Review of the HR Performance, Metrics & Processing Minds 2013 conference in Berlin

“Excellent balance of presentations and interactive and networking in a highly motivated, inspiring community.”
Sabine Wieser, Smith & Nephew GmbH


From December 3 – 4, 2013, we.CONECT invited more than 70 human resources professionals, team leaders and manager to the HR Performance, Metrics & Processing Minds 2013 conference in Berlin to discuss latest ideas and solutions on the management of one of the most important sectors in a company: the HR department. The event delivered the opportunity to join excellent case studies of top speakers and be part of the Icebreaker, Challenge Your Peers and World Café Sessions – highly interactive roundtables with the idea of exchanging experiences and challenges. Watch our conference video and get a concrete view of what the HR Performance, Metrics & Processing Minds 2013 was about: Enterprise Social Web Series.


Review of the HR Performance, Metrics & Processing Minds 2013:

  • More than 70 participants from over 38 companies from all over Europe, Asia and the USA discussed future challenges and latest approaches in the area of Human Resources.
  • 15+ high level Case Studies were presented by companies such as Allianz SE, Deutsche Bahn AG, Halliburton Inc., IBM GSDC Poland, Idex Group, Lanxess Deutschland GmbH, Monsanto Singapore Co (Pte) Ltd, Siemens AG, Smith & Nephew GmbH, Wells Fargo Inc. and many more
  • This conference was rated with an average of 1,8 by 60% of the participants, where 1 stands for the highest and 5 for the lowest.
  • The event offered 4 World Café Sessions, 2 Challenge Your Peers Roundtables and one Icebreaker Session on the eve of the conference.
  • An exclusive, rich Media Center featuring conference material, presentation slides and downloads (Complete Conference Documentation).


“Keep running like you did this time! I really liked and enjoyed the excellent format of the World Café! Interactive, well organized and good prepared!“
Tobias Mayr, Landesbank Saar/ Germany

More than 20 presentations and keynotes

During more than two days the participants discussed future challenges and current solutions regarding HR – the conference featured case studies, discussion roundtables and live video presentations. The exchange of the delegates, speakers and business partners were provided by sessions like Challenge Your Peers Roundtables and World Cafés, so that the community became part of the event instead of just joining it as a listener.


The Main Topics of the HR:

  • Strategic HR Management and Processes – With an Unified Roadmap towards Measurable and Transparent HR Activities
  • Diversification and Integration – HR Workforce Planning as a part of an Integrated Business Strategy
  • Processes and Instruments within a Performance-Oriented HR Cockpit
  • Technology, Tools and Processes within a Business Oriented HR Architecture
  • Scaling, Steering and Increasing the Value Add of HR Working Processes
  • Maintaining Effective HR Systems to enhance Organizational Capabilities



Conference Documentation  |  Media Center of the HR Performance, Metrics & Processing Minds 2013

You didn’t have the time to attend the HR Performance, Metrics & Processing Minds 2013? Now you have the chance to order the complete event documentation including all speaker presentations, the agenda, summary of the sessions and impressions of the conference.

Order the event documentation here.

“A wonderful networking experience with peers from different companies and geographics that are facing the same challenges and vision for the future with different approaches.”
Ana Ferreira da Cunha, Jerónimo Martins

In retrospect the HR Performance, Metrics & Processing Minds 2013 featured a very interesting, diversified and highly interactive networking platform for leading managers in the field of human resources from all over the world.


we.CONECT would like to thank the team, participants, speakers, business partners and media partners for a very successful event.


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