responding to the growing demand for optical fibers in Asia and especially in China. The Asian market, with its rapid growth and the associated technical changes plays an important role in the photonics industry.

In particular, the Optran® UV NCC/WF NCC fibers with their rectangular core geometry and the Optran® UV NSS fiber with improved solarization resistance are meeting with great interest on the Chinese market. CeramOptec has perfected the sophisticated manufacture of these complex fibers. The entire manufacturing process is carried out at its own premises.

Due to the versatile application options of the different CeramOptec fibers, the website features a separate menu item with the different industries in which the fibers can be employed, and thus provides an impression of the wide range of uses. In addition to traditional preassembled fibers in the CeramOptec range, the company also offers the option of manufacturing fully customized optical fibers according to customer specifications. The production process can be customized from the pre-forming stage to the finished fiber.

Just like the English and German versions, the Chinese website also provides information about the worldwide network of CeramOptec subsidiaries and sales partners. Contacts for the Asian market are located in China, Japan, Korea and India.

The Chinese version of the website can be accessed by clicking on the respective country flag at the top right of the page or directly via

About CeramOptec
CeramOptec®, in cooperation with Ceram Optec SIA, specializes in the manufacture of silica-glass multi-mode optical fibers. The medium-sized company was founded in 1988 and today is a subsidiary of biolitec AG, one of the world’s leading medical technology companies in the field of laser applications. With offices in China and distribution partners in the US, India, Japan, Korea and France, CeramOptec enjoys a strong presence, not only in Europe, but also in the Asian and North American markets. The biolitec group has a total of 285 employees.

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